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Florence Harding reveals the never-before-told story of First Lady Florence Harding's phenomenal rise to power. The daughter of an abusive father in small-town Ohio, mother at a young age to an illegitimate child, Florence Harding saw her escape in Warren Harding, and became the driving force behind his ascent to one of the most scandal-ridden presidencies in United States history. Preeminent First Ladies biographer Carl Sferrazza Anthony not only captures the drama of Florence Harding's personality, but he uses the White House to bring to life Jazz Age America -- a world of speakeasies and Miss America, Babe Ruth, Al Jolson, and the rise of Hollywood. He shows how Florence's friendship with Evalyn McLean, the morphine-addicted owner of the Hope Diamond and The Washington Post was one of the defining bonds in her public life. With newly unsealed medical information, Florence Harding finally unfolds the mystery of whether the First Lady poisoned the President, whose death occurred seventy-five years ago. Florence Harding is a fascinating and informative look at a lost chapter in American history+-+402416331512442ocn045066175book20000.18Anthony, Carl SferrazzaAmerica's first families : an inside view of 200 years of private life in the White HouseHistoryBiographyPictorial worksPacked with more than 300 photographs from archives and private collections -- many published here for the first time -- entertaining anecdotes, political analysis, the dynamics of family relationships, and behind-the-scenes gossip, America's First Families offers the first up-close look at the families -- from John and Abigail Adams in 1800 to Bill and Hillary Clinton -- who have intrigued and entranced the American public for two centuries. Carl Sferrazza Anthony opens the door to the world's most famous residence to reveal life as it was actually lived there. He takes readers into the heart of loyalties and estrangements, and the emotional pressures that politics brings to bear upon the forty White House families, from their arrivals to their "notices to vacate." Readers will enjoy an unprecedented tour of the previously unseen private rooms as used and decorated by each family. Revealed too are the personal proclivities of the presidents and how their families both sustained them through public crises and were used for political advantage. They'll get a firsthand look at the preparations for White House weddings and other occasions meet the parents and children of the presidents -- as well as eccentric relatives and discover the patterns of working, resting, and relaxing that shaped the nuts and bolts of family life. A magnificent combination of visual delights and insider information, America's First Families is an irresistible invitation to spend some time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue+-+37991393158686ocn056058327book20050.22Anthony, Carl SferrazzaNellie Taft : the unconventional first lady of the ragtime eraBiographyPresents a portrait of a first lady who broke with tradition to become a significant figure in the emerging Progressive era at a time of technological advances, racial and class struggles, and changes in public roles for women+-+47386051557572ocn035808372book19970.17Anthony, Carl SferrazzaAs we remember her : Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, in the words of her family and friendsQuotationsFirst Lady Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, childhood friends and dozens of others share their fond recollections of Jackie in As We Remember Her. This is the first time many of these people have ever spoken publicly about her, and the portrait that emerges is quite revealing. Behind the image of one of the 20th-century's most recognizable icons was a surprisingly substantive person -- a woman whose intelligence and political savvy were as remarkable as her famous charm and beauty. Jackie plunged fresh out of college into the world of journalism with her own girl-on-the-street column for the Washington Times. As First Lady, she waged campaigns on behalf of education, the arts and historic preservation, rescuing Washington's famed Lafayette Square from demolition. She was also a primary force in the creation of the National Endowment for the Arts+-+85412651557186ocn047098515book20010.19Anthony, Carl SferrazzaThe Kennedy White House : family life and pictures, 1961-1963Pictorial works+-+56777789256193ocn026096594book19920.06Anthony, Carl SferrazzaAmerica's most influential first ladiesJuvenile worksBiographyExamines the contributions and accomplishments of eleven presidential wives: Dolley Madison, Mary Lincoln, Nellie Taft, Florence Harding, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, and Nancy Reagan+-+05535063364565ocn024792876book19900.22Anthony, Carl SferrazzaFirst ladies : the saga of the presidents' wives and their power, 1789-1961HistoryBiographyProvides profiles of first ladies from 1789 to 1961 and the events they confronted in American history+-+77276633152033ocn822667657book20130.28Anthony, Carl SferrazzaIda McKinley : the turn-of-the-century first lady through war, assassination, and secret disabilityBiographyThis is the first full-length biography of Ida Saxton McKinley (1847-- 1907), the wife of William McKinley, president of the United States from 1897 to his assassination in 1901. Long demeaned by history because she suffered from epilepsy--which the society of her era mistakenly believed to border on mental illness--Ida McKinley was an exceptional woman who exerted a strong influence on her husband's political decisions. Born in Canton, Ohio, Ida Saxton was the eldest of three children. Throughout her youth, Ida was remarkably independent and energetic. She was interested in art, architecture, and current events, and she was sensitive to the plight of working women. In 1871 she married lawyer and Civil War veteran William McKinley. Following the deaths of their two daughters and her mother, Ida's physical condition deteriorated. During the years her husband served as a U.S. congressman and as Ohio governor, her health fluctuated. Throughout William's 1896 presidential campaign, delegations came to the McKinley home in Canton to hear the candidate speak from the front porch. Occasionally, Ida was healthy enough to speak with and meet political figures; sometimes she simply sat to hear his speeches; at other times she was entirely absent. Her husband's devotion to her in her state became an attribute of the campaign. Author Carl Sferrazza Anthony shows that despite her frail health, Ida was determined to fulfill as much of her role as First Lady as she could. She made keen and accurate political observations--particularly in assessing the motives of those ambitious for appointments--and her unrelenting lobbying on behalf of Methodist missionary efforts factored into the president's decision to retain the Philippine Islands for the United States. This fascinating biography is essential reading for anyone interested in the life and times of an extraordinary First Lady1882ocn023847413book19910.17Anthony, Carl SferrazzaFirst ladies. the saga of the presidents' wives and their power, 1961-1990HistoryBiography+-+60207633151092ocn054347994book20030.20National First Ladies' Library"This elevated position-- " : a catalogue and guide to the National First Ladies' Library and the importance of First Lady historyHistoryCatalogsPictorial worksRecords and correspondence1086ocn320555836book19900.21Anthony, Carl SferrazzaFirst ladies : the saga of the presidents' wives and their powerHistoryBiography461ocn055067649book20040.20Anthony, Carl SferrazzaHeads of statePortraits+-+576098730681ocn433627542book20090.88"Cherchez la femme ..." : Jacqueline Kennedy on "Jackie."Catalogs61ocn042285531visu19970.28Clinton, Hillary RodhamA conversation with Hillary Rodham ClintonInterviewsFirst Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton is interviewed about her book It takes a village31ocn657982559book1991Anthony, Carl SferrazzaFirst ladies31ocn180989147book20070.47Anthony, Carl SferrazzaIda Saxton : the early life of Mrs. McKinleyBiography31ocn801928492book20110.10Anthony, Carl SferrazzaOut of many + new myhistorylab with etext : a history of the american32ocn731401749book19910.10Anthony, Carl SferrazzaFirst ladies (vol. 2): the saga of the presidents' wives and their power, 1961-199031ocn059364657book19910.10Anthony, Carl SferrazzaFirst ladies : the saga of the presidents' wives and their power. Vol.II, , 1961-1999HistoryBiography122ocn416194957visu20030.17The ReagansDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAn intimate and controversial profile of Ronald and Nancy Reagan+-+6020763315+-+6020763315Fri Mar 21 15:11:55 EDT 2014batch18911