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(Edited by John Sloan Dickey.)0.591.00Magmatic and tectonic mafic layering in the Serrania de la Ronda and other Alpine type peridotites111485663John_Sloan_Dickeyn 906468028239802745407Dickey, John S.Dickey, John S. 1907- JrDickey, John S., Jr, 1907-Dickey, John Sloanviaf-157729070American Assemblylccn-no2004030028Shepardson, Whitney H.(Whitney Hart)1890-1966lccn-n79078132Dartmouth Collegelccn-n50024813Ford, Corey1902-1969lccn-n85294111Williams, Gluyas1888-1982lccn-n80034929Webster, Daniel1782-1852lccn-n86143970Wheelock, Eleazar1711-1779lccn-n82127684Obata, Masaakiedtlccn-n80126153Geological Society of Americanp-ludeen, margaret thompsonLudeen, Margaret ThompsonDickey, John Sloan1907-1991Popular worksHistoryMapsPoetryUnited StatesCanadaInternational relationsRelationsCivilization--American influencesNationalismUnited States.--Army.--Reserve Officers' Training CorpsEarth sciencesDartmouth CollegeLearning and scholarshipIntellectual lifePresidentsWilliams, Gluyas,Webster, Daniel,Wheelock, Eleazar,GeologySpain--Ronda MountainsDickey, John Sloan,Hopkins, Ernest Martin,Frost, Robert,Puerto Rico--QuebradillasEducation--PhilosophyEducation, HigherEducationInternational relations--AdministrationPeridotitePetroleum industry and tradeLife insuranceNew HampshireEducation and stateAnniversariesNew Hampshire--HanoverUniversity of New HampshireKansas--Wilson CountyTeaching, Freedom ofSoldiersUniversities and colleges--FacultyKansas--ChanuteFarmersUniversity autonomyChurch and social problemsUnited Nations Conference on International OrganizationNiebuhr, Reinhold,Roosevelt, Eleanor,Luce, Henry Robinson,Pittenger, W. Norman--(William Norman),Spain, SouthernBishopsPollard, William G.--(William Grosvenor),Hopkins Center19071991192519281931193219331940194519461947194819491950195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196919701972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219841988198919911992199619971999200220032005200620082501202258327.73071E183.8.C2ocn000423482ocn300824185ocn558120975ocn078249487ocn760517086ocn0031999368645ocn000423482book19640.53American AssemblyThe United States and Canada5824ocn001529241book19750.70Dickey, John SloanCanada and the American presence : the United States interest in an independent Canada3687ocn033403325book19960.27Dickey, John SloanOn the rocks : earth science for everyonePopular worksExplore the fundamental forces of nature in this lively, engrossing panorama of earth and planetary science. Professor John S. Dickey takes you on a tour that begins with the stardust that formed the Earth and ends on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Along the way you'll read about the changes, both gradual and cataclysmic, that shape the Earth, about the lives of scientists and their discoveries, and a great deal about the nature of science itself. As enjoyable to read+-+49878662951242ocn000627037book19500.47Ford, CoreyHow to guess your age1052ocn000598026book19540.92Dickey, John SloanEleazar Wheelock, 1711-1779, Daniel Webster, 1782-1852, and their pioneer Dartmouth CollegeHistory972ocn010299236map19770.93Ludeen, Margaret ThompsonGeologic map of the Ronda ultramafic complex, southern SpainMaps691ocn003579371book19770.90Dickey, John SloanThe Dartmouth experience : convocation addresses delivered at the annual exercises opening the college, valedictories to the graduating classes and selected honorary-degree citations from the years of his Dartmouth presidency121ocn002756713book19460.59Dartmouth CollegeProceedings of the inauguration of John Sloan Dickey : as the twelfth president of the Wheelock succession 1 November 1945 and the resolution adopted by the Faculty upon the retirement of Ernest Martin Hopkins112ocn002873862book19530.96Dickey, John SloanFour addresses by John Sloan Dickey, president of Dartmouth College72ocn462203188book19590.63Lyons, Gene MartinEducation and military leadership; a study of the R.O.T.CBogens forfattere undersøger, om kvaliteten af uddannelsen til officer af reserven på USAs højere læreranstalter er god nok til at indgå i det nationale sikkerhedsberedskab, og om uddannelsen kan danne grundlag for en karriere i USAs forsvar på længere sigt71ocn213814683book20080.59Dickey, John SloanQuebradillasPoetry51ocn001544662art19630.98Anderson, Charles RobertsRobert Frost, 1874-196331ocn468395764book19770.82Moe, Henry AllenThe power of freedom in human affairs32ocn082819012book19580.92Dickey, John SloanThe American design31ocn049368893mix19691.00Dickey, John SloanMagmatic and tectonic mafic layering in the Serrania de la Ronda and other Alpine type peridotites32ocn011180993art19741.00Dickey, John SloanRobert Frost : Glimpses of the man32ocn562118331book1964Columbia University (N.Y.)The United States and Canada. (Edited by John Sloan Dickey.)21ocn226995243book19530.92A Convocation commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first scientific examination of crude oil conducted at Dartmouth College, 1853History21ocn005381424book0.92Plummer, Richard CCampaign from the campus21ocn012345446art19721.00Dickey, John SloanCanada independent572ocn022859690book19910.95Widmayer, Charles EJohn Sloan Dickey : a chronicle of his presidency of Dartmouth CollegeHistoryBiography31ocn058412951book19881.00Lyons, Gene MartinThe world's troubles : John Sloane Dickey on American foreign policy21ocn011367717book19690.92Dartmouth CollegeCharter day dinner, given by the Trustees of Dartmouth College on December 13, 1969Charters21ocn213481010book1928John S. DickeyBiography21ocn220004089book19770.47Dickey, John SloanJohn Sloan Dickey, the Dartmouth experience : convocation addresses delivered at the annual exercises opening the College, valedictories to the graduating classes and selected honorary-degree citations from the years of his Dartmouth presidency to which are prefixed President Dickey's Dartmouth Night talk of 1945 and appended his 1969 Charter Day remarks11ocn003217321book19771.00Biographical summary - John Sloan Dickey11ocn083091775visu1.00Pfaff, Warren G[John Sloan Dickey]Portraits11ocn018194567visu1.00[John Sloan Dickey photographs]PortraitsPictorial works11ocn024937997visu1.00Sadie Tanner Moselle Alexander portrait collectionViews of Sadie Alexander: at a political conference receiving a gift from Lester B. Granger; reading "To Secure These Rights"; pulling weeds in the front yard flower bed with Mrs. Logan Williams; standing next to President Harry Truman, along with the President's Committee on Civil Rights in Washington, D.C.; one quarter-length studio portait, one half-length portrait11ocn239103254book19651.00A tribute [to John Sloan Dickey]11ocn029966333visu19611.00A Collection of photographs for John Sloan Dickey : taken at the dedication of the Albert Bradley Center for Mathematics at Dartmouth College, November 3-4, 1961HistoryPortraitsPictorial works11ocn238628154rcrd1.00Oral history interviews with Dartmouth College faculty, administrators, and staffHistoryInterviewsSources11ocn004052507mix19641.00Morin, Richard WedgeMemo, 1964 October 6, Hanover, N.H., to Dartmouth College ArchivesConcerns J.S. Dickey and E.M. Hopkins11ocn013629145book19821.00The John Sloan Dickey Endowment for International Understanding : Dartmouth College11ocn001404716book19521.00Martin, PeteWhy we picked Dartmouth11ocn013568192visu19551.00Meltzoff, Stanley[John S. Dickey] 1955PortraitsPictorial works11ocn078345561book19991.00Smallwood, FrankDartmouth College Archives notes on the administration and the faculty 1957-1992HistoryPrepared for the archives, the notes cover the administrations of John Sloan Dickey and John G. Kemeny and the construction of Hopkins Center and the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences11ocn849528151mix1.00Pike, James AJames A. Pike PapersArchivesPapers of the American clergyman, lawyer, Episcopal bishop, wrote and spoke on the church and social problems, Christian and legal ethics, pastoral psychology, psychical research, and spiritualism. Collection includes correspondence (1889-1970); notebooks (1955-1958); professional records relating to Pike's legal career (1936-1944) and ecclesiastical appointments; writings; and memorabilia. Notable correspondents include John C. Bennett, Daniel Berrigan, Smiley Blanton, John B. Coburn, John S. Dickey, John Dillenberger, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Eugene Exman, Erich Fromm, Frederick C. Grant, Howard A. Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., John M. Krumm, Henry R. Luce, Karl A. Menninger, Randolph C. Miller, Hugh Montefiore, A.J. Muste, Reinhold Niebuhr, Norman Vincent Peale, Leo Pfeffer, W. Norman Pittenger, Daniel A. Poling, William G. Pollard, Eleanor Roosevelt, Francis B. Sayre, G. Michael Scott, Massey H. Shepherd, Ralph W. Sockman, William Stringfellow, Chad Walsh, and Alexander C. Zabriskie11ocn071062442file1.00Hackworth, Green HaywoodGreen Haywood Hackworth papersConference proceedingsRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, print and near-print publications, articles, and addresses. Chiefly printed matter relating to Hackworth's career as a legal advisor with the U.S. Dept. of State and as a judge with the International Court of Justice. Subjects include international law; U.S. treaty developments; treaty agreements between Canada and the United States; and the Yalta voting formula, the provisions for voting by members of the UN Security Council. Includes material pertaining to the United Nations; American Arbitration Association; American Society of International Law; Americans United for World Organization; Panel on the Future of the International Court of Justice, American Arbitration Association; Teheran Conference, 1943; Conversations on International Organization, Washington, D.C, 1944, held at Dumbarton Oaks; United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, Bretton Woods, N.H., 1944; United Nations Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, Calif., 1945; and the Yalta Conference, 1945. Correspondents include John C. Bruel, James F. Byrnes, Armand Chankalian, Hugh Baker Cox, Willis H. Crosswhite, John Sloan Dickey, Hardy Cross Dillard, William O. Douglas, Michael Francis Doyle, Angier Biddle Duke, Charles Fahy, Jean Garnier-Coignet, Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck, Manley O. Hudson, Cordell Hull, Philip C. Jessup, Arthur Larson, Howard S. Levie, G. Bernard Noble, Howard T. Oliver, Herman Phleger, Charles S. Rhyne, Durward V. Sandifer, and Edward R. Stettinius, Jr11ocn025520678book19691.00[Press coverage on Charter Day honoring President John Sloan Dickey]Charters+-+4987866295+-+4987866295Thu Oct 16 15:40:50 EDT 2014batch23727