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Fri Mar 21 17:15:52 2014 UTClccn-n896196330.06Three sensible adventures /0.510.92No margin for error : saving our schools from borderline teachers /92751285n 8961963324946693780769Wilson, G.Wilson GregWilson, Gregory, 1963-Wilson, Gregory V.Wilson, Gregory V., 1963-ウィルソン, グレッグlccn-n92085862Oram, Andrewedtnp-lu, paulLu, Pauledtlccn-n90722467Trew, Arthur1957-edtlccn-n2005006329Pragmatic Programmers (Firm)viaf-106145084Lytle, Williamnp-harvey, john$john rowlandHarvey, John(John Rowland)np-somerville, malcolmSomerville, Malcolmviaf-289702123Brown, Amylccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-nr2003005473Hacht, Anne MarieWilson, Greg1963-Juvenile worksFictionSoftwarePictorial worksHistoryMiscellaneaParallel programming (Computer science)C++ (Computer program language)Software engineeringPeaceWarLiteratureComputer software--DevelopmentParallel processing (Electronic computers)Parallel computersProblem solving--Data processingPython (Computer program language)Java (Computer program language)SistersInput design, ComputerCanadaMedical appointments and schedulesHospitals--Waiting listsHospital utilizationNew Zealand--Palmerston NorthTravelPsychology--ExperimentsBusiness enterprisesNew Zealand--Manawatu DistrictNew Zealand--Manawatu CountyComputer scienceInformation technology--ManagementWar in literaturePeace in literatureShareware (Computer software)Open source softwareAustraliaData encryption (Computer science)Data structures (Computer science)XML (Document markup language)Wilson, GregReligionBibleCatholic ChurchChristianityOperant conditioningComprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (1996)Electric power productionNuclear power plantsNuclear weapons (International law)Nuclear weapons--Testing--Law and legislationNuclear arms control--VerificationNuclear energyDepression in menWestern AustraliaDepression, Mental19631974198019821983198419851986198719881989199119921993199419951996199819992000200120022004200520062007200820092010201120122013316274149005.2QA76.73.C153ocn648096823ocn702151490ocn470836850ocn804499494ocn797443444ocn442252142ocn856597487ocn440288070ocn814385389ocn799691460ocn057108165ocn057108165ocn768837106ocn053063356ocn0278263589414ocn044954203file19960.50Wilson, GregoryParallel programming using C+++-+336682717532475728ocn174040370book20070.39Wilson, GregBeautiful codeLeading computer scientists discuss how they found unusual, carefully designed solutions to difficult problems. The text lets readers look over the shoulder of major coding and design experts to see problems through their eyes+-+29556014054314ocn032131783book19950.66Wilson, GregPractical parallel programming+-+21368771752578ocn022909829book19910.79Trew, ArthurPast, present, parallel : a survey of available parallel computer systemsPast, Present, Parallel is a survey of the current state of the parallel processing industry. In the early 1980s, parallel computers were generally regarded as academic curiosities whose natural environment was the research laboratory. Today, parallelism is being used by every major computer manufacturer, although in very different ways, to produce increasingly powerful and cost-effec- tive machines. The first chapter introduces the basic concepts of parallel computing; the subsequent chapters cover different forms of parallelism, including descriptions of vector supercomputers, SIMD computers, shared memory multiprocessors, hypercubes, and transputer-based machines. Each section concentrates on a different manufacturer, detailing its history and company profile, the machines it currently produces, the software environments it supports, the market segment it is targetting, and its future plans. Supplementary chapters describe some of the companies which have been unsuccessful, and discuss a number of the common software systems which have been developed to make parallel computers more usable. The appendices describe the technologies which underpin parallelism. Past, Present, Parallel is an invaluable reference work, providing up-to-date material for commercial computer users and manufacturers, and for researchers and postgraduate students with an interest in parallel computing25315ocn648096823book20100.63Oram, AndrewMaking software : what really works, and why we believe itNo doubt, you've heard many claims about how some tool, technology, or practice improves software development. But which claims are verifiable? In this book, leading thinkers offer essays that uncover the truth and unmask myths commonly held among the software development community+-+67835314051917ocn060600449book20050.56Wilson, GregData crunching : solve everyday problems using Java, Python and more"This book describes the most useful data crunching techniques, explains when you should use them, and shows how they will make your life easier. Along the way, it will introduce you to some handy, but underused, features of Java, Python, and other languages. It will also show you how to test data crunching programs and how data crunching fits into the larger software development picture."--BOOK JACKET+-+62596092451082ocn040982534book19990.06Wilson, GregThree sensible adventuresJuvenile worksFiction+-+4340285006351ocn154309249book19990.20Harvey, JohnManawatuHistoryPictorial works235ocn729616224file20110.08The architecture of open source applications : elegance, evolution, and a few fearless hacksBeschrijving van vijfentwintig open source applicaties131ocn225346126book20060.23Literary themes for students. examining diverse literature to understand and compare universal themesDiscusses the themes of war and peace in literature, including poetry, plays, short stories, novels, and nonfiction, with each entry consisting of a plot summary, analysis of themes, and an introduction to the work and author+-+1627599696111ocn039665634book19980.08Morrissey, JanetOut of the desert : religious education for secondary studentsJuvenile works71ocn018154694book19870.47Martocci, BarbaraA basic guide to nuclear power71ocn043961683visu19990.59Test anxiety should America ratify the test ban treaty?With the explosion of nuclear bombs in India and Pakistan in 1998, another arms race has begun. "This new arms race has put pressure on the U.S. Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) that was signed by President Clinton in 1996. However, a powerful minority in the Senate is stalling the ratification of this important treaty"--Container. How should America best defend itself from the dangerous spread of nuclear weapons?72ocn024669147book19910.47Past, present, parallel : a survey of available parallel computing systems64ocn054428473book20000.73Ramsay, CynthiaWaiting your turn hospital waiting lists in CanadaSurgical, therapeutic treatments, practitioner, treatment51ocn027610247book19890.07Victoria, the essential triviaMiscellanea51ocn034957834file19950.39Alloway, TomSniffy the virtual ratSoftwareA computer program that enables students to explore the principles of shaping and partial reinforcement in operant conditioning, using a virtual rat. Experience the benefits of animal experimentation but none of the drawbacks associated with using live animals. Designed to teach undergraduate college students about operant conditioning and is useful for any student taking a beginning psychology course.-- User's guide+-+518307980551ocn027610267book19890.23Western Australia, the triviaMiscellanea41ocn038395511book19950.47Banjo41ocn032200347book0.92Fuhr, Don LNo margin for error : saving our schools from borderline teachers81ocn062539447visu20040.28Colouring the darkProfiles internationally successful Australian artist Greg Wilson, who once sought escape from the agonies of depression through high-risk activities. He and close friends talk of the management of his illness and the channelling of energies into art, sold through their Hunter Valley gallery52ocn298677953visu20040.28Colouring the darkProfiles internationally successful Australian artist Greg Wilson, who once sought escape from the agonies of depression through high-risk activities. He and close friends talk of the management of his illness and the channelling of energies into art, sold through their Hunter Valley gallery+-+2955601405+-+2955601405Fri Mar 21 15:40:05 EDT 2014batch17243