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Thu Oct 16 18:04:22 2014 UTClccn-n896085550.00Albert Cossery0.570.92Montand9876940n 896085552460742Labie, Jean.lccn-n80032688Lacouture, Jeanivecmmedtccpanthstnrtlccn-no00048980Compagnie des Phares et Balisesprolccn-nr98032579Sept/Arte (Firm)np-labro, anneLabro, Anneprolccn-n2002135367ARTE Franceviaf-169262516Mehl, Rolandedthstccplccn-n79041762Gaulle, Charles de1890-1970cmmnrtlccn-n81105720Film Ideas (Firm)lccn-n97070687France télévisionnp-celal, tCelal, T.Labib, JeanHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives‡vFrenchDramaFrancePolitical scienceDiplomatic relationsGaulle, Charles de,Revolution (Algeria : 1954-1962)World War (1939-1945)FriendshipPeaceHeads of stateAlgeriaPolitical and social viewsJewish-Arab relationsIslam--Relations--JudaismInterfaith relationsIslamJudaismJudaism--Relations--IslamBoxers (Sports)Comédie-FrançaiseFrance--ParisTheaterBoxingUnited StatesTyson, Mike,Kerouac, Jack,Authors, AmericanGinsberg, Allen,Beat generationBurroughs, William S.,ZionismOrphansFathers and sonsTraffic accidentsParent and childInternational relationsAfghan War (2001-)AfghanistanMilitary policyMilitary assistance, AmericanSingersMotion picture actors and actressesMontand, Yves,Actors1946198219861987198819891990199119921994199519961999200120022004200820092010201320144395499BDC420ocn863629027ocn691774972ocn765202371ocn691991124ocn691774948ocn765202349ocn676471659ocn691843774ocn762253628ocn690447219ocn691780663ocn743033667ocn416228790ocn415189288ocn743141397ocn411676683ocn411676510ocn743141312ocn780203169ocn691991126ocn691786228ocn691843061ocn691790405ocn887464409ocn691531304ocn691531221ocn691531249ocn691531277ocn691498509ocn691531332ocn691774972ocn691774948ocn762253628ocn690447219ocn690361697ocn691774907ocn462342556885ocn019848264book19880.90Lacouture, JeanDe Gaulle, ou, L'éternel défi : 56 témoignagesHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives French583ocn036140382visu19960.79Wiseman, FrederickLa Comedie francaise, ou, L'amour joueHistoryAn unnarrated documentary on the 300 year old Paris comedy company. Wiseman shows us every facet of the production, from the construction of the set to the cafeteria, to a birthday party for a retired actress who has reached 1004016ocn419259733visu19870.47Labib, JeanDe Gaulle ou l'éternel défiHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives French392ocn044075498visu19950.17The kings of the ringHistoryRare archival footage and interviews tell the story of the men who made the history of boxing, their public triumphs and their personal defeats, from Jess Willard in 1915 to Mike Tyson and beyond371ocn863629027visu20140.88Jews & Muslims intimate strangersA historical survey of the relations between Muslims and Jews from the time of Muhammad to the present day301ocn033350019visu19950.15Mike Tyson the inside storyBiographyLearn the true facts about Mike Tyson's explosive life and incredible rise to stardom in this documentary biography that follows the youngest heavyweight champion in history from his early years on the tough streets of Brooklyn through his spectacular career, his 1991 trial and incarceration, and his 1995 release from prison211ocn860708984visu20130.29Beat generation Kerouac Ginsberg Borroughs"Tells the story of the wonderful and long-lasting friendship between Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs that gave birth to the Beat Generation movement. It focuses on the corresponcence between the writers and unique archives to give an insider's account, from New York to Paris, San Francisco to Tangiers, of this exceptional literary adventure."--Back cover116ocn490565467visu19990.47Grémion, JeanLe festival mondial du théâtre de NancyAvril 1963, Grand Théâtre de Nancy. Les notables de la ville inaugurent un festival de théâtre universitaire ; sur scène se joue "Caligula" avec, dans le rôle titre, Jack Lang, cofondateur du festival. A partir d'images d'archives étonnantes et rares, et de nombreuses interviews, Jean Grémion et Lew Bogdan, autres piliers de la manifestation, nous racontent l'aventure passionnante que fut, pendant vingt ans, ce festival international. (Marc Guiga)101ocn055957616visu20040.59Life after allDrama"In this touching, yet never sentimental story, 18-year-old Vincent has a terrible fight with his father on the same night that both parents die in an alcohol-related automobile accident. In the bleak days that follow, Vincent fights to retain legal guardianship of his 11 year-old brother Lucien, while little Lucien escapes into a fantasy world where his beloved parents are still very much alive"--Container91ocn865732785visu20130.23The place of the other (721-1789)HistoryIn the year 721, the Muslim Empire was vast. Across the empire Jews and Christians were minorities motivated by a desire to obtain the most favorable status. Their quest for an elevated status within the empire did not hinder cultural exchanges as can be determined with the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, nor prevent the occurrence in the 11th Century of the massacre of Jews in Granada and the persecution and forced conversion of Jews & Christians under the Almohads in the 12th Century. In the 15th Century, the Reconquista chased the Jews and Muslims from Spain which heralded the end of Al-Andalus91ocn865724012visu20130.21Origins (610-721)HistoryThis is an account of the birth of Islam and a history of conquest stretching from Persia to Spain. For the conquered, what was their place in this empire? For the polytheists they had little choice but to convert, for the People Of The Book, Jews and Christians would be allowed to practice their religions, protected but restricted81ocn865734542visu20130.20The separation (1789-1945)HistoryHistory now takes us to Europe: the French Revolution. Nation-states. The Jews, now European citizens, became the target of a more asserted anti-Semitism. But having incorporated the new national elites, they began to take a greater interest in the fate of the Jews in the Muslim world and to play the role of their protectors. Trapped between Zionism and Arabic nationalism, Palestine, called "Southern Syria" by the Ottomans, became the object of religious and political contention81ocn865737751visu20130.20Narratives at war (1945) to present dayHistoryIn 1945, the world discovers the horror of the Nazi camps. In 1948, the birth of Israel aroused anger and bitterness among Arabs and Muslims, but triggered joy and exultation throughout the Jewish world. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled or fled with the hope of a future return. Within just a few decades, the vast majority of Jews living in the Muslim world would leave Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Morocco and Tunisia74ocn492189737visu19910.47Labib, JeanLe grand jeu USA-URSS, 1917-199171ocn695421029visu20100.77The last outpost, AfghanistanTells the story of the U.S. effort to build up the Afghan Army, the only real exit strategy. Shot from the ground and on the frontlines, the film chronicles the war through the portrait of two Afghans and an American soldier in an embedded team of 130 Afghans. The two cinematographers-directors, Tim Grucza and Yuri Maldavski, spent one month and a half with the soldiers in a tiny outpost, by the Pakistan border, looking into Waziristan. Ultimately, the film is a look at the absurdity of the war and the impossibility of the fight. It will also explore the psychology, motivation and identity of two people fighting a common enemy but radically opposed in their cultures and ways of life54ocn048438708visu19910.92Labib, JeanMontandBiographyDrawing on archival films and photographs, recreates the life of singer-actor Yves Montand, his beginnings in Marseille, his involvement with the Communist Party, his affair with Edith Piaf, his marriage to Simone Signoret, his tour of Russia, and his movie career42ocn313851308visu19940.47MJN Productions présente Montand d'après le livre de Patrick Rotman et Hervé Hamon "Tu vois je n'ai oublié"43ocn690450331visu2009Mitrani, MichelAlbert Cossery33ocn416228790visu1995Labib, JeanMontand : le filmBiography22ocn715682369visu198620 ans de publicité en FranceThu Oct 16 15:54:14 EDT 2014batch15574