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Fri Mar 21 17:07:56 2014 UTClccn-n921213700.00Alice Freeman Palmer0.671.00To the happy memory of Alice Freeman Palmer 1855-1902: Appleton Chapel, Harvard University, Saturday, January the thirty-first, 190318025995Alice_Freeman_Palmern 921213703291164Freeman Palmer, Alice, 1855-1902.Palmer, Alice Elvira Freeman, 1855-1902.lccn-n50050262Palmer, George Herbert1842-1933comedtlccn-n83028985Wellesley Collegelccn-n80034012Rogers, Bruce1870-1957lccn-n50035823Catt, Carrie Chapman1859-1947lccn-n93001595National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n93120992Shapiro Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n94031070Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-no97037365Salmon, Lucy Maynard1853-1927lccn-n83181805Willard, Emma1787-1870lccn-n90678342Brackett, Anna C.(Anna Callender)1836-1911edtPalmer, Alice Freeman1855-1902BiographyPoetryPalmer, Alice Freeman,United StatesWomen educatorsWellesley CollegePresidentsWomen--EducationEducation, HigherEducationFamilies--Religious lifeFamiliesNew York (State)EducatorsPalmer, George Herbert,Women college administratorsMarriageMan-woman relationshipsWomen--Education (Higher)Women--Social conditionsAmerican Association of University WomenCollege presidentsMassachusettsTeachersUniversities and colleges--FacultyHistory--Study and teaching (Higher)Harvard UniversityMoral educationGreat BritainMassachusetts--WellesleyTeachingCollege verseFreeman familyPalmer familyEducation--PhilosophyUniversity extensionUniversities and colleges--Elective systemRindge, Frederick HAssociation of Collegiate Alumnae (U.S.)StudentsBrown, Louise FargoNational Consumers' LeagueFeminismEliot, Charles William,Maynard, James BRickert, Edith,Brooks, John Graham,Home economicsGray, Asa,Frankfurter, Felix,MacCracken, H. N.--(Henry Noble),Women's colleges18551902186018821883188618871888189018911893189418961897189818991900190319041907190819091910191419151921192219241925193019361940194719671970197419871993199519992000200320052010201120133567102178920.7LD7212.7 188234413ocn000758271book19080.76Palmer, George HerbertThe teacher : essays and addresses on education3154ocn011165092book18930.73Brackett, Anna CWoman and the higher education2754ocn060713198file18930.90Dike, Samuel WThe church and the home a report to the General Association of Congregational Churches of Massachusetts1975ocn001669171book19080.53Palmer, George HerbertThe life of Alice Freeman PalmerBiography1934ocn000865560book19150.66Palmer, Alice FreemanA marriage cyclePoetry+-+46117926753241416ocn004010957book18970.81Palmer, Alice FreemanWhy go to college? An address582ocn015690073book19040.94Palmer, Alice FreemanAlice Freeman Palmer on women's duties164ocn557619291file18960.93Nevers, Cordelia CWellesley lyrics. PoemsPoetry162ocn839439955file18930.35Dike, Samuel WThe church and the home : a report to the General Association of Congregational Churches of Massachusetts21ocn070815909book18820.92Howells, William DeanAutograph letter signed W.D. Howells to: Miss Freeman22ocn030775211book19400.73Palmer, Alice FreemanAn academic courtship; letters of Alice Freeman and George Herbert Palmer, 1886-188722ocn560008636book1947Fenner, Mildred SandisonAlice Freeman Palmer22ocn070814253book18880.47Palmer, Alice FreemanAutograph letter signed Alice to: "My dearest Mary"11ocn070815377book18970.47Gilder, Richard WatsonAutograph letter signed R.W.Gilder to: "My dear Mrs. Palmer"11ocn070816193book18940.47Monroe, HarrietAutograph letter signed Harriet Monroe to: Mrs. Palmer11ocn070817009book0.47Rolfe, W. JAutograph letter signed W.J. Rolfe to: Miss Freeman11ocn024329523book19210.47A calendar of Wellesley verse, 192211ocn070816396book18960.47Palmer, Alice FreemanAutograph letter signed Alice to: "My dearest Mary"11ocn070815861book18910.47Holmes, Oliver WendellAutograph letter signed O.W. Holmes to: "My dear Mrs. Palmer"11ocn070814366book0.47Santayana, GeorgeAutograph letter signed G. Santayana to: "Dear Mrs. Palmer."80820ocn000223677book19080.53Palmer, George HerbertThe life of Alice Freeman PalmerBiography+-+56745756963132ocn027226569book19930.73Bordin, Ruth Birgitta AndersonAlice Freeman Palmer : the evolution of a new womanBiography2052ocn001395392book19400.73Palmer, Alice FreemanAn academic courtship; letters of Alice Freeman and George Herbert Palmer, 1886-18871741ocn000088845book19700.06Fleming, Alice MulcaheyAlice Freeman Palmer : pioneer college presidentJuvenile worksA biography of a woman who became president of Wellesley College and who was also one of the first women in America to receive a college degree1711ocn057613417book20050.81Kenschaft, Lori JReinventing marriage : the love and work of Alice Freeman Palmer and George Herbert PalmerBiography"At age twenty-seven Alice Freeman became the world's first female college president (at Wellesley College). Before going on to become one of the founding deans of the University of Chicago, she married the Harvard philosophy professor George Herbert Palmer in 1887. A full generation before most educated women began to dream of combining marriage and professional work, George and Alice together tried to create a new type of union that would make satisfying careers possible for both partners." "Drawing on more than a thousand letters written before and after their wedding, Lori Kenschaft traces the changing relationship between Alice and George, offering a multifaceted study of their decision to marry, the dynamics of their relationship, and their understanding of marriage. As their relationship matures, their life-shaping decisions reflect and reveal their thoughts and feelings about work, love, sex, equality, and the purposes of education."--BOOK JACKET+-+6555857075812ocn014028988book19030.95American Association of University WomenAlice Freeman Palmer in memoriam, 1855-1902561ocn015690161book19030.93Palmer, George HerbertA service in memory of Alice F. Palmer held by her friends and associates in Appleton Chapel, Harvard University, January thirty-first, 1903434ocn010831578book19030.86Alice Freeman Palmer : in memoriam MDCCCLV-MDCCCIIHistoryBiography241ocn032366489book19950.76Linenthal, Arthur JTwo academic lives : George Herbert Palmer and Alice Freeman Palmer : a compilationBiography142ocn017461660book19040.92Palmer, George HerbertTwenty-five portraits of Alice Freeman Palmer 1855-1902. Ph. D. (Michigan), L.H.D. (Columbia), LL. D. (Union) Sometime President of Wellesley College, Dean of Women in the University of Chicago, member of the State Board of Education in Massachusetts122ocn002382174serial0.63American Association of University WomenJournal92ocn680631372com19030.93Memorial meeting held in Fullerton hall, Chicago, February twenty-third, nineteen hundred three51ocn002641009book19030.66A Service in memory of Alice Freeman Palmer :51ocn007101130book0.29Palmer, George HerbertAlice Freeman Palmer : an address before the graduating class of Oberlin College delivered June 20th, 190641ocn219638956book19030.96Alice Freeman Palmer : in memoriam MDCCCLV-MDCCCCII22ocn674036304book19220.47Hito oyobi kyōikuka to shiteno pāmā fujin no shōgai23ocn535252136mix1.00Brooks, John GrahamCorrespondence, scrapbooks, reviews, pamphlets, leaflets, clippings, and two early sermons of Brooks. Correspondents include Jane Addams, Alice Stone Blackwell, Ednah Dow Cheney, Ada Louise Comstock, Florence Kelley, Grace Norton, Lillian Wald, and many other notable writers, scholars, statesmen, diplomats, businessmen and educators22ocn155519675mix0.92Salmon, Lucy MaynardDiariesGenealogyPapers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, publications, clippings, reminiscences, genealogy, and photographs concerning the Vassar College History Dept., teaching history, woman's suffrage movement, the University of Michigan, Falley Seminary, Fulton, N.Y., domestic science, historical research methods, and other personal and profession issues. Correspondents include Caroline E. Page Salmon, Pomeroy Lyman Salmon, George Salmon, Lucy Ella Maynard Sloss, and other family members, 1859-1926; Henry Noble MacCracken, James Monroe Taylor, Louise Fargo Brown, Eloise Ellery, C. Mildred Thompson, and other Vassar associates, 1887-1927; Edith Rickert, Amelia MacDonald Cutler, Helena Grow Rottschaefer, and other Vassar students, 1890-1927; James Burrell Angell, Katharine Lee Bates, George Lincoln Burr, Alice Freeman Palmer, M. Carey Thomas, Lelia Y. Burt, H.V. Clulow, Rachel Larrabee, Gertrude H. Mason, and other educational and political contemporaries, 1870-1927; Adelaide Underhill, Vassar College Librarian with whom Salmon shared a house, 1894-1927, and condolence letters to Underhill on Salmon's death, 1927-1931; and round-robin letters from student social groups at the University of Michigan, "Q. Ceekers," and at Bryn Mawr, "The Learned Six," 1874-189321ocn032410572book19031.00To the happy memory of Alice Freeman Palmer 1855-1902: Appleton Chapel, Harvard University, Saturday, January the thirty-first, 190321ocn056678433book19030.47A service in memory of Alce Freeman Palmer held by her friends and associates in Appleton Chapel, Harvard University, January thirty-first MDCCCCIII+-+4611792675324+-+4611792675324Fri Mar 21 15:50:47 EDT 2014batch20820