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Thu Oct 16 17:53:38 2014 UTClccn-n882781250.00Cartoons and political drawings of Clifford Berryman0.651.00Cartoons and caricatures /1579053Clifford_K._Berrymann 882781252426442lccn-n91070175Ludlow, Louis1873-1950lccn-n79027239Roosevelt, Theodore1858-1919lccn-n86002347Mullins, Linda1942-lccn-n84176101United StatesNational Archives and Records Administrationlccn-n2007062007Kratz, Jessielccn-n2001101191Foundation for the National Archiveslccn-n2007062017Grove, Martha1965-lccn-n99022761Berryman, James Thomas1902-1971lccn-n85188963Crockett, Giblccn-n2012020140Noyes, Newbold1918-1997Berryman, Clifford Kennedy1869-1949BiographyHistoryFictionJuvenile worksCaricatures and cartoonsUnited StatesPolitical scienceUnited States.--CongressBerryman, Clifford Kennedy,Caricatures and cartoonsRoosevelt, Theodore,Teddy bearsLegislatorsJournalistsPresidents--ElectionPolitical campaignsUnited States.--National Archives and Records AdministrationFrontier and pioneer lifeManners and customsIndianaCartoonistsUnited States--Potomac RiverFishingPresidentsCollectiblesPolitical satireAfrican American childrenHousehold employeesChild laborSantiago, Battle of (Santiago de Cuba, Cuba : 1898)Courts-martial and courts of inquiryCuba--Santiago de CubaSchley, Winfield Scott,Washington (D.C.)BankersPhysiciansLawyersBerryman, James Thomas,Roosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),Editorial cartoonsCongresses and conventionsCaricaturePolitical cartoonsPress and politicsHughes, Charles Evans,Comic books, strips, etcEuropeWorld War (1914-1918)World War (1939-1945)American newspapersFlorida--MiamiDraftPsychology, IndustrialDemocratic Party (U.S.)Palmer, Alice Freeman,1869194918971900190119021903190619091912191319151921192419251926193719391944194619481972198019831987199319982002200420086267086328E661962ocn000910228book19240.82Ludlow, LouisFrom cornfield to press gallery; adventures and reminiscences of a veteran Washington correspondentBiography502ocn003492981book19250.31Ludlow, LouisIn the heart of Hoosierland : a story of the pioneers, based on many actual experiencesFiction473ocn001266969book19480.93The campaign of '48 in Star cartoonsHistory364ocn006051578book19260.93Berryman, Clifford KennedyDevelopment of the cartoon353ocn010545095book19150.90Sylvester, RichardMe-- my boy-- and-- the bass181ocn565581243file19060.66Stealey, O. OTwenty years in the press gallery; a concise history of important legislation from the 48th to the 58th Congress: the part played by the leading men of that period and the interesting and impressive incidents. Impressions of official and political life in WashingtonHistoryBiography152ocn012354897book19120.06Stellwagen, Charlotte FisherMrs. Andrew Johnson Jones' handmaidJuvenile worksFiction141ocn004141622book19010.93Washington Post CompanyPictorial history of the Schley Court of Inquiry141ocn006410934book19030.70Berryman, Clifford KennedyBerryman's cartoons of the 58th House; a collection of original sketches of the complete membership of the 58th House of representatives, from the pen of Clifford K. Berryman111ocn008198307book19010.95Pickett, La Salle CorbellJinny62ocn013308603book1.00Berryman, Clifford KennedyCartoons and caricaturesCaricatures and cartoons61ocn004901487book19000.97Berryman, Clifford KennedyBerryman cartoons : a collection of Mr. Clifford K. Berryman's best pictures that have recently appeared in the Washington Post42ocn022157930book19131.00White, Mary JosephineRaggety : his life and adventures31ocn496821812book19801.00Berryman, Clifford KennedyClifford K. Berryman's autograph books21ocn028414809mix0.92Berryman, Clifford KennedyPolitical cartoonsCartoons created while Berryman worked for the Washington Evening Star11ocn031083935mix1.00Scott, HughCollection of cartoons, portraits, and sketchesCaricatures and cartoonsThe collection contains framed items from the senate offices of Scott and includes cartoons, portraits, and news articles. Among the illustrators are William Anthony Auth, Clifford Kennedy Berryman, James Thomas Berryman, Douglas Borgstedt, Gibson M. Crockett, Tom Francis Darcy, James C. Hatlo, Cyrus Cotton Hungerford, Hugh M. Hutton, Warren Thomas King, Ramon Raymond Lurie, Fred Otto Seibel, and L.D. Warren11ocn613523483visu19021.00Berryman, Clifford KennedyDrawing the line in MississippiPhotograph reproduces a newspaper cartoon in the Washington Post. The cartoon is a detail from a series called "The Passing Show" about President Theodore Roosevelt's purported refusal to shoot a chained bear while on a hunting trip in Missississippi. The little bear, Bruin, became so popular that Berryman used him frequently in later cartoons on many different topics. Although Berryman helped popularize the association of Teddy Roosevelt with bears, he did not invent the toy teddy bear. (Source: Teddy Bear Men: Theodore Roosevelt and Clifford Berryman, by Linda Mullins, 1987, p. 32-3.)11ocn241309450mix1912Berryman, Clifford KennedyRobert M. La Follette, Sr., political cartoonCaricatures and cartoonsPen and ink political cartoon, drawn by Clifford K. Berryman, of Robert M. La Follette depicting La Follette during his unsuccessful run for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States in 1912. La Follette, who lost the bid for nomination to William Howard Taft, is shown dressed in a child's short pants holding a balloon which reads "Presidential Boom." Taft is approaching holding a sharp pen with which to burst La Follette's balloon11ocn015923937book19131.00Berryman, Clifford KennedyAutographThe cartoonist's pen and ink autograph at the Washington star with a small drawing of the head of a teddy bear11ocn053244784book1.00[NYPL scrapbooks]Caricatures and cartoonsThirteen scrapbooks deaccessioned by the New York Public Library following microfilming. Purchased in 1996. Seller indicated some scrapbooks were made by Carlo de Fonario or a member of his family1224ocn019128033book19870.19Mullins, LindaThe Teddy bear men : Theodore Roosevelt & Clifford BerrymanHistoryBiographyCaricatures and cartoonsPictorial works+-+8358330235324931ocn169873451book20080.86United StatesRunning for office : candidates, campaigns, and the cartoons of Clifford BerrymanHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+270121103531ocn041970401book19931.00Berryman, Clifford KennedySelected cartoons by Clifford K. Berryman at the Center for Legislative ArchivesCaricatures and cartoons22ocn190760808visu2004Brudnick, IdaCartoons and political drawings of Clifford BerrymanCaricatures and cartoons11ocn043857045book19461.00Richardson, Mary HumeThe drawings of Clifford Kennedy Berryman11ocn063113597art1972McCoy, GarnettClifford K. Berryman (1869-1949)11ocn078618752mix1.00Humphrey, William EWilliam E. Humphrey papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, printed copies of Humphrey's speeches as U.S. representative, an original illustration by Clifford Kennedy Berryman, and records of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Subjects include cases before the commission, Humphrey's dissenting opinions, and his removal from the commission by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Correspondence with Theodore Roosevelt relates to Roosevelt's political conflicts within the Republican Party, his relations with William H. Taft and others following the secession of the Progressive Party from the Republican Party in 1912, and Roosevelt's advocacy of universal military training. Other correspondents include Warren G. Harding, Charles Evans Hughes, Thomas R. Marshall, and Harlan Fiske Stone11ocn051156716visu19001.00Harris & Ewing[Clifford Kennedy Berryman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]11ocn068660673art1983Fielding, MantleBerryman, Clifford Kennedy11ocn031683018book19441.00Berryman, Clifforn KennedyCartoons by Clifford K. Berryman : submitted to the Washington Evening Star for consideration by the Pulitzer Prize Award CommitteeCaricatures and cartoons11ocn439829517com1.00Running for office candidates, campaigns, & the cartoons of Clifford BerrymanHistoryCaricatures and cartoonsThis Web site is an online companion to an exhibit that showcases the candidates, campaigns, and the cartoons of Clifford Berryman. See how these cartoons illustrate the campaign process from the candidate's decision to run for office to the ultimate outcome of the election. It demonstrates that although political procedures have changed through the years, the political process has remained remarkably consistent11ocn702153557mix1.00Bingham, Millicent ToddMillicent Todd Bingham papersCriticism, interpretation, etcPersonal narrativesHer carefully kept personal papers (journals, diaries, notebooks, scrapbooks) offer a minute and frank record of her life and times (1885-1967). The extensive papers on nature conservation (5 feet) are centered on her donation of a nature preserve in Maine and include her writings, maps, histories of the region, as well as financial and legal papers on the transfer of the property (1960). Prominent in her large correspondence (19 feet) are Rachel Carson, Bernard De Voto, Gilbert Grosvenor, William Dean Howells, Amy Lowell, Archibald MacLeish, George Herbert Palmer, Margaret Chase Smith, George W. Wickersham, Robert M. Yerkes and Stark Young. There is also a voluminous family correspondence. Included is also a small amount (2 feet) of the papers of her husband, Walter Van Dyke Bingham, an industrial psychologist, largely made up of his professional writings (1926-1952)11ocn058564595visu0.10Berryman, Clifford KennedyClifford Berryman cartoon collectionCaricatures and cartoonsCartoons drawn for publication in the Washington Evening Star about District of Columbia, local weather and holidays and World Wars I and II. Many cartoons feature the famous Teddy Bear11ocn029741163mix0.47Berryman, James ThomasJames Thomas Berryman papersCaricatures and cartoonsThe collection contains manuscripts, cartoons, pen and ink drawings, and watercolors by Jim Berryman. It also includes correspondence, published works, scrapbooks, speeches, photographs, and miscellaneous memorabilia and artifacts relating to his professional career and personal life11ocn556217845mix1.00Clifford Berryman 1869-1949 biographical fileBiographyBiographical file may contain one or more of the following: "Biographical Registry" form filled out by the cartoonist including information about education, career history, awards, signature example, and family information; biographical essays or sketches of the cartoonist; articles by or about the cartoonist; examples of the cartoonist's work in the form of clippings or photocopies11ocn049243559mixJames, Ollie MurrayOllie Murray James :HistorySourcesThis collection of James' papers are primarily composed of handwritten and typed speeches and notes focusing on Ky. politics and Woodrow Wilson's record. James recites the accomplishments of the Wilson administration regarding the 1916 presidential campaign, especially noting the peace and tariff issues. Later speeches call for preparedness and war. Other material includes correspondence; newspaper clippings; five scrapbooks of clippings, one with handwritten comments and speeches; three theses on James' life and political career; and miscellaneous clippings, resolutions, and programs11ocn144613434art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamBerryman, Clifford Kennedy11ocn051138498visu19481.00A Great team of Star cartoonists. Their page one pictures made this bookComposite of half-length portraits of Jim Berryman, Clifford K. Berryman, and Gib Crockett, all drawing11ocn849611072mix1.00Syracuse UniversityGeneral Cartoon CollectionCaricatures and cartoonsOriginal newspaper comic strip and comics cartoons, editorial cartoons and magazine cartoons/illustrations representative of the history of cartooning from the late 19th century to the late-1950s11ocn060634821visu18971.00Parker, Charles[Clifford Berryman, cartoonist, head-and-shoulders portrait, left profile]+-+2701211035Thu Oct 16 16:08:52 EDT 2014batch22264