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Fri Mar 21 17:15:01 2014 UTClccn-n880679660.00The Letters of Charles Dickens. Edited by his sister-in-law (Georgina Hogarth) and his eldest daughter (Mamie Dickens)0.621.00Georgina /72937478Georgina_Hogarthn 880679662426989Sister-in-law.lccn-n78087607Dickens, Charles1812-1870lccn-n88067967Dickens, Mamie1838-1896edtlccn-n83152046Adrian, Arthur A.1906-1996lccn-n50030352Hutton, Laurence1843-1904edtlccn-n79061084Collins, Wilkie1824-1889crplccn-n79089814Shepherd, Richard Herne1842-1895comedtnp-dickens, mamieDickens, Mamieviaf-306155981Dickens, Mamie1838-1917np-dickens, charlesDickens, Charlesnp-austin, letitia mary dickens$1816 1893Austin, Letitia Mary Dickens1816-1893Hogarth, Georgina1827-1917Records and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcSourcesManuscriptsDickens, Charles,Novelists, EnglishHogarth, Georgina,FriendshipCollins, Wilkie,Correspondence (Dickens, Charles)Authors, EnglishEnglish lettersEnglish literatureIntellectual lifeGreat BritainManuscripts, EnglishLeech, John,Wills, W. Henry--(William Henry),Millais, John Everett,--Sir,18271917183318371843184518461847184818491850185118531855185618591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711878187918801882188318871889189118921893189919001903190819091910191619231929195719691971197419822008200920111990109221928.2PR4581.A3ocn001159408ocn000258782ocn001368808ocn000597693ocn004810287ocn004810241ocn007616807ocn681884739ocn000950743ocn562799600ocn31201674062838ocn001159408book18790.70Dickens, CharlesThe letters of Charles DickensRecords and correspondenceContents-v.1 1833 to 1856.-v.2 1857 to 1870.-1836 to 187028711ocn000771205book18910.70Dickens, CharlesLetters of Charles Dickens to Wilkie CollinsRecords and correspondence892ocn001368808book18890.70Dickens, CharlesA collection of letters of Dickens, 1833-1870Records and correspondence777ocn002325484book18920.73Dickens, CharlesLetters of Charles Dickens to Wilkie Collins, 1851-1870Records and correspondence568ocn006940338book19000.24Dickens, CharlesLetters and speeches397ocn010399196book18800.31Dickens, CharlesThe letters of Charles Dickens : 1833-1870Records and correspondence2511ocn224227576book18930.53Dickens, CharlesLetters of Charles Dickens : 1833 to 1870Records and correspondence211ocn004810287book0.28Dickens, CharlesThe letters of Charles Dickens; ed. by his sister-in-law and his eldest daughter, with which are incorporated his letters to Wilkie CollinsRecords and correspondence114ocn786134244book18800.47Dickens, CharlesLetters of Charles Dickens,vol.2 : 1857-1870114ocn786132137book18800.47Dickens, CharlesLetters of Charles Dickens,vol.1 : 1833-1856102ocn063480699book18830.24Dickens, CharlesDe brieven van Charles Dickens102ocn006537065book18930.66Dickens, CharlesThe works of Charles Dickens : letters and speeches92ocn215872227book18930.59Dickens, CharlesThe letters51ocn608570630file20090.92Dickens, CharlesLiterary manuscriptsCriticism, interpretation, etcSourcesRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsManuscripts, typescripts, correspondence by and about the author, diaries for 1867 and 1868, notebooks for 1843 through 1870, financial and legal documents, portraits and pictorial works55ocn489111236book18490.10Dickens, CharlesLondon, to his sister Letitia [Mrs. Henry Austin]Saying that he is sorry Henry [Austin] "has been so unwell"; mentioning his brother-in-law [Henry] Burnett's crippled son; discussing a visit to their parents, John and Elizabeth Dickens; suggesting that they meet for a meal; sending love from Catherine Dickens and Georgina Hogarth55ocn495731587book18620.10Dickens, CharlesHigham, to his sister Letitia [Mrs. Henry Austin]Saying that their "uncertainty as to the Pension can last but a very little longer"; informing her that he is going to Paris but hopes to be back within a week; mentioning Georgina [Hogarth]55ocn769907704book18820.47Dickens, CharlesThe letters of Charles Dickens44ocn752592943book1880Dickens, CharlesThe Letters of Charles Dickens. Edited by his sister-in-law (Georgina Hogarth) and his eldest daughter (Mamie Dickens)31ocn632611431book18800.19Dickens, CharlesThe letters of Charles Dickens : edited by his sister-in-law and his eldest daughter31ocn632611410book18800.19Dickens, CharlesThe letters of Charles Dickens : edited by his sister-in-law and his eldest daughter5864ocn000727728book19570.56Adrian, Arthur AGeorgina Hogarth and the Dickens circle11ocn049526288book18890.47Hogarth, GeorginaLetter : to Mr. BoyesRecords and correspondence11ocn465034700book18620.10Dickens, CharlesLondon, to Wilkie CollinsPraising and discussing the second volume of Collins' [No Name], noting that Dickens "was certain from the Basil days, that [Collins was] the Writer who would come ahead of all the Field." Hoping to visit Collins at Broadstairs again, but fearing it is unlikely he will be able to do so. Asking Collins to contribute to the annual All the Year Round Christmas number, and discussing Georgina's health. Describing a visit to the theater with [the illustrator John] Leech and "Georgy," criticizing Benjamin [Webster]'s performance11ocn463320119book18550.10Dickens, CharlesLondon, to Wilkie CollinsExpressing pleasure at Collins' "great improvement" and that he will be traveling to Ashford, giving specifications as to the arrangements. Discussing [Dinah Mulock] and her publication, and mentioning [Sir John Everett] Millais, and referencing his painting "The Rescue." Noting that [William Henry] Wills informed Georgina [Hogarth] that his sister is "Abnormal," from which Dickens inferrs "that Abnormal is a kind of scientific substitute for Ricketty." With a postscript noting that he dined with "an old General" [Sir Charles Pasley] "who went perfectly mad at dinner about the Times."11ocn476311972book18490.10Dickens, CharlesLondon, to William MacreadyThanking Macready for a gift and accepting on Georgina's behalf and invitation for the following Sunday11ocn465034654book18620.10Dickens, CharlesHigham, to Wilkie CollinsDiscussing a visit to Collins, referencing Caroline and Harriet Graves, and relating that Georgiana is "very, very poorly" and seems "to grow steadily worse."11ocn079076203book19821.00Lindsley, Mary FloraGeorginaPoetry11ocn465045596book18620.10Dickens, CharlesHigham, to Wilkie CollinsMentioning that he will send for the proofs the following day, and discussing Georgina's health, noting that [his physician] Frank Beard is coming to see her. Referencing his upcoming trip to Paris and enclosing (not present) a story for the annual All the Year Round Christmas number. Discussing Collins' No Name, mentioning that it has no doubt "attracted great attention lately, and made a strong impression."11ocn489070805book18620.10Dickens, CharlesHigham, to William MacreadyMentioning that the readings have "been surprising successful in London." Discussing "the sudden decline of the health and spirit of Georgina," noting that "she is labouring under degeneration of the heart" and that "all that alacrity and 'cheer of spirit' that used to distinguish her, are gone." Hoping to remove the Dickens' "best and dearest friend" to Paris to recover. Looking forward to Macready's visit, and mentioning his intention to read Gould's "John Doe and Richard Roe."Fri Mar 21 15:27:08 EDT 2014batch17517