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Fri Mar 21 17:11:42 2014 UTClccn-n910261340.00Også en dråbe af mit blod : erindringer om Nikolaj Bukharin /0.401.00Agnes Kun and Antal Hidas Papers,32034892Anna_Larinan 910261342912350Boecharina, Anna Larina, 1914-1996Boukharina, Anna MikhailovnaBucharina, Anna, 1914-1996Bucharina, Anna LarinaBucharina, Anna Larina, 1914-1996Bucharina, Anna M. 1914-1996Bucharina, Anna M. Larina 1914-1996Bucharina, Anna MichajlovnaBucharina, Anna Michajlovna, 1914-1996Bucharina, Anna Michajlovna Larina, 1914-1996Buharina, Anna Larina-.Buharina, Anna Mihajlovna Larina-.Bukharina, A. M. (Anna Mikhaĭlovna)Bukharina, Anna MikhaĭlovnaLarina, A. (Anna)Larina, A. M. (Anna Mikhaĭlovna)Larina, Anna, 1914-1996Larina, Anna, Bucharina, 1914-1996Larina, Anna M. 1914-1996Larina, Anna Michajlovna 1914-1996Larina, Anna Michajlovna, Bucharina, 1914-1996Larina Anna Mikhailovna 1914-1996Larina Boukharina, Anna MikhailovnaLarina-Bucharina, Anna 1914-1996Larina-Bucharina, Anna M. 1914-1996Larina Bucharina, Anna MichajlovnaLarina-Bucharina, Anna Michajlovna 1914-1996Larina-Buharina, A. M.Larina-Buharina, Anna.Larina (Bujarina), AnnaLarina-Bukharina, A. M. (Anna Mikhaĭlovna)Larina-Bukharina, AnnaLourié, Anna MikhailovnaLur'e, Anna M. 1914-1996Lur'e, Anna Michajlovna 1914-1996Бухарина, Анна Ларина-, 1914-1996Бухарина, Анна Михайловна Ларина-Ларина, АннаЛарина-Бухарина, Анна Михайловнаラーリナ, アンナlccn-n79125702Bukharin, Nikolaĭ1888-1938lccn-n80017607Gregory, Paul, rosemarieReed, Rosemarielccn-n79099175Cohen, Stephen F.lccn-n80044789Stalin, Joseph1879-1953lccn-n80067085Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich1870-1924lccn-nr88002252Garros, Véroniquetrllccn-n86138671Redgrave, Vanessa1937-lccn-n50029346Filmakers Library, inclccn-n80014556WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)Larina, AnnaBiographyHistoryBukharin, Nikolaĭ,Soviet UnionRevolutionariesPolitical scienceLarina, AnnaWivesCommunistsStalin, Joseph,Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich,RussiaPolitical purgesNezabyvaemoe (Larina, Anna)Zharov, Aleksandr,Pervomaĭsʹkyĭ, Leonid Solomonovych,Orlova, R. 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Bukharin offer a new understanding of Soviet history and one of its darkest periods+-+453297603532431ocn185780764book19930.32Felʹshtinskiĭ, I︠U︡riĭRazgovory s Bucharinym : kommentarij k vospominanijam A.M. Larinoj (Bucharinoj) "Nezabyvaemoe" s priloženijamiHistory32ocn186027951book19910.10Larina, AnnaI minnets labyrinter : ett liv i skuggan av StalinOm Anna Larina Bucharinas (f. 1914) liv sammen med ideologen og teoretikeren Nikolaj Bucharin (1888-1938), processen mod ham i 1937 og hendes egen tid i sovjetiske fængsler og lejre frem til hendes løsladelse 195622ocn834690366book19900.47Otto buharin no omoide22ocn674540197book19900.47Otto buharin no omoide21ocn466904042book1991Bukharina, Anna LarinaOgså en dråbe af mit blod : erindringer om Nikolaj Bukharin11ocn861181519book2013Larina, AnnaFotosi︠u︡ita Antona Uglova o Pashkovom dome11ocn181131069book0.47Larina, AnnaNezabravimoto11ocn830430290book20010.47Antologia polskiej literatury dziecięcej = Anthologie polnischer Kinderliteratur11ocn838313626book20080.47Larina, AnnaDjujmovochka krupnogo kalibra11ocn820454031art20080.47Larina, Anna54 años despues : Respuesta de Anna Larina a Nicolai Bujarin9504ocn023384607book19910.28Larina, AnnaThis I cannot forget : the memoirs of Nikolai Bukharin's widowBiographyAn extraordinary and powerful book, this personal journey through an almost unimaginable landscape of terror, fear, defiance, endurance, and survival will touch a vital human and political nerve. The memoirs of this remarkable woman - the 78-year-old widow of the charismatic Bolshevik leader, revolutionist, and chief theoretician Nikolai I. Bukharin - offer a new dimension to our understanding of Soviet history and one of its darkest periods. No other widow of the men who "shook the world" survived to publish uncensored memoirs. We have here not only an astonishing family saga of tragedy, survival, and ultimate triumph. Not only the personal story of perhaps the most attractive, admired, and still - mourned old Bolshevik, Bukharin. We have also in Anna Larina a unique voice, memory, and woman's story, as well as much firsthand knowledge from within the revolutionary elite that created the Soviet Union, ruled it until the 1930s, and then was swept away forever in the Crimson tide of Stalin's twenty-year mass terror. A sensation when published in Moscow, and a bestseller in Europe, Norton's edition also has an introduction by Sovietologist Stephen F. Cohen, letters of emotional recollection from Russian readers, photographs, and a newly discovered letter written by Bukharin, excavated from the Kremlin Archive, and delivered unofficially to Anna Larina in June 1992, fifty-four years after he wrote it to her in prison on the eve of his trial and execution+-+39876884854443ocn821216868file20100.47Gregory, Paul RPolitics, murder, and love in Stalin's Kremlin the story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna LarinaBiographyDrawing from Hoover Institution archival documents, Paul Gregory sheds light on how the world's first socialist state went terribly wrong and why it was likely to veer off course through the tragic story of Stalin's most prominent victims: Pravda editor Nikolai Bukharin and his wife, Anna Larina+-+99856426351275ocn767805908com19990.73Reed, RosemarieWidow of the revolution the Anna Larina storyBiographyAnna Larina was the young bride of Nikolai Bukharin, one of the top ten Bolsheviks in the early years of the Russian Revolution. This documentary is based on her memorable autobiography, This I Cannot Forget, which she wrote late in life, after being imprisoned for almost twenty years in the Russian Gulag. Larina's life is recounted by her, interwoven with extraordinary archival film and interviews1184ocn021405910book19890.70Larina, AnnaNezabyvaemoeBiography533ocn046082780book19890.32Larina, AnnaNun bin ich schon weit über zwanzig : ErinnerungenBiography41ocn319824921book19900.59Larina, AnnaBoukharine, ma passionBiography31ocn223687095book19940.28Larina, AnnaThis I cannot forget : the memoirs of Anna Larina, Nikolai Bukharin's wifeBiography+-+623359995532432ocn079787542book19890.47Larina, AnnaXue lei nan wang : Buhalin fu ren hui yi luBiography21ocn505790576visu20010.47Widow of the revolution the Anna Larina storyBiographyProfiles the widow of Bolshevik leader Nikolai Bukharin who, following her husband's arrest by Stalin in 1937, spent 20 years in Siberian prison camps then 30 years attempting to clear Bukharin's name. Features extensive interviews with Larina and other family members11ocn338928598book20051.00Larina, AnnaBukharine, minha paixãoBiography11ocn773874443mix1.00Kun, AgnesAgnes Kun and Antal Hidas PapersThe papers comprise the correspondence of Agnes Kun (1915-1990), translator, and Antal Hidas (1899-1980), Hungarian poet, with prominent Russian poets and writers; Antal Hidas's memoirs; and manuscripts of translations from Hungarian and original poetry by famous Russian authors+-+6233599955324+-+6233599955324Fri Mar 21 15:51:18 EDT 2014batch17966