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Fri Mar 21 17:16:38 2014 UTClccn-n920092500.15Blake Edwards' Son of the Pink Panther0.261.00Giacomo Leopardi : lettera a Roberto Benigni : un'operetta cinematografica /84965604Roberto_Benignin 920092503099145Benigni, R. (Roberto)Benigni, Roberto, 1952-Benigni, Roberto Remigioベニーニ, ロベルトlccn-nr98006746Braschi, Nicoletta1960-othproprfcreactlccn-n81136872Cerami, Vincenzo1940-2013prfadpsceccpauscrelccn-no2002016536Cecchi Gori Group (Firm)prolccn-no94027623Miramax Filmsprolccn-no2003087748Braschi, Gianluigiprolccn-no98014478Buchholz, Horst1933-2003prfcreactlccn-no00010120Durano, Giustino1923-othprfactlccn-n94091688Paredes, Marisa1946-prfactlccn-nr95024759Miramax Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-nr2002020880Melampo cinematograficaproBenigni, RobertoDramaFictionJuvenile worksMusical filmsPuppet filmsDance filmsHistoryComedy filmsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyItalyWorld War (1939-1945)Concentration campsHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Jews--PersecutionsItaly--RomeLoveCelebritiesHoneymoonsOpera producers and directorsArchitectsLouisianaFugitives from justiceCigarettesCoffeeConversationFalse imprisonmentMotion picturesTaxicabsCity and town lifeFinland--HelsinkiNew York (State)--New YorkFrance--ParisCalifornia--Los AngelesFathers and sonsMotion pictures, ItalianPinocchio (Fictitious character)Wood-carversMan-woman relationshipsIraq War (2003-2011)Benigni, RobertoVita è bella (Motion picture)Poets, ItalianIraq--BaghdadWar woundsBombingsMonologues with music (Orchestra)Motion picture producers and directorsFellini, FedericoMafiaHolocaust survivorsEuropeAntisemitismMotion pictures--Production and directionMusicalsJewsMistaken identityBus driversMotion pictures--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchItaly--Palermo19521953196219661977197919821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013129593341276791.4372PN1997ocn042827914ocn050399832ocn050844821ocn123031452ocn786163827ocn067401453ocn042318826ocn043768024ocn762879141ocn224813623ocn042827914ocn050399832ocn123031452ocn786163827ocn067401453ocn043768024ocn800013741ocn797524897ocn800023526ocn435549947ocn042827914ocn050399832ocn123031452ocn786163827ocn067401453ocn043768024ocn435549947ocn489526514ocn054064331ocn299917068ocn753202707ocn754074482ocn781339543ocn781130492ocn852464347ocn753708892ocn780835835ocn406904775ocn753708974ocn801316354ocn801309135ocn801319678ocn801319677ocn801326185ocn742669781ocn799593546ocn743094706ocn742929399ocn780835835ocn406904775ocn780827591ocn797442289ocn839912371ocn780777241ocn780889959ocn858862401ocn781089493ocn822754800ocn799769439ocn436107736ocn799996285ocn025371938ocn799982118ocn492604007ocn691509316ocn799622738ocn799918635ocn492593675ocn406904775ocn406347244ocn742976869ocn742886418ocn417088617ocn406519523ocn742887515ocn742887335ocn723512051ocn723080999ocn722722788ocn723045214ocn722501663ocn799157504ocn489526514ocn767277428ocn439794092ocn6592212713866199ocn042827914visu19970.17Benigni, RobertoLa vita è bella Life is beautifulHistoryHumorFictionDramaComedy filmsThis film transports you to a world that even in its darkest moments, shines a light of hope and joy. A magical tale, it tells the captivating story of one man's love for his family and his ability to use the power of imagination to save them. A deeply moving, intensely funny and unforgettable masterpiece that will stay with you always. DVD122819ocn820737902visu20120.16Allen, WoodyTo Rome with loveDramaRomantic comedy filmsTo Rome with love est une invitation magique à la découverte de la Ville éternelle. A travers les histoires tumultueuses de ses personnages, simples quidams ou visiteurs pour l'été, l'amour côtoie l'humour et la ville nous embarque dans des aventures piquantes et pleines de fantaisie [Jaquette]102868ocn050844821visu19860.27Jarmusch, JimDown by lawDramaA comedy feature about two lowlifes, a small time pimp and an unemployed disc jockey, framed for crimes they didn't commit, who escape from jail with an eccentric Italian tourist. Set in New Orleans and the swamps of Louisiana86145ocn056054143visu19860.21Jarmusch, JimCoffee and cigarettesDramaA collection of eleven stories that range from Bill Murray's hilarious delivery of java and advice to Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and GZA to an interchange steeped in jealousy between a successful actress and her bitter cousin60820ocn157051016visu19910.27Jarmusch, JimNight on earthDramaA collection of five stories involving cab drivers in five different cities. Los Angeles - A talent agent for the movies discovers her cab driver would be perfect to cast, but the cabbie is reluctant to give up her solid cab driver's career. New York - An immigrant cab driver is continually lost in a city and culture he doesn't understand. Paris - A blind girl takes a ride with a cab driver from the Ivory Coast and they talk about life and blindness. Rome - A gregarious cabbie picks up an ailing man and virtually talks him to death. Helsinki - an industrial worker gets laid off and he and his compatriots discuss the bleakness and unfairness of love and life and death54453ocn040397627book19960.32Benigni, RobertoLife is beautiful = La vita è bellaFictionDramaPress kit includes 1 pamphlet+-+K41933132548852ocn052741235visu20020.21PinocchioFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA wooden puppet has a series of adventures on his way to becoming "a real boy."31413ocn123031452visu20050.21La tigre e la neve The tiger and the snowDramaSoon after the start of hostilities in Iraq, Rome-based, love-struck poet and lecturer Attilio heads to Baghdad when he learns from his friend, an Iraqi poet, that the woman he loves has been critically injured in a bomb explosion. Attilio does everything in his power to save her, risking his own life amidst the chaos of war25512ocn039090557visu19910.28Johnny StecchinoDramaThe drop-dead gorgeous wife of the notorious mafioso Johnny Toothpick discovers a naive bus driver who's a dead-ringer for her on the lam and under the gun husband and schemes to switch the two men2176ocn043556565visu19940.29Il MostroDramaA vicious serial killer is on the loose committing rape and murder. Landscape gardener and shop-window outfitter Loris is the prime suspect, due to his unfortunate habit of getting caught in compromising yet innocent situations. An undercover policewoman is assigned to watch the suspect and find evidence for his arrest2083ocn053247772visu20020.25Pettigrew, DamianFederico Fellini sono un gran bugiardo = I'm a big liarBiographyLaced with interviews and classic clips, the film literally retraces Fellini's footsteps dramatizing Fellini's vision and the same world minus that vision. What results is no mere portrait, but an energetic, philosophical inquiry+-+26066974062036ocn063059106visu19930.15Blake Edwards' Son of the Pink PantherDramaJacques Gambrelli, a hopelessly inept French policeman, turns out to be the illegitimate son of Inspector Clouseau. Gambrelli becomes involved with the investigation of a kidnapping involving the beautiful Princess Yasmin+-+160773742532412836ocn224844964visu19910.47Benigni, RobertoJohnny StecchinoDramaDante is a kind-hearted but naive buffoon who is happy driving the school bus for a group of disabled children but feels he is somehow missing on life and love. His fortunes take a dramatic turn when he meets Maria, a dangerous driver who seems immediately enamoured of him10811ocn298178760book20080.76Benigni, RobertoIl mio Dante859ocn191746870visu20050.18The tiger and the snowDramaLove storiesThe Tiger and the Snow is about a Roman poet and lecturer named Attilio (Benigni) who feels compelled to head to Baghdad when he discovers that the woman he loves, Vittoria (Nicoletta Braschi) has been seriously injured during a bomb explosion. Moving heaven and earth, he manages to get to Iraq, and through a combination of luck and pig-headedness, and inspired by his passionate love of Vittoria, he finds the hospital where Vittoria has been taken. Unconscious, and more dead than alive, the woman of his dreams is in need of a drug that will relieve the pressure of the cerebral edema that is killing her. Given that there is nothing immediately available, Attilio goes off into the city in search of the drug, to find only abandoned pharmacies and ruins. Refusing to abandon hope, Attilio must confront the horrors and disasters of war to save the love of his life7915ocn316065909visu19940.16Edwards, BlakeSon of the Pink PantherDramaJacques Gambrelli, a hopelessly inept French policeman, turns out to be the illegitimate son of Inspector Clouseau. Gambrelli becomes involved with the investigation of a kidnapping involving the beautiful Princess Yasmin778ocn035697132book19960.73Benigni, RobertoE l'alluce fu : monologhi & gag7637ocn054909383visu19890.66Fellini, FedericoLa voce della lunaDramaFilm adaptationsThe main character is certain that wells talk to him, that colonies are obsessed by echoes and that deserts are sad. His perceptions greatly increase during the time of the full moon7521ocn042277077visu19840.47Benigni, RobertoNon ci resta che piangereDramaA teacher and his cousin get lost in the Tuscan countryside during a storm, waking up to find themselves in the 15th Century, where they try to explain modern technology to Leonardo da Vinci and prevent Christopher Columbus from discovering America754ocn191107309visu20070.18Prokofiev, SergeyPeter and the wolf a Prokofiev fantasyJuvenile worksFolkloreMusicMusical filmsPuppet filmsDance films"A delightful DVD of Prokofiev's universally beloved and popular "musical tale," brought to life by human actors in a fairytale world inhabited by Muppet-like characters. Pop star Sting (The Police) lends his voice to a Sting puppet for the witty, enlightening commentary that guides the viewer through this charming suite. Also included is the Italian version with commentary by Academy Award-winner Roberto Benigni, (Life is Beautiful) acted out by a Benigni puppet." (viewed on Jan. 24, 2008)2272ocn045634546book20010.79Celli, CarloThe divine comic : the cinema of Roberto BenigniIntroduces Benigni's performances in film, stage, and television, little known outside of Italy, with an emphasis on the cultural and intellectual backdrops that characterize his films, including his origins among the Tuscan rhyming poets and his experiences in the Roman avant-garde theater. Benigni's statements about his experiences and apprenticeships with cinema notables like Cesare Zavattini and Federico Fellini reveal a wealth of fresh information and confirm the sense that there is more to this madcap buffoon than meets the eye+-+15559356351103ocn060490469book20050.81Bullaro, Grace RussoBeyond "Life is Beautiful" : comedy and tragedy in the cinema of Roberto BenigniCriticism, interpretation, etc"Russo Bullaro's collection focuses on Benigni's Oscar winning La vita e bella/Life is Beautiful, a film which has set off continuous and often bitter debate about Holocaust representation and historical consciousness. The topics covered in Russo Bullaro's collection offer insights from critics around the world in a forum for the consideration of the wider issues that Benigni's films provoke."--BOOK JACKET+-+7839929546324494ocn048013143book19990.70Masi, StefanoRoberto BenigniBiographyUne vision complète sur l'unique acteur italien qui ait remporté l'Oscar du meilleur acteur+-+1038658233372ocn049383163book20010.94Borsatti, CristinaRoberto BenigniCriticism, interpretation, etc342ocn040501793book19980.93Cosentino, AndreaLa scena dell'osceno : alle radici della drammaturgia di Roberto Benigni282ocn729345163book20110.94Mininni, FrancescoRoberto Benigni : da Berlinguer ti voglio bene alla Divina commedia : il percorso di un comico che si interroga su DioCriticism, interpretation, etc283ocn044098549book19990.86Moscati, MassimoBenignaccio : con te la vita è bellaBiography272ocn039459406book19980.93Simonelli, GiorgioDatemi un Nobel! : l'opera comica di Roberto Benigni251ocn056536938book20030.53Begotti, PaolaLa vita è bella : Roberto BenigniCriticism, interpretation, etc202ocn038989923book19970.88Martinelli, MassimoBenigni Roberto di Luigi fu Remigio152ocn048939775book19990.94Guidi Guerrera, GuidoBenigni, ragazzo di Prato141ocn076874732book20050.53Cepollaro, AmeliaPinocchio, Roberto BenigniCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography143ocn031439170book19920.90Benigni, RobertoQuando Benigni ruppe il video : i primi testi televisivi di Roberto BenigniInterviews101ocn028812354book19880.92Parigi, StefaniaRoberto BenigniBiography91ocn184911340book20070.92Mileschi, ChristopheLe clown amoureux : l'oeuvre cinématographique de Roberto BenigniCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography61ocn697263490book20101.00Abbrugiati, PerleGiacomo Leopardi : lettera a Roberto Benigni : un'operetta cinematograficaFiction51ocn038746030book19970.92Segni BenigniExhibition catalogs41ocn052771875book20030.96Marx, RenéRoberto Benigni, portraitBiography31ocn475954268book20070.66Malone, PeterThrough a Catholic lens : religious perspectives of nineteen film directors from around the worldMovie texts are often examined for subtexts and for the way that they dramatize social and psychological issues as well as current movements. Through a Catholic Lens looks at the Catholic subtext through a collection of studies of 19 film directors from around the world whose Catholic backgrounds can be found in their writing and directing+-+158700792531ocn061763709visu0.81Benigni, RobertoConversations Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta BraschiInterviews+-+2606697406+-+2606697406Fri Mar 21 16:10:02 EDT 2014batch43397