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Fri Mar 21 17:12:41 2014 UTClccn-n906127050.00An evolutionary stategy for nuclear power /0.531.00The fuel economy of light vehicles /41900319n 906127052689233Hippel, Frank von.Hippel, Frank von 1937-lccn-n79125115Tinbergen, Niko1907-1988lccn-no97023931Primack, J. R.(Joel R.)lccn-n81112059Sagdeev, R. Z.lccn-n83008882Federation of American Scientistslccn-n86127138Komitet sovetskikh uchenykh v zashchitu mira, protiv i︠a︡dernoĭ ugrozylccn-n79043494United StatesCongressHouseCommittee on Interior and Insular AffairsSubcommittee on Energy and the Environmentlccn-n84150957Cirincione, Josephlccn-n88676863Feiveson, Harold, joelPrimack, Joellccn-nr98032460Sood, RakeshVon Hippel, FrankHistoryInventoriesUnited StatesScience--Social aspectsScience and stateAnimal behavior--ResearchTinbergen, Niko,Sticklebacks--BehaviorSticklebacksScientists--Social aspectsPublic interestNuclear arms controlNuclear arms control--VerificationLiquid metal fast breeder reactorsNuclear energyEnergy policyTechnology and stateTechnology--Social aspectsBallistic missile defensesAntimissile missilesNuclear nonproliferationInternational relationsNuclear weapons--TestingIndiaPakistanNuclear fuelsRadioactive waste disposalSpent reactor fuelsNuclear weapons--Safety measuresNuclear fuels--Government policyScientists in governmentNuclear power plantsTechnology and state--Citizen participationBreeder reactors--Government policyBreeder reactorsAutomobiles--Fuel consumptionPennsylvaniaThree Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.)Nuclear weapons--Inventory controlLiquid metal cooled reactorsNuclear power plants--Accidents--Environmental aspectsAutomobiles--WeightNuclear power plants--Accidents--Health aspectsNuclear weapons informationRadioactive pollutionRadioactive substances193719641967197019711972197419761978198019811983198419851986198719881990199119921993199519961998199920002001200220042006200720082009201026045896597.53Q127.U6ocn311672729ocn77325984489810ocn700489282file20090.39Von Hippel, FrankTinbergen's legacy in behaviour sixty years of landmark stickleback papersHistoryIn a flurry of post-war productivity, Niko Tinbergen re-established his lab in Leiden, wrote landmark papers and his famous book The Study of Instinct, and founded the journal Behaviour to serve the burgeoning field of ethology. Tinbergen and his senior assistant, Jan van Iersel, published their classic paper, "Displacement reactions in the three-spined stickleback," in the first issue of the journal in 1948. Stickleback are now a powerful model in the fields of behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, developmental genetics, and ecotoxicology - an extraordinary development for a small fish that began its modeling career among an enthusiastic core of Tinbergen students in the 1930s. From a series of clever experiments with painted model fish to the use of the sequenced genome to analyze the genetic basis of courtship, stickleback science progressed in leaps and bounds, often via seminal studies published in the pages of Behaviour. traces sixty years in the development of science using stickleback as a model, with 34 original articles covering topics ranging from homosexuality and cannibalism to genetics and speciation. Desmond Morris, Theo Bakker, Robert Wootton, Michael Bell, Tom Reimchen, Boyd Kynard, Harman Peeke, and Iain Barber provide fresh retrospectives on their republished works. Commentary by Frank von Hippel accompanies the articles+-+947526955484011ocn001117780book19740.56Primack, J. 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It is shown that if an SU(6) invariance actually holds, then the magnetic moment ratio generalizes to the form-factor ratio = -2/311ocn024049142book1980Beyea, JanSome long-term consequences of hypothetical major releases of radioactivity to the atmosphere from Three Mile Island : final report to the President's Council on Environmental Quality11ocn636194892book1967Zero parameter model of the N-N potential+-+9475269554+-+9475269554Fri Mar 21 15:41:41 EDT 2014batch13037