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Thu Oct 16 17:55:33 2014 UTClccn-n920036200.00An evening with Martha Coolidge0.151.00Women in Film oral history interview, Martha Coolidge /24803156Martha_Coolidgen 920036203095942lccn-no2006024613Sobini Films (Firm)lccn-no96013685Spiner, Brentprfactlccn-no99074348Stiles, Julia1981-prfactviaf-81889596Fugate, Katherine1965-sceausccplccn-no2006024604Mably, Luke1976-prfactcrelccn-n83066720Fox, James1939-lccn-no2004005345Miller, Ben1966-prfactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-no2009030961Hanratty, Sammi1995-actlccn-no95015350Gish, Annabeth1973-actCoolidge, MarthaDramaJuvenile worksFilm adaptationsTelevision playsTelevision adaptationsTelevision programsFictionComedy filmsBiographyMotion picturesMan-woman relationshipsUnited StatesPrincesDenmarkWomen college studentsWisconsinAmerican dramaGirlsCasanova, MaryBullying in schoolsSchoolsSistersCosmetics industryDandridge, Dorothy,Inheritance and successionScandalsWhite collar crime investigationAfrican American actressesAfrican American singersFamiliesLesbiansLesbian feminismLesbian couplesLesbianismJewish familiesDramaMills, EarlLesbians--Social conditionsValley girlsDance--Study and teachingMotion picturesFamilies in motion picturesChristmas playsSex in motion picturesSouthern StatesMotion picture actors and actressesGrandmothersChild actorsGranddaughtersCaliforniaCollege studentsGifted personsYoung women--Conduct of lifeNanniesWomen household employeesMothers and daughtersTeenage boysNew York (State)--Yonkers--Glenn ParkNew York (State)--New YorkWillingham, Calder,194619721973197519761978197919831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220139716144342791.4372PN1997ocn071842960ocn031749421ocn027231479ocn036725815ocn057721253ocn028195978ocn728010440ocn674350016ocn781116520ocn754506991ocn753609509ocn839349250ocn552215812ocn839345765ocn839372780ocn839333584ocn723091140ocn722996363ocn723091124ocn691264702ocn416949322163022ocn055482623visu20040.14Coolidge, MarthaThe prince & meFictionDramaMotion picturesPaige is a college student at a university in Wisconsin where she hopes to attend medical school. One day, Paige meets a new student on campus, Eddie, who is obviously attracted to her. Paige and Eddie strike up a friendship which slowly turns into romance. Paige learns that Eddie is actually Prince Edward, heir to the throne of Denmark, who has come to Wisconsin to chase girls and enjoy himself away from the eye of the European press. Now Paige must decide if she wants to give up her dreams and ambitions, even if she gets her prince in return12424ocn261349516visu20090.06American girlJuvenile worksDramaFilm adaptationsA girl moves to a new school and finds that she must deal with bullies and learn to stand up for herself and her friends+-+422023469691913ocn038142510visu19970.14Out to seaDramaComedy filmsIn search of lonely ladies with big bank accounts, happy-go-lucky Charlie cons his cranky, widower brother-in-law Herb into joining him on an all-expense-paid, luxury cruise. But their "deluxe accommodations" are deep in the bowels of the ship and Charlie has actually signed them on as dance hosts! Under the tyranny of crooning cruise director Gil Godwyn, Charlie and Herb are in for rough weather as they romance the luscious Liz and the lovely Vivian+-+905614842532473316ocn071842960visu20060.12Duff, HilaryMaterial girlsFictionDramaComedy filmsThe daughters of a cosmetic company tycoon must learn what it's like without money and hired help, when a scandal in the company forces them to work for a living, while trying to clear their late father's name67911ocn045232831visu19990.19Introducing Dorothy DandridgeBiographyDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsAn acclaimed stage performer, Dorothy Dandridge still struggled with the challenge of her color, in a time that wouldn't let some stars in by the front door. Yet against the odds, she beat out many more famous rivals for the role of Carmen Jones, becoming the first black woman ever nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award53911ocn045197054visu20000.26If these walls could talkDramaSet in different decades in the same house, these stories of three lesbian couples each reflect a specific concern. In 1961, Abby and Edith, two retired schoolteachers, lead a quiet life. Abby has a stroke and dies, and her nephew and his wife come for the funeral and to sort and sell Abby's things, unaware that she and Edith were a lifelong couple. In 1972, four college-age lesbians share the house. They have problems with the campus feminism group, and Linda is drawn to Amy a very butch lesbian who wears a men's clothing and drives a motorcycle. How can a feminist fall for a lesbian who acts like and dresses like a man? By 2000, long-term couple Fran and Kal want to have a child, and their quest leads from proposing sperm donation to a gay couple they know, to the horror of shopping for sperm on the Internet4418ocn050048376visu19850.18Real geniusDramaWhen a group of crazy college geniuses put their heads together, their plan culminates in an incredible scheme that outsmarts the military and convinces the professor that it doesn't pay to fool with real genius+-+857633212532442812ocn034735797visu19950.12Coolidge, MarthaThree wishesJuvenile worksDramaA mother and her two young sons try to survive the best they can since her husband, the boys' father, is presumed to have died in the Korean War. One day they meet an injured stranger and his dog who change their lives4169ocn052823969visu19830.18Valley girlDramaA romantic comedy about a 15-year-old San Fernando Valley girl (Foreman) and her unlikely love affair with a leather clad guy from Hollywood (Cage)4068ocn431296290visu20090.12Roberts, NoraNora Roberts' TributeDramaCilla McGowan is a former child star who buys her grandmother's farmhouse in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley to restore it from ruin. Her hope for serenity is soon shattered by haunting dreams of her famous grandmother who perished in the house thirty years before. She finds comfort in her neighbor, Ford Sawyer, who must protect her when the dark visions and family secrets spiral into a real-life nightmare+-+94893408963243903ocn061457474visu20050.1212 days of Christmas EveDramaWhen Calvin (a modern-day Scrooge) wakes up in a hospital bed on Christmas Eve, he is visited by a mysterious, no-nonsense nurse who gives him 12 attempts to make the best Christmas Eve ever33819ocn050256672visu19910.21Coolidge, MarthaRambling RoseDramaFilm adaptationsRose, an alluring young woman, is hired by a Southern family to care for their children, and changes their lives forever. She is an innocent who relates to everyone she meets in the only way she know how- with sexuality she can't restrain. The mother of the family takes Rose under her wing, offering her love and protection, while the teenaged son finds Rose both his fantasy and a profound mystery+-+370230100632429610ocn031749421visu19930.18Coolidge, MarthaNeil Simon's Lost in YonkersDramaFilm adaptationsThis is the story of an eccentric New York family whose crimes, dreams and memories collide one fateful summer. There is Bella, the emotionally arrested child-woman yearning for independence, her Prussian general of a mother who refuses to let her go, two temporarily abandoned, wisecracking teen-age boys, Jay and Arty, and their gangster uncle, Louie, who is either a henchman or a hunchback, depending upon who in the family is asked to describe him22215ocn030885725visu19930.19AngieDramaA stubbornly independent young woman with wild ambitions baffles her family and friends when she refuses to marry her longtime boyfriend when she gets pregnant2112ocn053170647visu20020.20Neil Simon's Lost in YonkersDramaSet during World War II, this is the story of two brothers sent to live with their domineering grandmother after their mother's death. Also living with her is their Aunt Bella, a somewhat backward 36 year-old who escapes to the movies whenever she can. But when Uncle Louie, a small-time gangster, arrives, everyone gets a surprising second chance at happiness1905ocn046862009visu20000.14The flamingo risingDramaTelevision programsAn eccentric non-conformist, who dreams of building the world's largest drive-in theater, clashes with his mortician neighbor who runs a funeral home in the shadow of the theater1403ocn048455571visu20010.20The ponder heartDramaTelevision playsThe eccentric heir of the richest family in Clay County, Mississippi marries a backwoods girl and is accused of her murder by an ambitious district attorney942ocn027934614book19930.23Simon, NeilLost in YonkersDramaAn insightful drama about one woman's drive and its emotional toll on her and her family. Grandma Kurnitz has endured many crises, ranging from a harsh childhood in Germany to being a young widow with six children in a foreign country. From her life she learned to be strong, hard, and cold, and this is the lesson she tries to instill in her four remaining children. While her two teenage grandsons are in her care, the three learn the importance of being loved and loving, and the difference between living and surviving. The themes of family ties and the search for love should strike a responsive chord with many young adults+-+2626952006496ocn027231479visu19920.18Coolidge, MarthaCrazy in loveGeorgie (Hunter) is confused by life. She loves her husband so much that she's afraid of losing him, but her constant demands are pushing their relationship to the edge. Nothing in her topsy-turvy life makes sense until a different kind of man walks into her life. This handsome, sensitive young photographer (Sands) knows what a woman wants-- and needs. He devotes his full attention to Georgie and makes her feel everything as if for the first time. The only problem is, now nothing in her crazy life will ever be the same+-+4514514006324441ocn043505148visu19990.19Dorothy DandridgeDramaAn acclaimed stage performer, Dorothy Dandridge still struggled with the challenge of her color, in a time that wouldn't let some stars in by the front door. Yet against the odds, she beat out many more famous rivals for the role of Carmen Jones, becoming the first black woman ever nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award22ocn038532674book19960.96Alkhas, MardukA comparative narrative analysis of Rambling rose the novel and the filmFilm adaptationsThe rationale behind this study is the rhetorical dilemma in understanding the nature of the narrative. Following the theoretical works of the Russian Formalists, the study proposes a methodology to conduct a comparative narrative analysis of Rambling Rose, the novel written by Calder Willingham and the film directed by Martha Coolidge. To ascertain the similarities and/or differences between the novel and the film, the study compares the two levels of each narrative--story and discourse--separately. The study begins discerning the story of each narrative by recognizing (a) kernels--the distributional functions of a narrative which describe action(s), and (b) catalysts--the integrative functions of a narrative which describe characters, settings, and/or premises of the story. After the actions, characters, settings, and premises are recognized and identified, the events of the story and their chronological order are established and a schematic story line for each text is constructed. Finally, the study conducts a comparative story analysis by juxtaposing the chronological schematic story lines of the novel and the film. Once the story is distinguished, the study begins by defining the discourse as everything that provides shape or form to the story. According to this study, discourse is not only the structure built with the raw materials (the story), but also the signs--words or images--used to describe the raw materials and the structure they form. The study demonstrates that discourse controls the construction of meaning out of the events of the story. Even though most of the critics claim that Martha Coolidge has changed Willingham's romantic comedy into a feminist rhetoric, this study neither addresses the intention of the novelist/filmmaker, nor the perception of the reader/viewer. In this study, the adaptation of Rambling Rose is used as a source of illustration in order to apply the methodologies advanced by Genette and Chatman to a narrative text. The investigation concludes that story and discourse are not merely theoretical concepts in the realm of the narrative theory. As two levels of narrative, story and discourse are operatively and practically distinguishable11ocn049780705visu19920.47Martha Coolidge image makerCarmen Fields interviews director Martha Coolidge11ocn423678500visu20071.00Coolidge, MarthaWomen in Film oral history interview, Martha CoolidgeInterviewsMartha Coolidge (1946-) begins the discussion by noting that she prefers to wear comfortable clothing and shoes when she directs, particularly blues jeans and t-shirts. She continues with her thoughts on what a women should wear to get a job as a director and suggests that it's very important to show confidence and the ability to take charge. She continues with her relocation from New York to Montréal, Canada in the late 1960s and early 1970s where she got a job in television as a production assistant and became active in the separatist movement in Québec. She continues with her move back to New York to attend New York University's film school. She then mentions her move to Los Angeles after being an independent filmmaker in New York making documentaries before returning to Canada and moving to Toronto where she directed a mini-series segment for the CBC that led to a job directing a feature film for Zoetrope before the production company went bankrupt. She continues with how she later met a guy who had taken her out to dinner who told her about a low budget picture he and his partner were interested in making called VALLEY GIRL. She continues with her reading the script, liking it, and agreeing to direct the film, which was released in 1983. She then discusses the success of VALLEY GIRL (1983) and her entry into directing teen exploitation films while under contract for Paramount. She continues with her directing NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE JOY OF SEX (1984), REAL GENIUS (1985), and MGM buying out her contract with Paramount. She then discusses the casting session for VALLEY GIRL (1983), choosing Nicholas Cage (1964-) for the lead role, and her relationship with Zoetrope and Francis Coppola (1939-). She continues with casting and directing the motion picture, RAMBLING ROSE (1991), and working with Diane Ladd (1932-), Laura Dern (1967-), Robert Duvall (1931-), Renny Harlin (1959-), writer Calder Willingham (1922-1995) and composer Elmer Bernstein (1922-2004). She continues with the success of RAMBLING ROSE (1991) and how it pulled her out of directing teen comedies into more serious fare. She continues with her choice to direct Neil Simon's LOST IN YONKERS (1993), working with producer Ray Stark at Columbia, and noting that the film was the first to be cut on an Avid. She continues with her next project, ANGIE (1994), and working with Geena Davis (1956-). She continues with the challenges of balancing a directing career with motherhood, bringing her son and his nanny with her on the set, and her divorce from her first husband. She continues with meeting her second husband on location while directing OUT TO SEA (1997), working with Walter Matthau (1920-2000) and Jack Lemmon (1925-2001), and directing THE PRINCE AND ME (2004) and INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE (1999). She then discusses joining the Directors Guild of America (DGA) after directing NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE JOY OF SEX (1984), becoming active in the guild, her election to the guild's board of directors, and representing the Creative Rights Committee, a committee she chaired for ten years. She continues with her election as the first female president of the DGA in 2002, the guild's more corporate culture, the challenges representing an organization, and her contribution applying more serious pressure on the networks and production companies to hire more women and minorities in television production. She continues with current projects directing some television episodes, especially episodes of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (2002-), differences she perceives between film and television production in that a film takes a lot longer to get made, and that in television it is common for a producer to communicate the vision or "look" of the show to an incoming director. She continues with how she overcame the obstacle of becoming a woman director in a male-dominated profession, ageism in the motion picture industry, and her advice to young women pursuing careers as directors11ocn080849227rcrd1976An evening with Martha CoolidgeHistoryScreening of "Not a Pretty Picture," 1975, 90 min11ocn423561723visu20001.00The directorsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyIncludes interviews with Colleen Camp, Dyan Cannon, Laura Dern, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Bill Pullman, Robert Stack, Mercedes Ruehl, Patrick Swayze and Martha Coolidge11ocn054037105mixBible record for the David Henry familyOriginal bible record (without title page) with entries for the families of David and Hannah (Watson) Henry, Joseph and Martha Coolidge, Lemuel and Clarissa (Leland) Coolidge, Johnson and Sibil (Wheeler) Henry. Includes a family record of Jeremiah and Harriet (Henry) Holmes of Grafton11ocn851652792visu20121.00The directors01ocn081942033mixWomen's Independent Film Exchange CollectionSeveral with her husband, John Lennon+-+4220234696+-+4220234696Thu Oct 16 15:46:26 EDT 2014batch31345