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Fri Mar 21 17:13:42 2014 UTClccn-n920246720.19Victorian style /0.560.96Dan Perjovschi : behind the line : the art of Dan and Lia Perjovschi /64069661n 920246723124363np-reid, susan emilyReid, Susan Emilyedtlccn-n91047566Poynor, Rickedtlccn-n82067191Barbican Art Gallerylccn-nb99137136Pavitt, Janeedtlccn-n95112891Jobling, Paullccn-nr2001035778Szczerski, Andrzejedtlccn-no2011001549Machnicka, Zofiaedtlccn-n81047482Palais des beaux-arts (Brussels, Belgium)lccn-n2004153041Instytut Adama Mickiewiczanc-victoria and albert museumVictoria and Albert MuseumCrowley, David1966-HistoryExhibition catalogsPostersDesignGreat BritainEurope, EasternDesign--Political aspectsCommercial artArtManners and customsSocialism and cultureGraphic artsEnglandMagazine illustrationPopular cultureArt, VictorianCold War (1945-1989)Art--Political aspectsMagazine coversMaterial culturePropaganda, CommunistPropaganda, CapitalistPostersPropaganda, Anti-AmericanPropaganda, Anti-SovietIntellectual lifeCivilizationPoland--WarsawArchitectureTravelSoviet UnionCommunism and architectureSpace (Architecture)PolandNationalism and artLuxuries--Social aspectsLeisure--Social aspectsConsumption (Economics)Art and societyArt, PolishAbsurd (Philosophy)FantasyDecorative arts, VictorianMagazine designArt, Modern--Political aspectsArt, ModernAbsurd (Philosophy) in artFantasy in artDecoration and ornament--Victorian styleInterior decorationArchitecture, VictorianFolk artHaslemere Educational Museum19661990199219941996199719981999200020022003200420052006200820092010201120122013421740139741.60941NC998.6.G7ocn609797291ocn759473000ocn492053216ocn470273085ocn844816683ocn799319732ocn800032974ocn800032934ocn186187826ocn45110418465711ocn227919322book20080.53Crowley, David (EDT)/ Pavitt, Jane (EDT)Cold War modern : design 1945-1970HistoryExhibition catalogs"Modern life after 1945 seemed to promise both utopia and catastrophe. Both could, it seemed, be achieved at the 'push of a button'. Published to accompany a major V&A exhibition, 'Cold War Modern: Design 1945-1970', this book explores how the politics of the Cold War shaped architecture and design. Reassessing 'classic' designs and introducing many little-known objects."--BOOK JACKET+-+48902260366388ocn057724792book20040.50Communicate : independent British graphic design since the sixtiesExhibition catalogs"In the 1960s youth culture and pop music became an important influence on British design. Key examples include the pop art collages of artists like Richard Hamilton and the psychedelic, punk, and new wave aesthetics of groups like Roxy Music and Pink Floyd. Images and illustrations were used in balance with letterforms to convey design concepts and ideas. The influence of popular culture is still relevant to contemporary British designers. Communicate focuses on the smaller independent design studios and teams that are credited with producing the most creative and innovative design over the past four decades and explores how and why British design has developed during this period."--BOOK JACKET+-+K93156558544113ocn033819606book19960.63Jobling, PaulGraphic design : reproduction and representation since 1800+-+521995462532436213ocn022741230book19900.20Crowley, DavidIntroduction to Victorian styleHistoryPresents Victorian art, architecture, and applied arts, including painting, home decor, silverware, and other fields+-+10606806253243198ocn052738401book20030.31Crowley, DavidMagazine coversHistory+-+33415559363243098ocn042367220book19990.79Style and socialism : modernity and material culture in post-war Eastern Europe+-+39878240363038ocn227919335book20080.56Crowley, DavidPosters of the Cold WarHistoryPosters"From the late 1940s when the 'Iron Curtain' was drawn across Europe to the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, this book surveys poster design of the Cold War period. It explores a number of pressing themes including the imagery of peace and revolution; 'samizdat' and underground poster art in the Eastern Bloc; and the Cold War film poster. Coming from over fifteen countries, the posters featured in this book have been selected to demonstrate the wide international reach of the conflict. It features over seventy artists and poster designers of the period including Pablo Picasso, Peter-Paul Piech, Grapus Design Collective, Peter Kennard and the Cuban Poster School."--Jacket+-+009022603629311ocn050234979book20020.81Socialist spaces : sites of everyday life in the Eastern Bloc+-+48808240362804ocn052486116book20030.39Crowley, DavidWarsawHistoryWarsaw has an unenviable reputation in the minds of many: often invoked as the epitome of the brutal environment produced by Soviet aesthetics and planning, its name conjures up a grey, faceless world of tower blocks and Orwellian governmental buildings; its image-- perhaps more so than that of any other city in the former Soviet block-- inextricably tied to the fate of the Communist system. Warsaw appears to have been locked in the vice of history-- crushed by one totalitarian system, remade by another, only now being liberated by market forces+-+74264361362198ocn025633865book19920.84Crowley, DavidNational style and nation-state : design in Poland from the vernacular revival to the international styleHistory+-+12728546253241657ocn419819809book20100.86Crowley, DavidPleasures in socialism : leisure and luxury in the Eastern BlocHistory+-+25417656351256ocn721930350book20110.79The power of fantasy : modern and contemporary art from PolandExhibition catalogs+-+6096086428124ocn753339298book20110.47Palais des beaux-arts (Brussels, Belgium)The power of fantasy : modern and contemporary art from Poland; [... publ. on the occasion of the Exhibition The Power of Fantasy - Modern and Contemporary Art from Poland, Center for Fine Arts, Brussels, 24.06-18.09.2011]+-+6096086428121ocn156252365book20050.19Crowley, DavidVictorian styleHistory111ocn609797291book20080.47Cold War modern design 1945 - 1970 ; [exhibition, V & A, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 25 September 2008 - 11 January 2009]History+-+4890226036101ocn044832053book20000.47The lost arts of Europe : the Haslemere Museum collection of European peasant art : a collection of essaysExhibition catalogs91ocn862235657book20130.84Grospierre, NicolasOpen-ended51ocn812579503book20120.96Crowley, DavidDan Perjovschi : behind the line : the art of Dan and Lia PerjovschiDavid Crowley explores Dan and Lia Perjovschi's art in its different contexts. From communist Romania in the 1980s to the white cubes of the international art world today, these artists have maintained a sharply critical and sometimes ironic view of the world in which they live and work. Placing their work in the critical and sardonic tradition of marginalia, Crowley examines the ways in which Dan and Lia Perjovschi draw and write on bodies, on printed matter and on institutions41ocn740506363book20040.96Satisfaction : sztuka konsumpcyjna w socjalistycznej Polsce lat 7 = Satisfaction : consumption art from the communist Poland of the 1970sHistorySatisfaction includes films related to the social and economic context of the 1970s in socialist Poland. Specifically, the films relate to the then First Secretary of the Polish Socialist Party Edward Gierek's policy of seducing and corrupting the public with a vision of "socialist consumerism." Meanwhile, the slight tilt of the socialist system toward the Western lifestyle spawned phenomena such as "soc-pop-culture" or "red bourgeoisie."42ocn840279276book20120.92Crowley, DavidDźwięki elektrycznego ciała : eksperymenty w sztuce i muzyce w Europie Wschodniej 1957-1984 = Sounding the body electric : Experiments in art and music in Eastern Europe 1957-1984HistoryExhibition catalogs+-+4890226036+-+4890226036Fri Mar 21 15:22:56 EDT 2014batch16431