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Fri Mar 21 17:15:55 2014 UTClccn-n920715170.00Manned Spacecraft Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston, Texas0.291.00Papers, 1936-198977976515Robert_R._Gilruthn 920715173203835Gilruth, Robert Rowe, 1913-lccn-n50020842Waters, Frank1902-1995lccn-n79060141United StatesNational Advisory Committee for Aeronauticslccn-n81018841Langley Aeronautical Laboratorynp-thompson, f lThompson, F., w nTurner, W. N.lccn-n79066216Manned Spacecraft Center (U.S.)lccn-n83226905Hall, R. Cargill1937-lccn-n92071511Project Mercury (U.S.)lccn-no2008066077Pickering, William H.1910-2004lccn-n92071522Langley Aeronautical LaboratoryPilotless Aircraft Research DivisionGilruth, Robert R.(Robert Rowe)1913-2000HistoryGilruth, Robert R.--(Robert Rowe),United StatesAerospace engineersAileronsAirplanes--Tail surfacesAeronauticsAirplanes--TestingManned Spacecraft Center (U.S.)Stability of airplanesAerodynamics--ResearchStalling (Aerodynamics)Langley Aeronautical LaboratoryOuter spaceUnited States.--National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationUnited States.--National Aeronautics and Space Administration.--Space Task GroupLangley Aeronautical Laboratory.--Pilotless Aircraft Research DivisionProject Mercury (U.S.)Vehicles, Remotely pilotedExploration of outer spaceAstronautical laboratoriesTexasManned space flightVirginiaJet Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.)United States.--National Advisory Committee for AeronauticsCharts, diagrams, etcAeronautical laboratoriesMcLean, F. EdwardAirplanes--Handling characteristicsProject Apollo (U.S.)Piccard, Auguste,Calco Chemical CompanyLunar explorationSwann, W. F. G.--(William Francis Gray),FlightAerodynamic loadCosmic raysAeronautical instrumentsStorms, Harrison ACarty, Denzil AEinstein, Albert,Balloon Federation of AmericaBathyscapheTownsend, John W.--(John William),Parsons, John T.,Parker, W. Dale--(William Dale),Fletcher, James Chipman,Rolling (Aerodynamics)Becker, John Vernon,Hercules Powder Company1913200019401941194219441962196319641992130161971ocn009834972book19630.21Waters, FrankEngineering space exploration: Robert Gilruth; photographs courtesy of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration54ocn124095906book19440.81Gilruth, Robert RAnalysis of vertical-tail loads in rolling pull-out maneuversSummary: An analysis is presented of the vertical-tail loads to be expected as a result of abrupt aileron action in accelerated flight, as in rolls from turns or pull-outs, for example. The formulas derived show that the vertical-tail loads obtained in rolling pull-out maneuvers are directly proportional to the load factor, wing loading, and aileron effectiveness and are inversely proportional to directional stability. Sample calculations for an assumed fighter airplane are presented and discussed. It appears that critical tail loads may occur in rolling pull-out maneuvers, particularly on airplanes with good ailerons and low directional stability31ocn062153679book19410.96Gilruth, Robert RLateral control required for satisfactory flying qualities based on flight tests of numerous airplanes31ocn646351328book19400.47Thompson, F. LNotes on the stalling of vertical tail surfaces and on fin designIt may be concluded that the stalling of vertical tail surfaces is not in itself a dangerous condition. Provided sufficient directional stability exists at large angles of sideslip, the tail stall may occur with modern airplanes, as with those of the past, without the knowledge of or concern to the pilot21ocn028415612mix1.00Gilruth, Robert RReports authored and co-authored by Gilruth; typewritten diary (Feb.-Mar., 1961), unpublished memoir entitled From Wallops Island to Project Mercury, 1945-1958, notes and texts of speeches, copies of oral history transcripts of interviews on the space program, copy of Gilruth's thesis, and other papers. Includes material relating to his work with National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Langley Aeronautical Laboratory and its Pilotless Aircraft Research Division, as head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Space Task Group, and as the first director of NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Tex11ocn733098480mix1964Gilruth, Robert RRanger 6 Camera Failure : to William H. Pickering, JPL Director11ocn733100239mixForest S. Gibson CollectionHistoryRepresented in the collection are various comment drafts of selected chapters. The original title of the Ranger history was "Man and the Moon: A History of Project Ranger," which was used for a time in 1971. The history was also referred to as "Ranger Narrative History." Also in the collection is a rough draft of the Ranger chronology for the year 196411ocn018120405book19620.47Gilruth, Robert RMan's role in Apollo11ocn038103058book19921.00Gilruth, Robert RRequirements for satisfactory flying qualities of airplanes11ocn707645265book1942Gilruth, Robert RFlight investigaton of an NACA ice-detector suitable for use as a rate-of-icing indicatorAn ice detector, which serves as a basis for a rate-of-icing indicator, has been developed and tested recently by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. This instrument consists primarily of a wire screen and a pitot tube mounted some distance behind the screen; both are enclosed in a cylindrical shell. In operation under icing conditions, the pitot tube measures a total pressure that decreases progressively as ice accumulates on the wire screen ahead of it11ocn733100244mixSurveyor Project Documents CollectionThe collection consists of documents pertaining to the later stages of development and aftermath of the Surveyor project. Included in the collection are correspondence, memoranda, handwritten notes, and manuscript drafts. The latter half of the collection is a rough draft of a management study conducted by the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) of the Surveyor and Lunar Orbiter projects11ocn709807141book1964Manned Spacecraft Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston, Texas1001ocn001379194book19630.23Waters, FrankRobert Gilruth : engineering space explorationBiography11ocn084491517mixNational Air and Space MuseumThe Glennan-Webb-Seamans Project for Research in Space HistoryThe emphasis of this project is on NASA management practice during the Apollo program. A working assumption of this research effort was that administration and management in NASA were a means by which broad policy and political goals of the President and Congress were to be translated into specific technical achievements, such as landing men on the moon. Interviews include: Leland J. Atwood, Delmer Bradshaw, James R. Burnett, Paul Demitriades, Edward Doll, Peter Downey, Brian Duff, James Elms, James Fletcher, Robert Gilruth, T. Keith Glennan, Donald Jacobs, Ruben Mettler, Mark Miller, George Mueller, Samuel Phillips, Simon Ramo, Robert Seamans, Willis Shapley, Abe Silverstein, David Soergel, Harrison Storms, James Webb, Thorton A. Wilson, Herbert York11ocn071131058mix1.00Piccard family papersGenealogyRecords and correspondenceThe papers of Jean Piccard document his career as explorer, inventor, and scientist collaborating with his brother Auguste on balloon flights for stratospheric exploration and the study of cosmic rays and on other mutual scientific interests; as organic chemist and consultant with Calco Chemical Company and Hercules Powder Company; and as professor of aeronautical engineering. Includes material pertaining to the Piccards's stratospheric balloon flight of 1934 and to Jean Piccard's 1937 test flight in the aerostat Pleiades. Also includes records Piccard kept as treasurer of the Aéro-Club Suisse and transcript of interrogations which he conducted for the U.S. Army Air Forces in 1945. Papers of Jeannette Piccard pertain chiefly to her role as member and priest in the Episcopal Church; her work as aerospace consultant with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; and her career as an educator. Don Piccard's papers include his files as newsletter editor for the Balloon Federation of America and material pertaining to his sport balloon manufacturing company, Don Piccard Balloons11ocn080563024mixArchives of American Aerospace ExplorationThis Archive of American Aerospace Exploration (AAAE) documents the early aeronautical and space history of the United States. Included are the personal papers of Chrisotpher C. Kraft, former director of the Johnson Space Center; Samuel Herrick, founder of the field of Astrodynamics; John Parsons, the father of numerical control, or the application of computer technology to manufacturing; John V. Becker, George William Christopher, Evert B. Clark, John D. Clark, Michael Collins, Blake W. Corson, Jr., John E. Duberg, G. Graham Duce, Robert R. Gilruth, Melvin N. Gough, Henry J. Kelley, F. Edward McLean, Thornton L. Page, Otis J. Parker, W. Dale Parker, Edward C. Polhamus, James R. Randolph, Hartley Soule, John W. Townsend, Jr., and Marjorie Rhodes TownsendFri Mar 21 16:12:38 EDT 2014batch13650