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Fri Mar 21 17:13:15 2014 UTClccn-n931072100.00Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material0.670.93Rudolf De Crignis : New York 1985-20065109925Lawrence_Rindern 931072103488226Rinder, Larrync-whitney museum of american artWhitney Museum of American Artpbllccn-n95035666University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archivelccn-n96059244Hawkinson, Tim1960-illartlccn-n78097041Los Angeles County Museum of Artlccn-nr00038144Harvey, Doug1961-auilccn-n79041903Fox, Howard N.auilccn-n82272058Bourgeois, Louise1911-2010illlccn-n79052683Drawing Center (New York, N.Y.)lccn-no97014328Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archivelccn-n81045530Lewallen, ConstanceRinder, LawrenceExhibition catalogsArtInterviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcHawkinson, Tim,Art, AmericanUnited StatesBourgeois, Louise,Cha, Theresa Hak KyungCivilization, Modern--American influencesArts, AmericanGay artists--PsychologyLesbian artists--PsychologyGay cultureArt and societyPopular cultureLesbian artistsGay artistsArtConsciousnessArt--PsychologySterne, Hedda,Art, ModernMcGee, Barry,Smith, Jack,Independent filmmakersWarhol, Andy,Performance artistsInstallations (Art)Beuys, JosephSteiner, Rudolf,Blackboard drawingInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Whitney Museum of American ArtPaintingDubuffet, Jean,Basquiat, Jean-Michel,California--San Francisco Bay AreaArtists with mental disabilitiesCalle, SophiePhotography, ArtisticDe Crignis, Rudolf,Burton, Richmond,PostmodernismModernism (Art)Martin, Agnes,Herring, Oliver,New York (State)--New YorkLesbian artists in popular cultureGay artists in popular cultureConsciousness in artArt, Modern--Themes, motivesDrawing, FrenchRinder, Lawrence1956197719831984198819891990199119931995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013418789142709.2N6537.H377ocn614161026ocn806346136ocn442528970ocn469280429ocn757429382ocn757623127ocn442528970ocn456096832ocn144527225ocn4709119385007ocn056632044book20040.63Rinder, LawrenceTim HawkinsonExhibition catalogsThis book is the first comprehensive survey of the work of Los Angeles-based artist Tim Hawkinson (b. 1960), whose ingenious constructions of found objects and everyday items have brought him widespread recognition as one of the most original sculptors working in America today. Known primarily for his large-scale kinetic and sound-producing works, such as the monumental Überorgan, Hawkinson has also created a bird skeleton from his own fingernail parings, a latex cast of his body inflated with air, and clocks fashioned from a Coke can. a manila envelope, and a toothpaste tube. His fantastical assemblages, which may include sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, or printmaking, suggest the profound strangeness of life, matter, and time. With 250 color illustrations and three insightful essays, along with the artist's commentary on more than 150 of his hugely varied works, Tim Hawkinson will prove a revelation to all those interested in contemporary art+-+99962792354726ocn034659323book19950.39Bourgeois, LouiseLouise Bourgeois : drawings & observationsExhibition catalogsThough known primarily for her sculpture, Louise Bourgeois has displayed a lifelong passion for drawing and considers it to be essential to her oeuvre. This exceptional book is the first to combine over fifty years of the artist's drawings with her own observations. Not merely preparatory studies for her sculptures, Bourgeois's drawings are fully realized, independent works of art that rank as some of her most powerful and emotive creations. In the text accompanying the illustrations, Bourgeois, a highly autobiographical artist, describes and explains the sources for each work - and in the process provides fascinating insights into her life and art+-+14477767353303ocn046908044book20010.76Lewallen, ConstanceThe dream of the audience : Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951-1982)Exhibition catalogs+-+42378757053254ocn052133065book20030.73The American effect : global perspectives on the United States, 1990-2003ArtExhibition catalogs+-+39862792353243196ocn031867508book19950.59Blake, NaylandIn a different light : visual culture, sexual identity, queer practiceIn a Different Light documents a landmark exhibition at the University Art Museum, and features curatorial essays, over 100 reproductions of all the artwork in the exhibition, and a selection of fiction, personal essays, rants, and image-text projects on the power of visual culture. This book explores the resonances of gay, lesbian and queer experience in American culture, particularly in the past thirty years. In a Different Light engages a range of queer issues, aesthetic concerns, and formal styles. Instead of inquiring "What does lesbian or gay art look like?" the curators ask: "How are queer artists looking at the world?" This is the first time that a major American museum has considered this important subject in a broad cross-generational context. The inclusion of literary work in the context of this exhibition catalog brings into focus the relationships between artists and writers in lesbian and gay culture, the interaction of genres and media in these representations, and the impact of visual culture - the arts, popular iconography, advertising, and style - on the formation of identity+-+K5581372353044ocn045413905book19990.70Rinder, LawrenceSearch light : consciousness at the millenniumExhibition catalogs+-+K1863755052583ocn048588408book20020.532002 biennial exhibitionExhibition catalogs+-+57831456351942ocn063660382book20060.84Sterne, HeddaUninterrupted flux : Hedda Sterne, a retrospectiveExhibition catalogs+-+02806583361914ocn794366654book20120.73McGee, BarryBarry McGeeExhibition catalogs1562ocn057366548book20050.76Rinder, LawrenceArt life : selected writings, 1991-2005+-+27391892451552ocn246652876visu20080.37Jack Smith and the destruction of AtlantisCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsA collection of interviews and clips by and about the revolutionary American artist Jack Smith. Filmmaker, actor, and pioneer of underground cinema, he is generally acclaimed as a founding father of American Performance Art, and has been critically recognized as a master photographer. The film also delves into Smith's tenuous relationship with Andy Warhol -- who adopted Smith's ideas in his own work. Pays homage to New York's ultimate anti-hero and the original King of the Underground+-+15832477963241372ocn038466543book19970.86Steiner, RudolfKnowledge of higher worlds : Rudolf Steiner's blackboard drawingsExhibition catalogs971ocn050516744book20020.92Whitney Museum of American ArtNew York renaissance : from the Whitney Museum of American ArtExhibition catalogs942ocn069244028book20060.84Dubuffet, Basquiat : personal historiesExhibition catalogs851ocn702941780book20110.81Rinder, LawrenceCreateExhibition catalogs+-+4424846245841ocn029361321book19930.92Campagnolo, Kathleen MerrillSophie Calle : proofsExhibition catalogs621ocn769430458book20120.93De Crignis, RudolfRudolf De Crignis : New York 1985-2006502ocn034635419book19960.81Burton, RichmondRichmond BurtonExhibition catalogs483ocn034456504book19950.90Martin, AgnesAgnes Martin : Mackenzie Art Gallery April 15 to June 18, 1995 [and] University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive of the University of California at Berkeley July 12 to September 24, 1995Exhibition catalogs362ocn741768550book20100.88Herring, OliverOliver Herring : me us themInterviewsExhibition catalogs11ocn858471636book20130.47Geary, LindaStudio visit11ocn081354355mixRINDERArtist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material+-+9996279235+-+9996279235Fri Mar 21 15:49:39 EDT 2014batch16897