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Fri Mar 21 17:12:26 2014 UTClccn-n930254370.47A course in combinatronics /0.551.00U.S.D.A. Forest Service environmental statement : Freshwater Bay timber sale /39453031R._M._Wilsonn 930254377946793337813Wilson, R. M.Wilson, R. M., 1945-Wilson, R. M. (Richard Michael)Wilson, Richard Michael, 1945-Wilson, Rick, 1945-lccn-n50080615Lint, Jacobus Hendricus van1932-lccn-n90675282Powell, Ardallccn-no2011147973Lindsay, Thomasactive 1825-1833lccn-n87855907Besemer, H.lccn-no88002640Sieverts, E. G.(Eric G.)lccn-n81067381Nederlandse Vereniging van Gebruikers van Online Informatiesystemenlccn-n87889615Mastenbroek, Onno1954-lccn-no2011009068California Institute of TechnologyDivision of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomylccn-no91017593United StatesNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationScientific and Technical Information Programlccn-n79130050United StatesForest ServiceAlaska RegionWilson, R. M.(Richard Michael)1945-Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryMethodsEnglish literature--Middle EnglishCombinatorial analysisLost literatureEnglandCivilizationCivilization, MedievalLiteratureManagerial accountingCost accountingFluteGreat BritainComputer software--EvaluationMicrocomputers--Computer programsAlaska--Tongass National ForestElectric batteriesElectrochemistryFuel cellsMathematicsEnvironmental impact statementsSlash (Logging)--Environmental aspectsLogging--Environmental aspectsMatroidsMagic squaresRamsey theoryMatricesLinear programmingBlock designsPolyominoesLogic programmingClearcutting--Environmental aspectsAlaska194519511957196919701973197419751976198219861987199119921993199419951996199719981999200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112013191948104511.6QA164ocn437171330ocn437169884ocn437077643ocn437163204ocn437077893ocn437059767ocn437077595173448ocn593295757book19910.53Lint, Jacobus Hendricus vanA course in combinatoricsSecond edition of a popular text which covers the whole field of combinatorics+-+9517796705531ocn645679020book20110.93Lindsay, ThomasLindsay's elements of flute-playing : a study in performance practice : facsimile of the editon of 1828-30HistoryMethodsThomas Lindsay's Elements of Flute-Playing According to the Most Approved Principles of Modem Fingering (London, 1828-1830) provided the first synthetic treatment of the flute-playing technique of the 1820s. The method, by an otherwise obscure music-shop proprietor rather than by a famous performer, incorporates and quotes not only from earlier English works by Gunn (c1792) and Nicholson (1816, c1821), but also from influential French ones (including one published in London) by Berbiguier, Devienne, and Drouet. Lindsay's instructions amplify and add perspective to those in tutors by (in order of publication) Gunn, Monzani, Beale, Keith, Nicholson, Kuffner, Alexander, Weiss, Bown, and Dressler, as well as amplifying commentary in periodicals and other publications with a detailed view of exactly how Nicholson's contemporaries heard, evaluated, felt about, and imitated the highly distinctive styles vying for their attention. Lindsay's repertoire of exercises and examples. National Airs, arrangements, and original compositions by Lindsay himself, as well as by Berbiguier, Devienne, Drouet, Farrenc, Gabrielsky, Gebauer, Hugot and Wunderlich, Kuhlau, Mayseder, Mozart, Pasquali, Rossini, G.A. Schneider, Storace, and C.N. Weiss, are annotated with comments on tonality, accentuation, and "sensitive" intonation, as well as on particular applications of fingering and expression+-+5636291206354ocn017666025book19870.59Sieverts, E. GMicrocomputer applications for online and local information systems : a test and comparison of 30 software packages163ocn046432010book20010.47Lint, Jacobus Hendricus vanA course in combinatronics+-+0651556705141ocn043845344book19970.90Space electrochemical research and technology61ocn021647701book19761.00United StatesU.S.D.A. Forest Service environmental statement : Freshwater Bay timber saleA proposal to salvage 23 million board feet of blowdown timber from the 1968 Thanksgiving Day storm within the Freshwater Bay area of Chichagof Island52ocn230741353book19510.63Wilson, R. MEarly middle English literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn638115337book19700.59Wilson, R. 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Forest Service environmental statement : Cholmondeley management plan22ocn858436303com20130.47Wong, Wing Hong TonyDiagonal forms, linear algebraic methods and Ramsey-type problems11ocn044099644book19990.47Wilson, R. MDynamic hierarchy specification and visualization11ocn437156303book20060.47Grynkiewicz, David JosephSumsets, zero-sums and extremal combinatorics+-+9517796705+-+9517796705Fri Mar 21 15:39:05 EDT 2014batch12661