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Fri Mar 21 17:12:45 2014 UTClccn-n886585560.47Nuova Voltiana : studies on Volta and his times0.830.97Nuova Voltiana : studies on Volta and his times /56827384n 886585562352465Bevilacqua, F.Bevilacqua, F. (Fabio)lccn-n2001008210Giannetto, Enricoedtlccn-n81037995Matthews, Michael R.edtlccn-n00006880Fregonese, Lucioedtlccn-n80149535Volta, Alessandro1745-1827lccn-n79109738Università di Pavialccn-n86094920Ianniello, Maria Grazialccn-n50049367Istituto lombardo-accademia di scienze e lettereothlccn-n82156681Stuewer, Roger H.lccn-nb99003144Hoffmann, Dieter1948-lccn-n79145388Società italiana di fisicaedtBevilacqua, FabioHistoryConference proceedingsCatalogsBibliography‡vCatalogsExhibition catalogsScienceScience--PhilosophyScience--Study and teachingVolta, Alessandro,EuropePhysicsPhysics--Study and teachingOpticsIstituto lombardo-accademia di scienze e lettereMuseumsItaly--PaviaCollege science museumsUniversità di PaviaEngineering mathematicsEducation--PhilosophyEinstein, Albert,Scientific apparatus and instrumentsIndustrial engineering--MathematicsEducationItalyScientistsForce and energyMetaphysicsBibliographyUniversità di Pavia.--Biblioteca universitaria1900197319741982198319871988198919901991199219931994199519961999200020012002200320042005200646768124507.1Q181ocn032044499ocn470746933ocn301674305ocn799208471ocn313489277ocn799411669ocn801304743ocn801326612ocn312616867ocn4704000351879ocn046808853book20010.81Bevilacqua, FabioScience education and culture : the contribution of history and philosophy of scienceHistoryConference proceedingsThis anthology contains 21 papers by prominent historians and philosophers of science, philosophers of education, science educators and science teachers. It is expansive in its subject matter, and detailed in its analysis. The common thread in all papers is the contribution that the history and philosophy of science makes to theoretical, curricular, and pedagogical issues in science education. This is a timely focus as, worldwide, there are increasing demands made on science curriculum writers and teachers to ensure that students come to know something of the `nature of science', or something about the `big picture' of science. This means knowing something of the history and methodology of science, its relations with world views, and how science articulates with social and cultural values and interests. The contributions show how historically and philosophically informed teaching of science can create this `big picture' knowledge about science, which in turn allows science to inform culture and social life+-+1724187425343ocn044897521book0.97Nuova Voltiana : studies on Volta and his timesHistory255ocn017922975book19820.96Bevilacqua, FabioL'ottica dalle origini all'inizio del '700History224ocn040746387book19960.84Hoffmann, DieterThe emergence of modern physics : proceedings of a conference commemorating a century of physics, Berlin, 22-24 March 1995HistoryConference proceedings207ocn013818876book19830.93Bevilacqua, FabioStoria della fisica : un contributo per l'insegnamento della fisica175ocn055479122book20020.95Istituto lombardo-accademia di scienze e lettereRegesto dei manoscritti del Cartellario voltianoBibliography CatalogsCatalogs174ocn030850004book19930.95Conference on History of Physics in Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries1st EPS Conference on History of Physics in Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries : Como, 2-3 September 1992HistoryConference proceedings134ocn055199334book20030.88Musei e collezioni dell'Università di PaviaHistory93ocn063888500book20050.92Albert Einstein : ingegnere dell'universoExhibition catalogs51ocn033407451book19940.81La Matematica per una nuova industria53ocn834992526book20020.47Nuova Voltiana : studies on Volta and his times53ocn038205258book19900.47Inventario degli Atti accademici della Biblioteca universitaria di PaviaCatalogs42ocn032044499book19870.47Congresso nazionale di storia della fisicaAtti del VII [settimo] congresso nazionale di storia della fisica,42ocn034097697book19930.73I beni culturali scientifici nella storia e didattica : atti del Convegno del 14-15 dicembre 1990HistoryConference proceedings41ocn152430414book19830.47International Conference on Using History of Physics in Innovatory Physics EducationProceedings of the International Conference on Using History of Physics in Innovatory Physics Education, 5-9 September, 1983, Pavia, ItalyConference proceedings41ocn848773082book19950.47Buchdahl, GerdModelli di spiegazione : per una lettura neotrascendentale delle teorie scientifiche41ocn252394810book19820.47Bevilacqua, FabioL'ottica dalle origini all'inizio del'70041ocn061067212book20020.97Volta, AlessandoAlessandro Volta edizione nazionale delle opere e dell'Epistolario43ocn219923169book19830.47Congresso Nazionale di Storia della FisicaAtti del III Congresso Nazionale di Storia della Fisica : Palermo, 11-16 Ottobre 1982HistoryConference proceedings42ocn834992430book20010.47Nuova Voltiana : studies on Volta and his times+-+1724187425+-+1724187425Fri Mar 21 15:58:51 EDT 2014batch12011