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Fri Mar 21 17:11:41 2014 UTClccn-n910456440.00Rousseau /0.560.88Rousseau & the eighteenth century : essays in memory of R.A. Leigh /39435854n 910456442943451Wochiler, Robert Lucien, 1942-2006Wochiler, Robert Lucien 1942-2006 Wirklicher Nameウォクラー, ロバートlccn-n79008220Rousseau, Jean-Jacques1712-1778lccn-n86089126Fox, Christopher1948-edtlccn-n80082361Porter, Roy1946-2002edtlccn-n2005066334Garsten, Bryanedtlccn-n88154247Goldie, Markedtlccn-n84035932Geras, Norman1943-2013edtlccn-n79081610Diderot, Denis1713-1784lccn-n91045641Plamenatz, M. E.edtlccn-n50019742Plamenatz, J. P.(John Petrov)viaf-54208912Mason, John HopeedtWokler, Robert1942-2006HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsSocial sciencesEnlightenmentPolitical scienceRousseau, Jean-Jacques,Philosophy, ModernEuropeLibertyPhilosophy, GermanPolitical and social viewsLeigh, R. APostmodernismPhilosophyBerlin, Isaiah,Philosophy, FrenchIdeologyPolitical sociologyPolitical science--PhilosophySocial sciences--Philosophy1942200619741975197619771978198619871988199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062008201120126867117283194H51ocn493271971ocn464092145ocn463936485ocn185768447ocn468373299ocn468118140ocn797913185ocn186691425ocn442946271ocn439613900160510ocn042329829file19950.47Inventing human science eighteenth-century domainsHistoryThe human sciences - including psychology, anthropology, and social theory - are widely held to have been born during the 18th century. This full-length, English-language study of the Enlightenment sciences of humans explores the sources, context, and effects of this major intellectual development+-+6565575705152121ocn030545072book19950.47Wokler, RobertRousseauCriticism, interpretation, etcFrom the Publisher: One of the most profound thinkers of modern history, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78) was a central figure of the European Enlightenment. He was also its most formidable critic, condemning the political, economic, theological, and sexual trappings of civilization along lines that would excite the enthusiasm of romantic individualists and radical revolutionaries alike. In this study of Rousseau's life and works, Robert Wolker shows how his philosophy of history, his theories of music and politics, his fiction, educational, and religious writings, and even his botany, were all inspired by revolutionary ideals of mankind's self-realization in a condition of unfettered freedom. He explains how, in regressing to classical republicanism, ancient mythology, direct communication with God, and solitude, Rousseau anticipated some post-modernist rejections of the Enlightenment as well+-+459123746532489411ocn787846201com20110.50Wokler, RobertRousseau, the Age of Enlightenment, and their legaciesRobert Wokler was one of the world's leading experts on Rousseau and the Enlightenment, but some of his best work was published in the form of widely scattered and difficult-to-find essays. This book collects for the first time a representative selection of his most important essays on Rousseau and the legacy of Enlightenment political thought. These essays concern many of the great themes of the age, including liberty, equality and the origins of revolution. But they also address a number of less prominent debates, including those over cosmopolitanism, the nature and social role of music and53215ocn062330680book20060.66The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thoughtHistoryProvides a comprehensive overview of the development of western political thought during the European enlightenment. Covers major themes in eighteenth-century political thought in a series of essays, which are complemented by extensive guides for further reading, and brief biographical notes of the major characters in the text, including Rousseau, Montesquieu and David Hume+-+277928670545516ocn041049703file19990.73Geras, NormanThe Enlightenment and modernityConference proceedingsThis collection of essays is addressed to the legacy of Enlightenment thought, with respect to eighteenth-century notions of human nature, human rights, representative democracy or the nation-state, and with regard to the barbarism, including the Holocaust, allegedly unleashed by eighteenth-century ideals of civilization. Each author offers an interpretation of modern or postmodern philosophy against the background of a so-called Enlightenment Project, envisaged as the conceptual ghost that haunts modernity+-+903877768542510ocn024067979book19920.70Diderot, DenisPolitical writings+-+366418670531018ocn023766651book19910.59Plamenatz, J. PMan and society, political and social theoryHistoryLibrary has volumes one and two only+-+25900573053242615ocn031518939book19950.81Rousseau and liberty+-+86729546253242249ocn052464679book20030.81Berlin, IsaiahIsaiah Berlin's Counter-Enlightenment+-+90844162351476ocn014520312book19870.79Wokler, RobertSocial thought of J.J. Rousseau1195ocn028466257book19920.88Rousseau & the eighteenth century : essays in memory of R.A. Leigh594ocn076484800book19990.37Wokler, RobertRousseau+-+9797911748324529ocn024751470book19910.33Plamenatz, J. PMan and society : political and social theories from Machiavelli to MarxHistory+-+25900573053244715ocn028065043book19910.31Plamenatz, J. PMan and society : A critical examination of some important social and political theories from Machiavelli to Marx vol 2History+-+4190057305324372ocn779712391book20110.70Wokler, RobertRousseau : introduction à une pensée vagabondeCriticism, interpretation, etc227ocn769754993book19920.39Plamenatz, J. PMan and society : political and social theories from Machiavelli to MarxHistory+-+9690057305324172ocn080011430book2001Wokler, RobertRousseau81ocn832573325book19950.47Rousseau and liberty : [papers originally presented at a colloquium at Trinity College, Cambridge, Sept. 28 - 30, 1988]+-+867295462532481ocn085102847book17820.59Rousseau, Jean-JacquesCollection complette des oeuvres de J.J. Rousseau51ocn040721528book18210.84Diderot, DenisŒuvres inédites de Diderot Le neveu de Rameau. Voyage de Hollande+-+4591237465324+-+4591237465324Fri Mar 21 15:54:43 EDT 2014batch15642