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Fri Mar 21 17:14:33 2014 UTClccn-n910237270.00Between ourselves : second-person issues in the study of consciousness£; for Francisco J. Varela 1946-2001 in memoriam /0.571.00Colour vision and the comparative argument : a case study in cognitive science and the philosophy of perception66534195Evan_Thompsonn 910237272908521Thompson, EvanThompson, Evan Timothyトンプソン, エヴァンlccn-n79125799Varela, Francisco J.1946-hnredtlccn-n91023728Rosch, Eleanorlccn-n98108134Zelazo, Philip Davidedtlccn-n84021560Moscovitch, Morris1945-edtlccn-n2002096293Noë, Alvaedtlccn-n91032473Siderits, Mark1946-lccn-n95074268Zahavi, Dannp-nelson, kay leroi$1926Nelson, Kay LeRoi1926-nc-oxford university pressOxford University Presslccn-nb2006003936Colombetti, GiovannaedtThompson, EvanHandbooks, manuals, etcCognitive scienceConsciousnessTelevision talk showsPolitical satire, AmericanTelevision in politicsUnited StatesTelevision and politicsPhenomenologyCognitionExperiential learningPerception (Philosophy)Philosophy of mindMind and bodyExperienceBuddhist meditationsColor visionIndiaChina--Tibet Autonomous RegionSelf (Philosophy)Consciousness in animalsChemistry, OrganicInterpersonal relationsEmotionsPsychologyConsciousness--ResearchMeditation--BuddhismInterpersonal relations--Psychological aspectsFire extinctionFire fighters19621962196619851989199019911992199319941995199619971999200020012002200320042005200720092010201120122013541834182791.456582831B808.9ocn470168701ocn469561068ocn313733201ocn442946477ocn804110946ocn803806387ocn799644045ocn469589264ocn470730698ocn819635488ocn276172046ocn079035760146548ocn023356276book19910.53Varela, Francisco JThe embodied mind : cognitive science and human experience+-+867572717584613ocn173816816file20070.56The Cambridge handbook of consciousnessPulls together the multiple lines of investigation on consiousness and, by juxtaposing them, provides a comprehensive survey of the field+-+876921670583315ocn052222702file20020.50Vision and mind selected readings in the philosophy of perception+-+53259671756879ocn071241991book20070.59Thompson, EvanMind in life : biology, phenomenology, and the sciences of mind"Evan Thompson draws upon sources as diverse as molecular biology, evolutionary theory, artificial life, complex systems theory, neuroscience, psychology, Continental Phenomenology, and analytic philosophy to argue that mind and life are more continuous than has previously been accepted, and that current explanations do not adequately address the myriad facets of the biology and phenomenology of mind. Where there is life, Thompson argues, there is mind: life and mind share common principles of self-organization, and the self-organizing features of mind are an enriched version of the self-organizing features of life. Rather than trying to close the explanatory gap, Thompson marshals philosophical and scientific analyses to bring unprecedented insight to the nature of life and consciousness. This synthesis of phenomenology and biology helps make Mind in Life a vital addition to his volume The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience."--BOOK JACKET+-+866075921547613ocn030156991book19950.63Thompson, EvanColour vision : a study in cognitive science and the philosophy of perceptionThompson provides an accessible review of the current scientific and philosophical discussions of colour vision and is vital readingfor all cognitive scientists and philsophers whose interests touch upon this central area+-+31426606954578ocn056490565book20030.70The problem of consciousness : new essays in phenomenological philosophy of mind+-+947649464527314ocn698163234book20100.79Self, no self? : perspectives from analytical, phenomenological, and Indian traditions'Self, No Self?' is the first book of its kind. It brings together leading philosophical scholars of the Indian and Tibetan traditions with leading Western philosophers of mind and phenomenologists to explore issues about consciousness and selfhood from these multiple perspectives.--[Source inconnue]+-+4538404465976ocn048484039book20010.70Intersubjectivity of human consciousness: integrating phenomonology and cognitive sciences (Meeting)Between ourselves : second-person issues in the study of consciousness+-+7960932545934ocn001548835book19660.59Nelson, Kay LeRoiLaboratory projects in organic chemistryHandbooks, manuals, etc615ocn046088242book19910.39Varela, Francisco JDer mittlere Weg der Erkenntnis : die Beziehung von Ich und Welt in der Kognitionswissenschaft - der Brückenschlag zwischen wissenschaftlicher Theorie und menschlicher Erfahrung329ocn061529202book20050.47Emotion experience+-+6475590936296ocn039870441book19920.33Varela, Francisco JDe cuerpo presente : las ciencias cognitivas y la experiencia humana+-+3469789293324171ocn075624431book19950.28Varela, Francisco JDer mittlere Weg der Erkenntnis : der Brückenschlag zwischen wissenschaftlicher Theorie und menschlicher Erfahrung92ocn808016650com19940.66Thompson, EvanColour Vision A Study in Cognitive Science and Philosophy of ScienceThompson provides an accessible review of the current scientific and philosophical discussions of colour vision and is vital reading for all cognitive scientists and philosophers whose interests touch upon this central area+-+921269857582ocn797659753book19920.47Varela, Francisco JLa via di mezzo della conoscenza : le scienze cognitive alla prova dell'esperienza41ocn429487943book20090.47Satire TV politics and comedy in the post-network era"Satirical TV has become mandatory viewing for citizens wishing to make sense of the bizarre contemporary state of political life. Shifts in industry economics and audience tastes have re-made television comedy, once considered a wasteland of escapist humor, into what is arguably the most popular source of political critique. From fake news and pundit shows to animated sitcoms and mash-up videos, satire has become an important avenue for processing politics in informative and entertaining ways, and satire TV is now its own thriving, viable television genre. Satire TV examines what happens when comedy becomes political, and politics become funny. A series of original essays focus on a range of programs, from The Daily Show to South Park, Da Ali G Show to The Colbert Report, The Boondocks to Saturday Night Live, Lil' Bush to Chappelle's Show, along with Internet D.I.Y. satire and essays on British and Canadian satire. They all offer insights into what today's class of satire tells us about the current state of politics, of television, of citizenship, all the while suggesting what satire adds to the political realm that news and documentaries cannot." -- Back cover+-+334682963544ocn060015680book19891.00Thompson, EvanColour vision and the comparative argument : a case study in cognitive science and the philosophy of perception33ocn675385794book20010.47Shintaikasareta kokoro : Bukkyō shisō karano enakutibu apurōchi31ocn224129994visu19850.19Mr. Neverlearn meets the firefightersShows firefighters as very important friends, always there when we need them, protecting our homes and our lives31ocn313733201book2001Between ourselves : second-person issues in the study of consciousness£; for Francisco J. Varela 1946-2001 in memoriam+-+7960932545+-+8769216705+-+8769216705Fri Mar 21 15:53:46 EDT 2014batch15479