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Fri Mar 21 17:14:39 2014 UTClccn-n911278850.00Java²T²M /0.521.00Java/Jini technologies and high-preformance pervasive computing : Boston, [Massachusetts] USA /90723774n 911278853079504アーノルド, ケンlccn-n88217039Gosling, James1955-lccn-no2001051961Holmes, David(David Colin)lccn-n99024989Freeman, Eric1965-lccn-n99024991Hupfer, Susanne1965-lccn-n93012692Waldo, Jimviaf-54253170Chaumette, Sergelccn-n91127894Peyton, John1951-lccn-no2001102763Ghosh, Sudiptolccn-n78088934Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineerslccn-n90696117Gao, Guang R.Arnold, Ken1958-Conference proceedingsPatternsCatalogsHistoryJava (Computer program language)MicroprocessorsEmbedded computer systems--Design and constructionComputer input-output equipmentComputer engineeringElectronic data processing--Distributed processingJiniJavaSpaces technologyC (Computer program language)AustraliaUbiquitous computingElectronic systemsEmbedded computer systemsCarnival glassGlasswareCarnival glass--PricesGlassware--PricesCarnival glass--Collectors and collectingAnimals in artObject-oriented programming (Computer science)Glass, Colored195819841989199219961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009393021195005.133QA76.73.J38201399ocn034544942book19960.53Arnold, KenThe Java programming languageThis definitive introduction and reference teaches programmers the basic and advanced features of Java. As the creators of the Java programming language, the authors help programmers understand why Java is such a powerful language+-+900981657595626ocn182735557file20010.37Arnold, KenEmbedded controller hardware designKen Arnold is an experienced embedded systems designer and president of HiTech Equipment, Inc., an embedded systems design firm located in San Diego, California. He also teaches courses in embedded hardware and software design at the University of California-San Diego. Gives the reader an integrated hardware/software approach to embedded controller design Stresses a "worst case" design approach for the harsh environments in which embedded systems are often used Includes design examples to make important concepts come alive+-+300050535532422316ocn041108636book19990.66Freeman, EricJavaSpaces principles, patterns, and practice"JavaSpaces technology is a powerful Jini service from Sun Microsystems, Inc. that facilitates building distributed applications. The JavaSpaces model provides persistent object exchange "areas" in which remote Java processes can coordinate their actions and exchange data. JavaSpaces technology supplies a necessary, cross-platform framework for distributed computing with Jini technology."--BOOK JACKET. "This book introduces the JavaSpaces technology architecture and provides a comprehensive description of the model. Using an example-driven approach, this book shows you how to use JavaSpaces technology to develop distributed computing applications."--BOOK JACKET. "JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice also includes two full-scale applications - one collaborative and the other parallel - that demonstrate how to put the JavaSpaces model to work."--Jacket+-+100458657516512ocn041039830book19990.66The Jini specification"This book contains the formal specification for the Jini technology, an overview of the Jini architecture, and an introduction to the key concepts that are the source of the technology's simplicity and power. The formal specification provides the definitive description of every element of the Jini architecture, including detailed information on such topics as Jini Discovery and Join protocols, Jini Entry usage and the Abstract Entry class, Jini Distributed Leasing concepts, Jini Distributed Event programming model, Jini Transaction model and semantics, Jini Lookup service and lookup attribute schema, and Jini device architecture."--BOOK JACKET+-+898161657516512ocn045100481book20000.73Waldo, JimThe Jini specifications"This book contains the formal specification for the core Jini connection technology, as well as specifications for local helper utilities and remote helper services. It offers a review of distributed computing fundamentals, an overview of the Jini connection architecture, and an introduction to the key concepts that are the source of the technology's simplicity and power-remote objects, leasing distributed events, and a two-phase commit protocol. The formal specifications provide the definitive description of every element of the Jini connection architecture."--BOOK JACKET+-+82617265751252ocn025131328book19920.63Arnold, KenA C user's guide to ANSI C+-+86881065753241098ocn050600702book20020.95Java/Jini technologies and high-performance pervasive computing : 30 July and 1 August, 2002, Boston, [Massachusetts] USAConference proceedings591ocn019066285book19890.24Findlay, IanElectronic systems in actionDesigning systems - Passive components - Transistor switching circuits - Amplifiers - Power supplies - Radio communications - Television - Telephone systems - Computer systems - Project ideas482ocn742292480file20070.73Embedded Hardware Know It All"The Newnes Know It All Series" takes the best of what our authors have written to create hard-working desk references that will be an engineer's first port of call for key information, design techniques and rules of thumb. Guaranteed not to gather dust on a shelf! Circuit design using microcontrollers is both a science and an art. This book covers it all. It details all of the essential theory and facts to help an engineer design a robust embedded system. Processors, memory, and the hot topic of interconnects (I/O) are completely covered. Our authors bring a wealth of experience and ideas; this is a must-own book for any embedded designer273ocn322767804book19960.17Arnold, KenJava cheng shi yu yan193ocn815371707book20090.08Arnold, KenJava bian cheng yu yan61ocn041467193book19990.47Freeman, EricJavaspaces : principles, patterns and practices+-+100458657551ocn799316842book20060.47Arnold, KenIl linguaggio Java : manuale ufficiale31ocn055102449book20010.47Arnold, KenLughat al-barmajah Jāvā21ocn222940945book19840.22Arnold, KenAustralian carnival glassHistoryCatalogsPatterns11ocn830257832book1999Arnold, KenJava²T²M11ocn749140445book19990.47Arnold, KenJava;11ocn807503187book1999Freeman, EricJavaSpaces principles, patterns, and practice : tutorial and reference guide+-+100458657512ocn702669675serial1.00Java/Jini technologies and high-preformance pervasive computing : Boston, [Massachusetts] USAConference proceedings11ocn840377447book2002Java+-+3000505355324+-+3000505355324Fri Mar 21 15:43:17 EDT 2014batch14309