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Fri Mar 21 17:13:16 2014 UTClccn-n910342990.06Mathematics today. Year 12. Maths A /0.630.84Research in collegiate mathematics education VII /56681711n 910342992926074Holton, D.A.Holton, D. A. 1941-Holton, D. A. (Derek Allan), 1941-Holton, Derek.Holton, Derek 1941-Holton, Derek A.Holton, Derek A., 1941-Holton, Derek A. (Derek Allan), 1941-Holton, Derek AllanHolton, Derek Allan, 1941-lccn-n82147267Pedersen, Jeanlccn-n50034438Hilton, Peter1923-2010lccn-n79025545Seberry, Jennifer1944-edtviaf-71474025Sheehan, J.viaf-14843336Clark, Johnnp-hilton, peter johnHilton, Peter Johnnp-clark, johnClark, Johnlccn-n99255215Thompson, Patrick W.1949-edtlccn-no2007017658Hitt, Fernandoedtlccn-n79060639American Mathematical SocietyHolton, Derek Allan1941-Popular worksConference proceedingsMathematicsCombinatorial analysisMathematics--Study and teaching (Higher)Graph theoryInternational Mathematical OlympiadMathematics--ResearchCalculusMathematical analysisInclusive educationAutistic children--EducationFunctionsAlgebraProbabilitiesMathematical statisticsProblem solvingPetersen graphsStatisticsEducationGlobal analysis (Mathematics)Mathematics--Study and teachingAlgebraic number theory194119661970197119741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119931994199519961997199819992000200120022004200520082010201120133885124280510QA93ocn001009429ocn074232413ocn797349338ocn466121089ocn614166633ocn797348259ocn779664416ocn757468783ocn718880694ocn856666003ocn07477702071918ocn034548770book19960.56Hilton, PeterMathematical reflections : in a room with many mirrorsPopular worksThe purpose of this book is to show what mathematics is about, how it is done, and what it is good for. The relaxed and informal presentation conveys the joy of mathematical discovery and insight and makes it clear that mathematics can be an exciting and engrossing activity. Frequent questions lead the reader to see mathematics as an accessible world of thought, where understanding can turn opaque formulae into beautiful and meaningful ideas. The text presents eight topics that serve to illustrate the unity of mathematical thought as well as the diversity of mathematical ideas. Drawn from both "pure" and "applied" mathematics, they include: spirals in nature and in mathematics; the modern topic of fractals and the ancient topic of Fibonacci numbers; Pascal's Triangle and paper folding -- two topics where geometry, number theory, and algebra meet and interact; modular arithmetic and the arithmetic of the infinite. The final chapter presents some ideas about how mathematics should be done, and hence, how it should be taught; these ideas are referred to throughout the text, whenever mathematical strategy and technique are at issue. Presenting many recent discoveries that lead to interesting open questions, the book can serve as the main text in courses dealing with contemporary mathematical topics (for mathematics students or for prospective or in-service mathematics teachers) or as enrichment for other courses. It can also be read with pleasure on its own by anyone interested in the intellectually intriguing aspects of mathematics+-+652294238549222ocn070752110com18990.59Holton, Derek AllanThe teaching and learning of mathematics at university level an ICMI studyThis book arose from the ICMI Study into the teaching and learning of mathematics at university level that began with a conference in Singapore in 1998. The book looks at tertiary mathematics and its teaching from a number of aspects including practice, research, mathematics and other disciplines, technology, assessment, and teacher education. Over 50 authors, all international experts in their field, combined to produce a text that contains the latest in thinking and the best in practice. It therefore provides in one book a state-of-the-art statement on tertiary teaching from a multi-perspective standpoint. No previous book has attempted to take such a wide view of the topic+-+768729158532448617ocn005336298book19780.79Holton, Derek AllanCombinatorial mathematics : proceedings of the International Conference on Combinatorial Theory, Canberra, August 16-27, 1977Conference proceedings+-+080435590845619ocn001009429book19740.76Holton, Derek AllanCombinatorial mathematics; proceedings of the second Australian conferenceConference proceedings+-+385415590835714ocn044467357book20000.56Hilton, PeterMathematical vistas : from a room with many windowsPopular worksThe goal of Mathematical Vistas is to stimulate the interest of bright people in mathematics. The book consists of nine related mathematical essays which will intrigue and inform the curious reader. In order to offer a broad spectrum of exciting developments in mathematics, topics are treated at different levels of depth and thoroughness. Some chapters can be understood completely with little background, others can be thought of as appetizers for further study. A number of BREAKS are included in each chapter. These are problems designed to test the reader's understanding of the material thus far in the chapter. This book is a sequel to the authors's popular book "Mathematical Reflections" and can be read independently+-+391504238529014ocn028175543book19900.76Holton, Derek AllanThe Petersen graph+-+894089670519415ocn023693551book19910.59Clark, JohnA first look at graph theory+-+2549575634324988ocn433511703book20100.53Holton, Derek AllanA first step to Mathematical Olympiad problems+-+7238279634851ocn075432225book19940.37Clark, JohnGraphentheorie : Grundlagen und Anwendungen777ocn659773179book20110.59Holton, Derek AllanA second step to Mathematical Olympiad problems+-+0232789634513ocn515434589book20100.84Research in collegiate mathematics education VII+-+9144936735212ocn002805223book19740.37Holton, Derek AllanCreating calculus192ocn027487742book19850.06Mathematics today. Year 12. Maths A192ocn154768637book19970.47Watson, MarilynChildren with autism : suggestions for teaching in the inclusive classroom183ocn025483474book19880.37Holton, Derek AllanDerek Holton's problem solving series+-+8763301545324171ocn002805262book19740.20Holton, Derek AllanFashioning functions162ocn028992132book19750.06Holton, Derek AllanAggregating algebra161ocn027495265book19760.47Holton, Derek AllanProbing probability151ocn489654795book19740.47Combinatorial mathematics proceedings of the Second Australian conference [held in Newcastle, New South Walsin 1972]+-+3854155908141ocn027548171book19800.06Problems, problems+-+6522942385+-+6522942385Fri Mar 21 15:56:44 EDT 2014batch16135