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Thu Oct 16 18:00:51 2014 UTClccn-n920259830.10Effective field theories of the standard model : Workshop : Papers0.541.00Higher order corrections to the scalar quark density in the proton /67539450n 920259833126750Meißner, U.-G.lccn-n98073564Goity, José L.edtlccn-n95040071Bernstein, Aron M.1931-edtlccn-n85235935Plessas, W.(Willibald)1949-edtnc-massachusetts institute of technology$center for theoretical physicsMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCenter for Theoretical Physicsnp-bernard, veroniqueBernard, Véroniquenp-meissner plessasMeißner-Plessas, ...lccn-n87801041Zahed, Ismaillccn-n88118000Kaiser, universitatswochen fur theoretische physik$2003$schladmingInternationale Universitätswochen für Theoretische Physik2003Schladminglccn-n84157307Weise, W.Meissner, Ulf-GConference proceedingsQuantum chromodynamicsNuclear reactionsParticles (Nuclear physics)--ChiralityParticles (Nuclear physics)--FlavorField theory (Physics)Standard model (Nuclear physics)PhysicsQuantum theoryParticles (Nuclear physics)--Mathematical modelsBaryons1984198719881989199220012004201313093857539.7548QC793.3.C54ocn079354998ocn723479191ocn441827476ocn864591776ocn440989195ocn815755992ocn6579471099166ocn269016736file20010.39Workshop on Chiral Dynamics: Theory and ExperimentChiral dynamics theory and experiment III : Jefferson Laboratory, USA, July 17-22, 2000Conference proceedingsThis book provides an authoritative, up to date, overview of the field of chiral dynamics, and also provides an excellent introduction to the field. The workshop is known for the interplay of theory and experiment and as a meeting place for most of the leading researchers in the field+-+587297563429213ocn055963160book20040.92Meissner, Ulf-GLectures on flavor physicsThis volume contains the edited versions of some selected lectures delivered at the famous "Schladming Winter School", devoted to "Flavor Physics" in the present case. Flavor physics is one of the hot topics in contemporary elementary particle physics, because it relates to fundamental questions like the origin fo masses, the size and strength of CP violation and the oscillations between various neutrino species. This volume will be useful for graduate students wishing to get more acquainted with fhe field as well as for lecturers in search of material for seminars of special lectures and courses in quantum field theory. TOC:Light-Quark Dynamics.- The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon: a Theoretical Introduction.- CP Violation in B and K Decays: 2003.- Heavy Quark Physics.- Neutrino Physics--Theory+-+8007775908552ocn025552150book19920.93Workshop on Effective Field Theories of the Standard ModelProceedings of the Workshop on Effective Field Theories of the Standard Model : Dobogókő, Hungary, August, 22-26, 1991Conference proceedings91ocn035476915book19880.59Meissner, Ulf-GLow-energy hadron physics from effective chiral Lagrangians with vector mesons42ocn079354998book19920.10Workshop on Effective Field Theories of the Standard ModelEffective field theories of the standard model : Workshop : Papers21ocn028407588book19880.92Bernard, VéroniqueProperties of vector and axial-vector mesons from a generalized Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model11ocn029371916book19891.00Bernard, VéroniqueNucleons below the chiral phase transition11ocn027971253book19871.00Bernard, VéroniqueProperties of the scalar o-meson at finite density11ocn029572289book19881.00Meissner, Ulf-GMedium modifications of the neutron charge form factor11ocn027971259book19871.00Bernard, VéroniqueFlavor mixing via dynamical chiral symmetry breaking11ocn029994749book19881.00Meissner, Ulf-GChiral symmetry and medium modifications of nucleon properties11ocn027023129book19871.00Meissner, Ulf-GQuantum chromodynamics at nuclear length scales11ocn030409377book19881.00Bag formation in the presence of vector mesons11ocn027971279book19871.00Bernard, VéroniqueMeson properties at finite density from Su(3)f quark dynamics11ocn834289933book20010.47Chiral dynamics: theory and experiment III : proceedings of the workshop, held at Jefferson Laboratory, July 17 - 22, 2000+-+587297563411ocn029572305book19891.00Bernard, VéroniqueHigher order corrections to the scalar quark density in the proton11ocn028698962book19871.00Meissner, Ulf-GLow energy hadron physics from effective chiral Langrangians with vector mesons11ocn020431281mix19841.00Meissner, Ulf-GApplications of the Skyrme model in the description of nuclear phenomena11ocn740726495file20010.47Chiral dynamics theory and experiment III : Jefferson Laboratory, USA, July 17-22, 200011ocn030409371book19871.00Bernard, VéroniqueDecoupling of the pion at finite temperature and density+-+8007775908+-+8007775908Thu Oct 16 15:55:24 EDT 2014batch9493