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Fri Mar 21 17:03:00 2014 UTClccn-n886455330.00Židkie kristally : perevod s anglijskogo /0.741.00Zhidkie kristally /110151415Sivaramakrishna_Chandrasekharn 886455332306886Čandrasekar, S.Čandrasekar, S. 1930-Chandrasekhar, S.Chandrasekhar, S., 1930-Chandrasekhar, S. (Sivaramakrishna)Chandrasekhar, Sivaramakrishna, 1930-Sivaramakrishna Chandrasekharチャンドラセカール, Slccn-n81149779Raman Research Institutelccn-n86061294Wali, Kameshwar, christianBahr, Christianedtnp-eddington, arthur stanley sirEddington, Arthur Stanley, Sirlccn-n99255167Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfriededtlccn-n81068791Chandrasekhar, S.(Subrahmanyan)1910-1995viaf-253537235山下, 護lccn-n78046904Symposium on Theoretical Principles in Astrophysics and Relativity. <1975, Chicago, Ill.>.lccn-n50059133Cambridge University Presslccn-n83056091Lebovitz, Norman R.edtChandrasekhar, S.(Sivaramakrishna)1930-BiographyConference proceedingsRecords and correspondenceAstrophysicsAstrophysicistsLiquid crystalsMagnetohydrodynamicsUnited StatesChandrasekhar, S.--(Subrahmanyan),Fluid dynamicsStabilityGreat BritainEddington, Arthur Stanley,--Sir,HydrodynamicsChiralityStatistical physicsStochastic processesAstrophysics--Statistical methodsPhysics--Industrial applicationsResearch, IndustrialStars--ConstitutionStarsScientistsStars--StructureRelativity (Physics)193020041960196119671970197319741975197619771978198019831984198619891992199319941995199619982001200320042005201010452687523.01092QD923ocn002134239ocn310644838ocn762074208ocn313602130ocn310812774ocn45194229286949ocn002072438book19730.73Chandrasekhar, SLiquid crystalsConference proceedings+-+K692796705564ocn002134239book19730.95Chandrasekhar, SLiquid crystals : proceedings of the International Conference held at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, 3-8 December 1973Conference proceedings463ocn007160311book19800.93International Conference on Liquid CrystalsLiquid crystals [6?] : proceedings of an International Conference held at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, December 3-8, 1979Conference proceedings193ocn065609000book19800.90International Conference on Liquid CrystalsLiquid crystals : proceedings of an International conference held at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, December 3-8, 1979Conference proceedings82ocn251646249book19830.73Chandrasekhar, SEddington, the most distinguished astrophysicist of his timeBiography71ocn037870383book19950.29Physics and industrial development : bridging the gapConference proceedings62ocn630348466book19800.47Liquid crystals : proceedings of an internat. conf. held at the raman research inst., Bangalore, Dec. 3-8, 197952ocn491914272book20010.76Chirality in liquid crystalsObjects that differ from their mirror images, such as the left and right hands, play an important role in physics at all lengths scales, from elementary particles to macroscopic systems. The handedness, or chirality, of molecules in liquid crystals has a remarkable influence on the macroscopic physical properties of these systems, including the appearance of new phases. Indeed, the majority of optical applications of liquid crystals is due to chiral structures, namely the thermochromic effect of cholesteric liquid crystals, the optical activity in twisted nematic liquid crystal displays, and the ferroelectric and antiferroelectric switching of smectic liquid crystals. This book describes the main aspects of chirality in liquid crystals, and points out some of the open questions of current research. The chapters, each by an expert in the field, review the highlights of the important topics and representative questions in the field of chiral liquid crystals+-+542134238551ocn740713181book20100.39Chandrasekhar, SA scientific autobiography S. ChandrasekharBiographyRecords and correspondenceS Chandrasekhar, popularly known as Chandra, was one of the foremost scientists of the 20th century. The year 2010 marks the birth centenary of Chandra. His unique style of research, inward bound, seeking a personal perspective to master a particular field, and then pass on to another was so unique that it will draw considerable interest and attention among scholars. As Chandra elucidates in the preface, "The various installments describe in detail the evolution of my scientific work during the past forty years and records each investigation, describing the doubts and the successes, the trials and the tribulations. And the parts my various associates and assistants played in the completion of the different investigations are detailed". It is indeed a remarkable and rare document, fascinating to read and experience the joys, frustrations and struggles of a creative mind+-+K20447963432ocn674106788book19950.47Ekishō no butsurigaku31ocn310812774book19780.47Theoretical principles in astrophysics and relativity : [Papers presented at a Symposium on Theoretical Principles in Astrophysics and Relativity, held at the University of Chicago in honor of S. Chandrasekhar in his 65th year, on May 27-29, 1975]Conference proceedings31ocn313533950book1980Chandrasekhar, SŽidkie kristally : perevod s anglijskogo22ocn313602130book19960.10International Symposium on Liquid Crystals and Supramolecular Order (1996, Bangalore)Proceedings of the International Symposium on Liquid Crystals and Supramolecular Order : Bangalore, India, 3-5 January 199622ocn644464331book19610.59Chandrasekhar, SHydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stabilityLucid examination of the Rayleigh-Bernard problem; clear coverage of the theory of instabilities causing convection21ocn675166401book19980.47Chandorasekaru no purinkipia kogi : Ippan dokusha no tameni11ocn315374823book1986Chandrasekhar, SMatematičeskaja teorija černych dyr11ocn055174197book19801.00Chandrasekhar, SZhidkie kristally11ocn636296593book1980Liquid crystals : proceedings of an international conference; Bangalore, December 3-8, 197911ocn817318267book19890.86Chandrasekhar, SStochastic, statistical, and hydromagnetic problems in physics and astronomy+-+604556177532411ocn848740489book19670.66Chandrasekhar, SAn introduction to the study of stellar structure+-+K692796705+-+K692796705Fri Mar 21 15:38:34 EDT 2014batch12692