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Thu Oct 16 17:52:16 2014 UTClccn-n906789670.08This emotional life0.180.30Secret of the wild child146542248n 906789672794408WGBH/Boston Science Unitlccn-no97033628WGBH Video (Firm)lccn-n50049886British Broadcasting CorporationTelevision Servicelccn-n50052713WGBH Educational Foundationlccn-n81012125Macaulay, Davidhstlccn-n88274463Production Group, Incnp-mirowitz, sheldonMirowitz, Sheldonlccn-n83073343Sveriges televisionlccn-no2013120639Whittlesey, Robproausdrtnp-garmon, lindaGarmon, Lindaproausdrtlccn-no2001010442Clear Blue Sky ProductionsWGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.).Science UnitHistoryPopular worksCase studiesBiographyTelevision programsDramaDocumentary filmsNonfiction filmsJuvenile worksEvolution (Biology)Darwin, Charles,Life--OriginNatural selectionWorld healthHuman evolutionCreationEngineeringGenie,Mental healthInterpersonal relationsEmotionsHappinessEmotions--Physiological aspectsEmotions--Health aspectsEmotions--Social aspectsEmotions--Sociological aspectsFearAngerStress (Psychology)Depression, MentalPost-traumatic stress disorderAsperger's syndromeDepressed personsDespairAnxietySadnessChildren--LanguageLightningCommunicable diseasesEmerging infectious diseasesUnited StatesPublic healthLanguage acquisitionBridges--Design and constructionAbused childrenCaliforniaSkyscrapers--Design and constructionArchitecture, AncientPeruIncas--AntiquitiesDomesDams--Design and constructionTunnelsTunnelingTunnels--Design and constructionEnglandNaturalistsSubway tunnelsSubways196019891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200420052006200720082009201020112012201319690228406576.8QH36710638ocn074752847visu19940.30Garmon, LindaSecret of the wild childBiographyCase studiesExamines the case of "Genie," a girl whose parents kept her locked in a bedroom in total isolation, until she was discovered in 1970 at age 13. At first, her rehabilitation seemed to be an opportunity to test hypotheses of language acquisition, but disputes about the nature of her disabilities, the intensity of her therapy, and the progress of government funded research turned Genie's case into a sad example of the ethical quandaries of research on human subjects+-+572102840610533ocn472256544visu20090.08This emotional lifePopular worksNonfiction filmsDocumentary films"How can we all live happier, more fulfilling lives? [This program] explores ways we can improve our social relationships, learn to cope with problems like depression and anxiety, and become more positive and resilient individuals ... Each episode weaves together scientific perspectives with the compelling personal stories of ordinary people, complemented by insight by celebrities like Chevy Chase, Larry David, Alanis Morissette, John Leguizamo, Katie Couric, and Richard Gere, among many others"--Container8932ocn048491143visu20010.25EvolutionHistoryDrama" ... a definitive view of the extraordinary impact the evolutionary process has had on our understanding of the world around us. Beginning with Darwin's revolutionary theory, this seven-part series explores all facets of evolution--the changes that spawned the tree of life, the power of sex, how evolution continues to affect us every day, and the perceived conflict between science and religion"--Containers+-+74032532063248803ocn062628732visu20050.26Rx for survival a global health challenge"From vaccines to antibiotics, clean water to nutrition, bio-terror threats to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the six-part series 'Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge' tells the compelling stories of global health challenges and successes. Employing both historical dramatic sequences and poignant current documentary stories, the series showcases key milestones in public health history, such as the eradication of smallpox, alongside modern and future challenges, including SARS, a potential global flu pandemic and recovery from the Asian tsunami catastrophe"--Http://!Takes you into the world of lightning and the scientists that study it. Includes lightning experiments, testing equipment, photography, and an ending of a dazzling lightning show set to music6754ocn049035359visu20010.21Darwin's dangerous ideaHistoryDrama"For 21 years, Charles Darwin kept his theory of evolution secret from all but a few friends. He confided to one: "It's like confessing to a murder." His torment resonates in society today -- in the challenge his incredibly powerful idea poses to our understanding of our world and ourselves. Darwin's Dangerous Idea interweaves the drama in key moments of Darwin's life with documentary sequences of current research, linking past to present and introducing major concepts of evolutionary theory. It explores why Darwin's "dangerous idea" might matter even more today than it did in his own time, and reveals how science might be used to explain the past and predict the future of life on earth"--Container+-+61032532063246255ocn062596955visu19970.20Secrets of lost empiresHistoryTelevision program that explores the Inca civilization from the perspective of their construction techniques. Archaeological teams use traditional building techniques to test their hypotheses, including the building of a 150-foot suspension bridge using nothing but grass6053ocn057336517visu20000.08BridgesHistoryJuvenile worksCombines location sequences and animation to show the building of bridges. Building small demonstrates the building of a bridge by children with drinking straws5922ocn057336589visu20000.08Macaulay, DavidSkyscrapersJuvenile worksCombines location sequences and animation to show the building of skyscrapers. Building small demonstrates the building of a skyscraper by children with newspapers and books5443ocn057336563visu20000.08Macaulay, DavidDamsJuvenile worksCombines location sequences and animation to show the building of dams. Building small demonstrates the building of a dam by children with sand, stones, and popsicle sticks5393ocn057336501visu20000.16Macaulay, DavidTunnelsHistoryJuvenile works"How do tunnels stay dry under water? Who dug the first tunnels? Go underground with award-winning author-illustrator, and captivating storyteller, David Macaulay ... and get an amazing look at tunnels through spectacular film footage, little-known facts and dramatic recreations. From ancient Rome to the remarkable Channel Tunnel that connects France and England, Tunnels introduces courageous engineers, relives deadly disasters, and reveals little-known personal triumphs and tragedies."--Container5382ocn057336579visu20000.08Macaulay, DavidDomesWhat holds up the Astrodome? Why did the Romans leave a hole in the roof of the Pantheon? Tour the world and trace the 2000-year history of domes with award-winning author/illustrator, and captivating storyteller, David Macaulay. From Houston's astrodome to Rome's St. Peter's Cathedral, to the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller, this video introduces ingenious designers, recounts rarely told heroic stories, and reveals amazing triumphs through spectacular film footage, fascinating facts, and dramatic recreations4992ocn065223075visu20060.23How safe are we?Popular works"During the past 100 years, life expectancy more than doubled in developed countries. In the last few decades, however, 40 new infectious diseases have emerged and one of them - AIDS - is becoming perhaps the most devastating epidemic in history. New diseases travel the globe with unprecedented rapidity, and older killers, such as the avian flu in the 1918 influenza epidemic, that once seemed controllable are roaring back with a vengeance...[This film] examines the most critical threats we face today - including avian flu - and the pressing need to strengthen global public health systems." - Container4572ocn042739494visu19980.18Everest the death zoneHistoryIn the wake of the 1996 disaster that took eight climbers in a single day, scientists follow a team of hikers to measure, for the first time ever, the toll high-altitude climbing takes on the heart, lungs, blood, and brain4437ocn062596953visu19960.24Secrets of lost empiresHistoryUncover the secrets of ancient civilizations as Nova journeys to five archaeological sites where teams of experts use traditional techniques to test their hypotheses+-+66000284063905ocn049035375visu20010.20Great transformations Extinction!HistoryGreat transformations focuses on the evolutionary changes that triggered the earth's incredible diversity. Extinction! explores why, then confronts a frightening notion: are humans causing the next mass extinction-- the sixth in the history of life on earth?+-+74032532063243606ocn057481600visu19950.21Hunt for the serial arsonistTelevision programsFires were breaking out in retail businesses all over greater Los Angeles and adjacent areas from the mid-1980's to the early '90's. Authorities pieced together a case based on a malfunctioning incendiary device, a smudged fingerprint, a peculiar pattern of outbreaks, and an incriminating, unpublished novel sent to a literary agent3594ocn049035397visu20010.20The evolutionary arms race Why sex?The evolutionary arms race explores our own spiraling arms race with microorganisms-- the only real threat to our existence-- and trace the alarming spread of resistance among pathogens that cause disease. Why sex? investigates the endless variety of sexual expression and the powerful hold sex exerts over almost all living things. And discover why in evolutionary terms, sex is more important than life itself+-+351325320632435510ocn039034872visu19980.24A science odysseyHistoryA chronicle of twentieth century scientific adventure3312ocn036555393visu19960.21Bombing of AmericaFollows investigators on the trail of the Unabomber and the bombers of the World Trade Center, the Army of God, and other bombing cases. The smallest fragment of evidence or a psychological profile can be the key to stopping terrorists+-+6103253206324+-+6103253206324Thu Oct 16 15:51:02 EDT 2014batch21944