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Fri Mar 21 17:11:07 2014 UTClccn-n906372630.00Autograph letters signed from George J. Coombes, New York, to William Winter0.270.92King Richard the Third : as arranged for production at the Globe Theatre, March 16, 1889 : Mr. Richard Mansfield as the Duke of Gloster44481664n 906372632730877Young, Robert, 1927-Young, Robert Jrlccn-n85207759Kirk, John G.1928-lccn-n50015353Winter, William1836-1917lccn-n85138204Arbuckle, Roscoe1887-1933lccn-no2008124071Winter, William Jefferson1878-1929lccn-no2008062305Winter, Elizabeth C.(Elizabeth Campbell)1841-1922lccn-no2009026325Winter, Arthur1872-1886lccn-n85265697Lord, Chester Sanders1850-1933lccn-n88218901Mansfield, Richard1857-1907lccn-no2009186285Brown, Viola R. Winter(Viola Rosamund Winter)1881-1970lccn-n91018127Partington, Frederick E.-1924Young, Robert1927-2008HistoryBibliographyBiographySourcesPeriodicalsManuscriptsEquipment and suppliesWorld War (1939-1945)Military suppliesMilitary weaponsArmed Forces--Equipment and suppliesWeapons industryDefense industriesArms transfersUnited StatesMotion picture actors and actressesArbuckle, Roscoe,American poetryTheaterWinter, William,Young, Robert,FriendshipAuthors, AmericanMiller, Henry,CaliforniaBook collectingSacramento Book Collectors ClubTheatersGathering ritesLazarovich-Hrebelianovich,--Princess--(Eleanor Hulda Calhoun),Jefferson, Joseph,Forbes-Robertson, Johnston,--Sir,Clark, John Spencer,Shillaber, B. P.--(Benjamin Penhallow),Meserve, Frederick Hill,Cortissoz, Royal,Partington, Frederick E.,Smith, W. H.--(William Henry),Daly, Augustin,1927200819281932195419561959196119641968198219841990199419971922765776355.8209044UF52010239ocn001301818book19610.20Kirk, John GGreat weapons of World War IIHistoryIllustrations of over 300 weapons and machines, with captions, technical notes, and historical background1143ocn029797643book19940.88Young, RobertRoscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle : a bio-bibliographyBiographyBibliography+-+728017868532451ocn081776678book18870.70Hutton, LaurenceOpening addressesHistorySources51ocn038421998serial0.47NewsletterPeriodicals31ocn038532131book18890.92Shakespeare, WilliamKing Richard the Third : as arranged for production at the Globe Theatre, March 16, 1889 : Mr. Richard Mansfield as the Duke of Gloster22ocn667625847bookCoombes, George JAutograph letters signed from George J. Coombes, New York, to William WinterSeveral concern payments for various items. (1-4) on letterhead of George J. Coombes, Bookseller and Importer, 275 Fifth Ave., New York; (5-6) on letterhead of J.W. Bouton Publisher, Importer and Bookseller, 1152 Broadway, N.Y.; (7) on letterhead of Macmillan & Co., 66 Fifth Avenue, New York11ocn688486346book1914Forbes-Robertson, JohnstonAutograph letter signed from Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Los Angeles, to Viola R. Winter Brown, Los AngelesHe accepts her friend's kind invitation for Sunday afternoon. On letterhead of the Hotel Alexandria, Los Angeles. With accompanying envelope addressed to Mrs. Fielding Stilson, 1044 Kensington Road, Los Angeles11ocn610571072bookClark, Lester WilliamsTyped letters signed from Lester W. Clark, New York, to William Winter, New YorkRegarding a meeting of the Board of Trustees and Winter's connection with the Academy11ocn667627238bookShillaber, B. PAutograph letters signed from B.P. Shillaber, Chelsea, to William WinterManuscriptsThe letters mostly concern Shillaber's and Winter's writings. (2) includes a clipping of a Walt Whitman poem, pasted to the second leaf; (5) a letter of condolence on the death of Winter's son, Arthur11ocn635458124bookDargon, Augusta LAutograph letters signed from Augusta L. Dargon to William WinterAddressed from various locations: New York; Paris; San Francisco; Melbourne; Sydney; Troy, New York; Hobart town, Tasmania; Wagga, New South Wales, Australia; Lexington, New York; and Washington, Connecticut11ocn534951195bookWinter, WilliamTypescript letters from William Winter to Hart LymanBoth letters discuss a Tribune employee, Mr. McNally. Winter's own file copies, unsigned. (1) is incomplete (letter stops mid-sentence); (2) indicates "Dictated" on first leaf11ocn667627230bookSmith, MarkAutograph letters signed from Mark Smith to William Winter(1) Discusses his travels in Europe; addressed from the Northumberland Hotel, London; (2) He is going to New Orleans and will open there in the Rivals; addressed from 127 E. 16th St; (3) He and Mrs. Smith are enjoying their time in Switzerland; addressed from Pension du Chateau, Vevey, Suisse; (4) Regarding correspondence Smith did not receive, as well as his time in London and his possible future plans; addressed from 8 Montepelier Square, Brompton, London; (5) in response to Winter's opinion, Smith explains his conception of Polonius; addressed from 148 West 37th St. between B'way & 7th Ave. Letters signed "Mark."11ocn667627442bookMeserve, Frederick HillAutograph letters signed from Frederick Hill Meserve, New York, to William Winter(1) Asks Winter to sign portraits for his collection of Americana; (2) Thanks Winter for the portraits of himself; encloses a portrait of Artemas Ward, which Winter may use in his book (no longer enclosed). On letterhead of Frederick Hill Meserve, 265 Edgecombe Avenue, New York11ocn635458671bookDaly, AugustinAutograph letters signed and initialed from Augustin Daly to William WinterWritten from New York, Paris, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Venice, Vienna, Chicago, and London. With (13), an accompanying envelope addressed to Winter at 17 Third Avenue, Fort Hill, New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., U.S.A. Both the letter and envelope of (13) contain brief annotations by William Jefferson Winter11ocn593194112bookCortissoz, RoyalAutograph and typed letters signed from Royal Cortissoz, New York, to William Winter(1-2) and (4-6) on letterhead of the New York Tribune; (3) on letterhead of Fieldside, Teaneck, New Jersey; (7-9) on letterhead of Thirty-one west tenth street11ocn667627528bookSedley, HenryAutograph letters signed from Henry Sedley to William WinterManuscripts(2-3) are on the life and recent death of his father, W.H. Sedley Smith; these two letters are pasted together at one corner. (4) and (6) are letters of condolence. (3-4) on letterhead of the Union League Club, [New York]; (5) on letterhead of The evening post, New York; (6) on letterhead of The commercial advertiser, New York11ocn495705258bookLazarovich-HrebelianovichAutograph letters signed from Eleanor Calhoun, London, to William Winter(6) includes a short note on the verso of the second leaf addressed to Winter and signed from Virginia Calhoun. Many of the letters addressed from either 29 Bessborough Street, S.W. or from 4 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, S.W11ocn667626324book1898Clarke, CrestonAutograph letter signed from Creston Clarke to William Jefferson WinterClarke writes that his company has been made up since July and regrets he has nothing to offer Winter. Winter's annotation on verso: "Creston Clarke to W.J.W. Rec'd Aug 13 1898."11ocn667627239bookJefferson, JosephAutograph letters signed from Joseph Jefferson to Frederick E. Partington(1) He encloses a check for the Arthur Winter Memorial Library; on letterhead of New Iberia, La. (2) Suggests a date for the "Discourse," which he would like to begin at 8; addressed from the 5th Ave Hotel11ocn610571070book1871Clark, John SpencerAutograph letter signed from John S. Clark, Boston, to William WinterClark writes of a missed appointment with Winter and mentions that they desire is to add a musical and dramatic critic to their every Saturday staff121ocn038277686book19970.86Young, RobertFrom a different angle : a personal memoir of Henry Miller along with "Always merry and bright"Biography+-+7280178685324+-+7280178685324Fri Mar 21 15:29:12 EDT 2014batch22879