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Fri Mar 21 17:14:36 2014 UTClccn-n928062820.00Thalidomide a second chance?0.351.00Polymers for the sustained release of proteins and other macromolecules /72596096Judah_Folkmann 928062823330664Folkman, JudahFolkman, Judah 1933-2008Folkman, Moses Judahlccn-n82075234Cooke, Robert1935-viaf-172879155Figg, William D.edtlccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-no97033628WGBH Video (Firm)lccn-no96042385Linde, Nancynp-yang, yuling楊玉齡np-ku ke$cooke robert庫克(Cooke, Robert)lccn-n82086448Harvey Society of New Yorklccn-n78017292International Cancer Research Data Banknp-machado, maria teresMachado, Maria TeresFolkman, M. JudahAbstractsBiographyNeovascularization inhibitors--Therapeutic useCancer--ChemotherapyCancer--ResearchNeovascularizationFolkman, M. JudahMedicineAngiographyOncologyUniversities and colleges--FacultyMoore, Francis D.--(Francis Daniels),Plants--AbnormalitiesAbnormalities, HumanSurgeonsDrugs--Controlled releaseCancer--PatientsHarvard Medical SchoolCancer--TreatmentAnimals--AbnormalitiesPolymers in medicineCardiac pacemakersLevonorgestrel intrauterine contraceptivesThalidomideBlood--CirculationThrombospondin-1Boston City HospitalInterferonKaposi's sarcomaMedicine--Study and teachingMassachusetts General HospitalMonsanto Agricultural CompanyVascular endothelial growth factorsTakeda Yakuhin Kōgyō Kabushiki KaishaCancer cells--Growth--RegulationSilicones in medicineEndothelial cellsDuodenum--UlcersBreast--CancerSurgeryCartilageHeparinFibroblast growth factorsMast cellsHeart blockMelanomaWound healingCell proliferationRetinal degenerationVentricular septal defectsNaval Medical Research Institute (U.S.)Hemangiomas19332008195719761981199119971998200020012002200420062007200818062136612.13QP106.6ocn8044832005198ocn272308574file20070.63Figg, William DAngiogenesis an integrative approach from science to medicineA comprehensive, concise summary of tumor angiogenesis. This book is a reference for the angiogenesis field as it relates to oncology+-+22606223852252ocn048555667visu20010.20Cancer warrior"'Cancer Warrior" is the story of an impassioned surgeon, Dr. Judah Folkman, and his struggle to pioneer a cancer treatment that for years went against the grain of many in the cancer research community. In 1960 when he was a surgical resident, Folkman was drafted by the U.S. Navy to help find a substitute for whole blood to meet the navy's needs for transfusable blood on long voyages. What he discovered instead was a startling secret about how cancer grows. It was a clue he would pursue for the next forty years. Dr. Judah Folkman, who has never been filmed for television before, has granted NOVA exclusive access to his much sought-after story. It is an incredible saga of personal dedication, of scientific blind alleys and breakthroughs, in a race to defeat one of humanity's most invincible foes. Judah Folkman shares his forty-year quest of a radically new cancer treatment including the development of the drug Endostatin. Discussed are anti-angiogenic drugs and how they can slow tumor growth by stopping the process of developing new blood vessels and interfering with the tumor's blood supply."--PBS website+-+016325320632451ocn040153046book19980.47Harvey Society of New YorkThe Harvey lectures : delivered under the auspices of the Harvey Society of New York 1996-1997+-+117837629531ocn028116219book19910.93Girardi, Anthony JAntiangiogenesis a potential therapeutic strategyAbstracts11ocn719515184visu20041.00Dartmouth Medical School class day 200411ocn150848197book20061.00Folkman, M. JudahFrancis Daniels Moore : August 17, 1913-November 24, 2001Biography+-+943856458511ocn035476825book19761.00Langer, RobertPolymers for the sustained release of proteins and other macromolecules11ocn031649118rcrd19811.00Pediatric surgery what a surgeon needs to know about childhood cancer11ocn044463614visu19971.00New directions in angiogenesis research11ocn567567819book19571.00Folkman, M. JudahInvestigations in pediatric cardiac surgery : with contributions to the repair of ventricular septal defects and to the correction of complete heart block11ocn779754173visu2004Thalidomide a second chance?Documentary looking at the history of the drug thalidomide. The first part of the programme examines the discovery of the drug in Germany in 1954 and subsequent popularity as 'Distaval', prescribed as a tranquiliser for anxiety and morning sickness during pregnancy. It turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in medical history after women in the early stages of pregnancy, even if they took just one dose of the drug, gave birth to children with shortened arms and legs. The drug was banned in 1962 but three years later was used to successfully treat the skin lesions of ENL (erythema nodosum leprosum), a side effect of leprosy. It has also been used to treat painful ulcers in Behcet's Disease sufferers. It was found that multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, was brought under control through the use of thalidomide, but there are side effects that can lead to neuropathy. An alternative drug, Revimin, has been developed which appears to hold no risk of birth defects or side effects. Thalidomide caused a revolution in the way scientists think about treatment of cancer and the programme ends by suggesting that because of this, the drug may be 'making amends' for the horrors it was previously responsible for11ocn056784726visu19981.00Folkman, M. JudahCalabresi lecture June 11, 1998, Fitkin Amphitheater8314ocn044046885book20000.25Cooke, RobertDr. Folkman's war : angiogenesis and the struggle to defeat cancerThe story of an observation of twenty-eight-year-old Dr. Judah Folkman that has since developed "into a multibillion-dollar industry that is now racing through human trials with drugs that show unparalleled promise of being able to control cancer, as well as other deadly diseases."--Jacket+-+59975002851532ocn046699099visu20010.20Cancer warriorDr. Judah Folkman shares his forty-year quest of a radically new cancer treatment including the development of the drug Endostatin. Discussed are anti-angiogenic drugs and how they can slow tumor growth by stopping the process of developing new blood vessels and interfering with the tumor's blood supply+-+0163253206324342ocn816365874book20010.06Cooke, RobertFo ke man yi shi de zhan zheng : zhong jie ai zheng de xin shu guang211ocn048418155book20010.19Cooke, RobertDr. Folkman's war : the story of medical science's breakthrough in the search for a treatment for cancer+-+712121762532431ocn052724486book20010.19Cooke, RobertA guerra contra o câncer : a revolucionária descoberta da angiogênese e as novas perspectivas para a cura do câncer11ocn812764390book20000.10Cooke, RobertWaging the war : Dr. Judah Folkman and the conquest of cancer+-+599750028512ocn317447719com20020.23Cooke, RobertFo ke man : Wu tong zhi ai bu shi meng11ocn857347351mix1.00Folkman, M. JudahM. Judah Folkman papersConsists of records generated as a result of Folkman's service as a Harvard Medical School educator, including student notes and lectures, as well as assorted professional records, including journals, appointment books, and research files11ocn045953734art1998Folkman, Judah01ocn857906307mixFolkman, M. JudahM. Judah Folkman papersThe M. Judah Folkman papers are the product of Folkman's publishing, research, and professional activities, as conducted throughout his professional appointments, including Assistant Surgeon and Associate Director of Sears Surgical Laboratory, Boston City Hospital, Surgeon-in-Chief, Senior Associate in Surgery, and Director of the Surgical Research Laboratory, Boston Children's Hospital, and Instructor in Surgery, Associate in Surgery, Julia Dyckman Andrus Professor of Pediatric Surgery, and Professor of Anatomy and Cellular Biology at Harvard Medical School, Boston+-+2260622385+-+2260622385Fri Mar 21 15:08:51 EDT 2014batch14246