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Thu Oct 16 18:00:47 2014 UTClccn-n886742900.06Fifty famous stories retold0.100.86Barnes's elementary history of the United States told in biographies,63640733James_Baldwin_(editor_and_author)n 8867429030929324030939390003Baldwin, James PhD.ボールドウィン, ジェイムズボルドウィン, ジェームズボールドウヰンcontainsVIAFID/125015667Dudley, Robert, 1841-1925lccn-n50029721Hurd, Peter1904-1984illfast-1099609Roland (Legendary character)fast-1118192Siegfried (Legendary character)lccn-n79043619CharlemagneEmperor742-814lccn-n79072830Pyle, Howard1853-1911illlccn-n89631384American Book Companypbllccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-n79054878Wyeth, N. C.(Newell Convers)1882-1945illlccn-n81050810Charles Scribner's SonspblBaldwin, James1841-1925Juvenile worksFictionRomancesBiographyHistoryFolkloreAnecdotesFantasy fictionRoland (Legendary character)Siegfried (Legendary character)NibelungenliedCharlemagne,--Emperor,Chanson de RolandMythology, GreekFolkloreHistoryUnited StatesHeroesKnights and knighthoodMythology, GermanicKings and rulersLincoln, Abraham,Children's storiesAdventure storiesFinlandLegendsWashington, George,MythologyPresidentsHorsesFrontier and pioneer lifePioneer childrenBiographySuccessDiligenceCivilization, WesternEnglandExplorersWorld historyGreat BritainPhilosophersScientistsRome (Empire)FranceBible stories, English--Old TestamentGods, GreekGods, NorseBible.--Old TestamentWebster, Daniel,Franklin, Benjamin,Voyages and travelsDragonsInsanity (Law)Conduct of lifeAmerican fictionChiron (Greek mythology)CrueltyFairs1841192518821883188618871888188918911892189318951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193519371938193919401941194219481951195219551956195719581959196119621965196719681971197319761977198019811985198819932000200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014520056360398.2PZ8.1.B193138643ocn000303166book18830.08Baldwin, JamesThe story of RolandJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionRomancesThe adventures of Roland, who lived during the time of the French King Charlemagne+-+4828261125125753ocn001135228book18820.07Baldwin, JamesThe story of SiegfriedJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionRomancesFantasy fictionLegend of Siegfried, which pictures adventure and romance in the days of feudalism. Grades 6-8. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+292099139536540ocn001689635book18960.07Baldwin, JamesFifty famous stories retoldHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyFictionAnecdotesJames Baldwin has collected fifty wonderful stories, including Robin Hood, William Tell, King Alfred and Julius Caesar. Your child will be delighted to hear or read these, and will not only be entertained, but will learn about history and folklore. These stories will also help lay the foundation for broader literary studies+-+013313440624030ocn000551790book18870.08Baldwin, JamesA story of the golden ageJuvenile worksFiction2315ocn001444541book19350.08Baldwin, JamesFavorite tales of long ago retold by James Baldwin16715ocn001691968book19050.07Baldwin, JamesThirty more famous stories retoldHistoryJuvenile worksFictionPresents thirty well-known stories involving such figures as Romulus and Remus, Christopher Columbus, Johann Gutenberg, King John, Hannibal, Balboa, Archimedes, Galileo, James Watt, Julius Caesar, Ulysses, and Penelope+-+035506440615911ocn123358499file19000.18Baldwin, JamesHero talesJuvenile worksFictionChief among these masterpieces of imagination are the tales of gods and heroes that have come down to us from the golden age of Greece. Second only in interest, especially to us of Anglo-Saxon descent, are the hero tales of the ancient North and the stirring legends connected with the "Nibelungen Lied." Scarcely inferior to these latter, but not so well known to English speaking people, are the tales of knighthood and chivalry that commemorate the romantic deeds of Charlemagne and his paladins+-+668073679632414511ocn782918221file18950.07Baldwin, JamesOld Greek storiesJuvenile worksA fantastic collection of 15 ancient Greek myths compiled by American editor and author James Baldwin+-+600553679612211ocn002464518book18950.18Baldwin, JamesThe horse fairJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionChiron, formerly of ancient Greece and now in the court of Morgan the Fay, tells Phillip about the history of the horse1166ocn000769489book19040.07Baldwin, JamesAbraham Lincoln : a true lifeJuvenile works10510ocn004333738book18950.23Baldwin, JamesOld stories of the EastJuvenile worksFiction10110ocn002086139book19120.16Baldwin, JamesThe sampo : a wonder tale of the old North1009ocn001689691book18970.08Baldwin, JamesFour great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, LincolnJuvenile worksBiography+-+5161991796944ocn221696439file20060.06Baldwin, JamesFifty famous stories retoldHistoryJuvenile worksLegendary tales of the lives of famous people and historic episodes. Of these fifty stories, some have historical value, some are useful as giving point to certain great moral truths, and others are intended only to amuse. A few of these stories are from very ancient sources and are current in the literature of many lands, while many of more recent origin have come to us through the ballads and folk tales of the English people. Nearly all are frequently alluded to in poetry and prose+-+5702707516622ocn001689768book19120.06Baldwin, JamesThe sampo : hero adventures from the Finnish Kalevala577ocn002949972book19030.21Baldwin, JamesThe wonder-book of horsesFolkloreFiction539ocn002960796book19030.86Baldwin, JamesBarnes's elementary history of the United States told in biographiesHistoryJuvenile worksBiography523ocn002654327book19160.06Baldwin, JamesFifty famous rides and ridersJuvenile worksFiction518ocn004714621book19050.07Baldwin, JamesThe golden fleece : more old Greek storiesJuvenile worksFiction516ocn503084984book19050.06Baldwin, JamesRobinson Crusoe : written anew for children ; with apologies to Daniel DefoeJuvenile worksFictionAn adaptation of the story of Robinson Crusoe who was shipwrecked on an island, how he survived and was finally rescued. Rewritten "in words easy for every child, ... shortened by leaving out all the dull parts."+-+6680736796324+-+6680736796324Thu Oct 16 15:53:10 EDT 2014batch20670