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Thu Oct 16 17:59:16 2014 UTClccn-n910294080.00Shriver, George0.400.92Khrushchev in power : unfinished reforms, 1961-1964 /36946068n 9102940838388538383932917732Saunders George 1936-....containsVIAFID/98213485Saunders, George, 1936-lccn-n79125702Bukharin, Nikolaĭ1888-1938lccn-n79056732Medvedev, Roy Aleksandrovich1925-lccn-n80044789Stalin, Joseph1879-1953lccn-n79054261Trotsky, Leon1879-1940lccn-n50042457Breitman, Georgenp-medvedev, roi a$roi aleksandrovichMedvedev, Roı̆ A.(Roı̆ Aleksandrovich)lccn-n80033941Luxemburg, Rosa1871-1919lccn-n2001112105Hudis, Peterauiedtlccn-n80021705Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich1894-1971lccn-n90607191Khrushchev, SergeĭShriver, George1936-HistoryBiographyInterviewsFictionRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcPersonal narrativesSoviet UnionPolitical scienceStalin, Joseph,Russia (Federation)Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich,Heads of statePhilosophyWorld politicsPolitical and social viewsPolitical atrocitiesCommunistsEconomic historyEconomic policyCapitalismKhrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich,SocialismCzechoslovakiaPerestroĭkaIntervention in Czechoslovakia (1968)Mlynář, ZdeněkGermanyAutobiographical memoryFamiliesRevolutionariesRussia (Federation)--MoscowCommunismLuxemburg, Rosa,Political prisonersDissentersUnderground literatureSocialistsJewish communistsWomen communistsPhilosophy, MarxistDialectical materialismBukharin, Nikolaĭ,History--PhilosophyEconomicsMarxian economicsRussiaUnited StatesHistoriographyHistoriansRussian fictionHistoryShriver, George1936195319741975197719791980198119851987198919982000200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201431423090947.0842DK267ocn857863128ocn879520534ocn853246356ocn858912169ocn781213342ocn875277036ocn468638130ocn449774151ocn873012985ocn823940963ocn185644642ocn186409576ocn462121956ocn805051208ocn449774151ocn185199789123311ocn019263711book19890.30Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichLet history judge: the origins and consequences of StalinismBiographyA Soviet scholar's monumental study of the Stalinist system+-+550815687532410365ocn037675782book19980.33Bukharin, NikolaĭHow it all beganFictionHere at last in English is Nikolai Bukharin's autobiographical novel and final work. At once novel, memoir, political apology, and historical document, How It All Began, known in Russia as "the prison novel," adds greatly to our understanding of this vital intellectual and maligned historical figure. In the 1920s and '30s, he defended Lenin's liberal New Economic Policy, claiming that Stalin's policies of forced industrialization constituted a "military-feudal exploitation" of the masses. He also warned of the approaching tide of European fascism and its threat to the new Bolshevik revolution. For his opposition, Bukharin paid with his freedom and his life+-+85825668753243813ocn003475369book19770.63Trotsky, LeonPortraits, political & personalBiography+-+89503982353241096ocn268792600book20090.82Bukharin, NikolaĭThe prison poems of Nikolaĭ Bukharin : transformation of the world (verse about the ages, and about people)+-+3162491546551ocn857863128book0.90Luxemburg, RosaThe complete works of Rosa Luxemburg"This first volume of Rosa Luxemburg's Complete Works, entitled Economic Writings I, will contain some of Luxemburg's most important writings on the globalization of capital, wage labor, imperialism and pre-capitalist economic formations, most of which have never before appeared in English. In addition to including a new translation of her doctoral dissertation, The Industrial Development of Poland, it will include the first complete English translation of her Introduction to Political Economy, which explores (among other issues) the impact of capitalist commodity production and industrialization upon non-capitalist social strata in the developing world. The volume will also include ten recently discovered manuscripts, all of which will appear in English for the first time"--511ocn818858146file20120.37Gorbachev, Mikhail SergeevichConversations with Gorbachev : on perestroika, the Prague Spring, and the crossroads of socialismHistoryInterviewsMikhail Gorbachev and Zdenek Mlynar were friends for half a century, since they first crossed paths as students in 1950. Although one was a Russian and the other a Czech, they were both ardent supporters of communism and socialism. One took part in laying the groundwork for and carrying out the Prague spring; the other opened a new political era in Soviet world politics. In 1993 they decided that their conversations might be of interest to others and so they began to tape-record them. This book is the product of that?thinking out loud" process. It is an absorbing record of two fri491ocn879520534book20140.92Khrushchev, SergeĭKhrushchev in power : unfinished reforms, 1961-1964425ocn059052772book19790.33Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichThe October RevolutionHistory3710ocn818856897file20000.31Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichPost-Soviet Russia a journey through the Yeltsin eraRoy Medvedev, one of the world's best-known Russian scholars and a former consultant to both Gorbachev and Yeltsin analyzes the main events that have transpired in the Russian federation since late August 1991. He looks at the plans that were meant to+-+K817506875345ocn853246356book20110.56Luxemburg, RosaThe letters of Rosa LuxemburgHistoryRecords and correspondenceThis is the most comprehensive collection of letters by Rosa Luxemburg ever published in English, including 190 letters written to leading figures in the European and international labor and socialist movements -- Leo Jogiches, Karl Kautsky, Clara Zetkin and Karl Liebknecht -- who were her closest friends, lovers and colleagues. Many of these letters appear for the first time in English translation; all help to illuminate the inner life of this iconic revolutionary, who was at once an economic and social theorist, a political activist and a lyrical stylist. Her political concerns are revealed alongside her personal struggles within a socialist movement that was often hostile to independently minded women. This collection will provide readers with a newer and deeper appreciation of Luxemburg as a writer and historical figure. -- Publisher description+-+8809219936244ocn781309138book19810.31Antonov-Ovseenko, AntonThe time of Stalin--portrait of a tyrannyBiographyInformatie over de mate van terreur, uitgeoefend in de Sovjet-Unie door Josif Vissarionovič Stalin (1879-1953)237ocn773483123book20040.50Khrushchev, Nikita SergeevichMemoirs of Nikita KhrushchevBiography+-+0788756275111ocn828795447com20050.28Gorbachev, Mikhail SergeevichGorbachev On My Country and the WorldHere is the whole sweep of the Soviet experiment and experience, as told by its last steward. Drawing on his own experience as well as rich archival material, Gorbachev ponders Russia's past, present, and future place in the world -- including the October Revolution, the Cold War, and key figures such as Lenin, Stalin, and Yeltsin+-+246550687532491ocn491926616book20100.77Stephen Cohen, the Soviet Union and Russia : tributes and comments by Russian colleaguesBiography+-+885200084693ocn774836111book20070.37Khrushchev, Nikita SergeevichMemoirs of Nikita KhrushchevBiography+-+608475627532474ocn489998953book19870.63Reiman, MichalThe birth of Stalinism : the USSR on the eve of the "second revolution"54ocn462121956book19740.59Saunders, GeorgeSamizdat; voices of the Soviet oppositionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPersonal narratives53ocn494218443book20000.27Gorbachev, Mikhail SergeevichOn my country and the worldHistory"Drawing on his own experience and rich archival material, Mikhail Gorbachev speaks his mind not only on a range of subjects concerning Russia's past, present, and future place in the world but also on the emerging global realities of the twenty-first century. In this book Gorbachev discusses the October Revolution, the Cold War, key figures such as Lenin, Stalin, and Yeltsin, nuclear proliferation, and NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia."--BOOK JACKET+-+396066687551ocn079720313book19980.82Bukharin, NikolaĭThe times+-+858256687532443ocn493594716book20050.79Bukharin, NikolaĭPhilosophical arabesques+-+522978092511ocn085816190art2002Hughes, Edan MiltonShriver, George+-+5508156875324+-+5508156875324Thu Oct 16 15:52:37 EDT 2014batch16805