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Isaac Hill upon the establishment of the New-Hampshire patriot and state gazette722ocn719411124file18240.89First Congregational Church and Society (Wilton, N.H.)The proceedings and documents relative to certain members separating from the church in WiltonChurch history542ocn001568928serial0.94The Farmer's monthly visitor : intended to promote the interest of the farmer, to defend the dignity of the agricultural profession and encourage the practice of domestic economyHistoryPeriodicals341ocn191263533book18180.94Allen, WilliamA sermon, preached at Concord before His Excellency William Plummer, governor, the honorable Council, and the two houses composing the legislature of the state of New Hampshire, June 4, 1818 being the anniversary electionBibliography254ocn002223034book18280.87Hill, IsaacAn address delivered before the Republicans of Portsmouth and vicinity, July 4, 1828201ocn001721997book18240.89Gallaudet, T. HA sermon, on the duty and advantages of affording instruction to the deaf and dumb.182ocn002223204book18280.95Hill, IsaacThe wise sayings of the Honorable Isaac Hill171ocn191251229book18230.20Blake, John LaurisThe historical reader designed for the use of schools and families : on a new planHistoryJuvenile works172ocn776465194file18110.95New HampshireLaws of the state of New-Hampshire, December session, 1805, to June session, 1810, inclusive162ocn681288494file18180.92Kersey, JesseA treatise on fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion: in which are illustrated the profession, ministry, worship, and faith of the Society of FriendsControversial literature133ocn262827287com18360.85Hill, IsaacSpeech of Mr. Hill of New Hampshire, on Mr. Benton's expunging resolutions132ocn019323847book18360.98Hill, IsaacSpeech of Mr. Hill, of New Hampshire, on Mr. Clay's bill for distributing the surplus fund among the several states, called the Land Bill : in Senate, March 17, 1836Speeches in Congress122ocn021001595book18341.00Hill, IsaacSpeech of Mr. Hill of New Hampshire, on the subject of the removal of the deposites from the Bank of the United StatesSpeeches in Congress111ocn191264127book18170.77Blair, RobertThe grave. a poem.BiographyPoetryIllustrationsSermons102ocn034160873book18380.89New HampshireMessage of Isaac Hill, governor of New-Hampshire, to both houses of the Legislature, June session, 183892ocn719432142file18340.92Hill, IsaacSpeech on the bill to provide compensation for French Spoliations prior to 1880 delivered in the Senate of the United States, December 23, 183493ocn077826781book18240.70Emerson, JosephThe Evangelical primer containing a minor doctrinal catechism, and a minor historical catechism : to which is added the Westminster Assembly's Shorter catechism : with short explanatory notes and copious Scripture proofs and illustrationsJuvenile worksCatechismsExaminations, questions, etcMiscellaneaTextbooks5953ocn000128243book19700.67Cole, Donald BJacksonian democracy in New Hampshire, 1800-18511582ocn657035090file18350.85Bradley, Cyrus PBiography of Isaac Hill, of New-Hampshire211ocn191238171book18400.85Barton, CyrusDefence of Cyrus Barton, against the attacks of Hon. Isaac Hill upon the establishment of the New-Hampshire patriot and state gazette122ocn867115053file18320.94Proceedings at the dinner to Honorable Isaac Hill, at the Eagle Coffee House, Concord, N.H., August 8, 183272ocn438060388book18380.63Whig Party (N.H.)Whigs remember!! Tuesday, March 13, 1838! No change of measures without a change of men!!! Whig ticket! For governor, Gen. James Wilson, Jr. For counsellors, Anthony Colby, Hillsborough district. John George, Rockingham district.31ocn026153152book18381.00Mr. Freeman's address to a meeting of citizens of Portsmouth, March 5, 183822ocn034689930book18501.00Choules, John OvertonLetter Newport, R.I., to Daniel Webster, Washington, D.CHistoryChoules recounts the reactions of numerous public men to Webster's Seventh of March speech including Nathaniel Borden, George Nixon Briggs, Henry Cranston, Orin Fowler, Isaac Hill, John Hubard, Horace Mann, Wendell Phillips, William Henry Seward, Daniel Sharp, and Henry Wilson. Also refers to Fletcher Webster and the Horticultural Club21ocn122501563mix19661.00McLean, JohnJohn McLean papersHistoryThe papers relate to John McLean's career as an associate judge of the Ohio Supreme Court, commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office, postmaster general, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidency in 1856 and 1860. The papers, which include public and political correspondence, legal files, clippings and printed matter, also concern the problems of the U.S. postal service, the growth of Washington, D.C., Ohio and Cincinnati politics, Indian affairs, international relations, the Whig Party, slavery, secession, and national politics21ocn028413413mix1.00Shaw, TristramRecords and correspondenceChiefly correspondence with Whig and Democratic Party leaders, lawyers, judges, and politicians, relating to national, state, and local political affairs. Correspondents include C.G. Atherton, Ichabod Bartlett, Josiah Bartlett, Edmund Burke, Daniel Clark, Samuel Cushman, Rufus Dow, J.L. Elwyn, Ebenezer French, Albert R. Hatch, Isaac Hill, John Kelly, Uri Lamprey, John Page, William Plumer, Nathaniel P. Rogers, Samuel Tilton, Thomas Treadwell, Amos Tuck, Nathaniel G. Upham, and J.B. Wiggin11ocn057744512visu18560.10Grozelier, LeopoldIsaac HillPortraitsSubject: A portrait of Isaac Hill11ocn071063519file1.00McLean, JohnJohn McLean papersHistoryTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, legal briefs, financial data, docket book, printed matter, file of reports, opinions, and briefs arranged by case name, and other papers relating to McLean's service as U.S. postmaster general and U.S. Supreme Court justice. Also contains material from his service as commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office. Includes his notes on arguments made before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1830, including cases argued by John MacPherson Berrien, Francis Scott Key, David Bayard Ogden, Roger Brooke Taney, Daniel Webster, and William Wirt. Subjects include the history of Washington, D.C.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Ohio state, and national politics; Indian affairs; international relations; presidential politics; secession; slavery; and the Whig Party. Correspondents include Caleb Atwater, James Buchanan, John C. Calhoun, Salmon P. Chase, John M. Clayton, Thomas Corwin, George Mifflin Dallas, John Henry Eaton, Ninian Edwards, Edward Everett, Thomas Ewing, Duff Green, Isaac Hill, Samuel D. Ingham, Richard M. Johnson, Henry Lee, James Madison, Duncan McArthur, James Monroe, Richard Peters, William C. Rives, Richard Rush, Winfield Scott, Thomas Sergeant, William Henry Seward, Edwin McMasters Stanton, Joseph Story, Charles Sumner, Roger Brooke Taney, John Tyler, Henry Dana Ward, Daniel Webster, Thurlow Weed, and James Whitcomb11ocn049244414mixKendall, AmosAmos Kendall :HistoryArchivesSourcesCollected correspondence regarding his early days in Ky., tutoring of Henry Clay's children, editorship of the Argus of Western America, service as postmaster general in Jackson's cabinet, as business agent for Samuel F.B. Morse, and his political and personal life. Included are Kendall's letters, 1814-1815, to F.G. Flugel describing his first days in Ky., becoming postmaster at Georgetown, Ky., and editing the Minerva Press at Georgetown; two letters, 4 Apr. and 11 June 1839, to Flugel providing biographical information regarding his editorship of the Argus and its role in Ky. politics, his appointment as the fourth auditor of the Treasury and postmaster general by Andrew Jackson, and his marriage and family; a 13 July 1820 letter to Isaac Hill discussing newspaper opposition to Andrew Jackson; and his 1 July 1852 letter to George Wood stating that Franklin Pierce was a "drunkard of bad moral character."11ocn070979864file1.00Green, DuffDuff Green papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include James Buchanan, John J. Cabell, John C. Calhoun, Lewis Cass, Richard Cobden, Richard K. Crallé, George Mifflin Dallas, John Henry Eaton, Henry Ellis, Edward Everett, Lucretia Green, William Henry Harrison, Isaac Hill, Andrew Jackson, Amos Kendall, John MacGregor, James Madison, Robert Peel, Zachary Taylor, Martin Van Buren, and Daniel Webster11ocn056035144mix0.47Hill, IsaacDiary and journal of Isaac HillHistoryDiariesSourcesTyped transcription of the diary of Isaac Hill, originally written between 1822-1859. Brief entries mention his conversion to Mormon Church, work on the temple in Nauvoo, the expulsion of the Mormons, trek to Utah, and his Canadian Mission11ocn070982532file1.00Woodbury, LeviLevi Woodbury family papersHistoryPatentsTreatiesRecords and correspondenceAlso includes correspondence between Levi Woodbury and his wife, Elizabeth Williams Clapp Woodbury; journal (1829) kept by Capt. John Cahoone aboard the Vigilant; ships's logs (1780-1781) kept by Capt. Levi Woodbury; correspondence (1861-1865) and naval documents of Gustavus Vasa Fox; diary (1860-1878) and correspondence of Virginia L. Woodbury Fox; two Indian treaties (1713, 1717); contemporary copies of letters from King Charles II and Queen Anne of Great Britain; and letter (1777) from John Hancock to his wife. Other persons represented include Isaac O. Barnes, Montgomery Blair, Asa Clapp, Asa W.H. Clapp, Nehemiah Eastman, and Ellen C.D.Q. Woodbury11ocn310372344book1981Isaac Hill, Sr. and his descendants [1748-1980]11ocn078279945book18280.77Second Boston trade sale. Catalogue of books to be sold to booksellers only, on Tuesday, July 22, 1828. Sale will be held at Concert-Hall, Court-Street ... J.L. Cunningham, auctioneer11ocn809541743book0.10Parker, RichardHill-Hines-Scarborough-Shirley-Johnston & ParkerGenealogy11ocn011009268book19411.00Flather, George ElmerThe biography of a farm journal and of the wisdom it imparted to a peopleHistory11ocn757709266art18870.10Lanman, CharlesHill, IsaacBiographyRegistersFri Feb 13 10:54:45 EST 2015batch27700