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Thu Oct 16 17:59:43 2014 UTClccn-n930828840.10A nation remembers the story of the Pentagon Memorial /0.271.00[Pentagon news briefing] [4/25/2003] /41974687Donald_Rumsfeldn 930828843441621Rumsfeld, D. H.Rumsfeld, Donald H. 1932-Rumsfeld, Donald Henry.ラムズフェルド, ドナルドlccn-n79021946United StatesDepartment of Defenselccn-n2001097511Krames, Jeffrey A.lccn-n2001012888Graham, Bradleylccn-no99053129Artisan Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no2002048199Noujaim, Jehanecngausdrtlccn-no2008064119Mintier, Tomlccn-no2004111283Magnolia Pictures (Firm)viaf-95091786Salama, Hanilccn-no2004121901DeRenzo, Thomas1956-lccn-no2008064111Khader, SamirRumsfeld, Donald1932-BiographyHistoryQuotationsAnecdotesDocumentary filmsPoetryDramaHumorUnited StatesRumsfeld, Donald,Political scienceIraq War (2003-2011)War on Terrorism (2001-2009)United States.--Department of DefenseCabinet officersEmployeesBush, George W.--(George Walker),September 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)Contested electionsLeadershipMilitary policy--Decision makingAl Jazeera (Television network)War correspondentsCuba--Guantánamo Bay Naval BaseCombatants and noncombatants (International law)TrialsPrisoners of war--Abuse ofInternational and municipal lawJurisdictionTerrorism--Prevention--Law and legislationMilitary courtsLawyers--RecruitingFederal aid to higher educationGay military personnelHuman rightsDetention of personsTorture (International law)Cheney, Richard BPrisoners of warGuantánamo Bay Detention CampIraq--BaghdadAbu Ghraib PrisonBush, George,Conduct of lifeConservatismUnited States.--Central Intelligence AgencySpiesColby, William Egan,Espionage, AmericanMilitary planningArmed Forces--ReorganizationAfghan War (2001-)Wolfowitz, PaulRice, Condoleezza,Powell, Colin LWashington (D.C.)Blix, HansWar crimes1932196319651966196719681969197219751976197719801982198319851986198919921997199819992001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201421028272436BE840.8.R84ocn858765334ocn858767500ocn858766123ocn858757683ocn858760601ocn858757729ocn858766318ocn858758979ocn858761321ocn858759194ocn080018432ocn052131009ocn691926263ocn762964658Cabinet officers14176ocn056396962visu20040.24Noujaim, JehaneControl roomDramaCe film est "intemporel, car il examine les relations complexes et immémoriales entre le monde occidental et arabe, et actuel puisqu'il révèle comment les reportages de guerre ont changé depuis l'utilisation des communications par satellite ... un documentaire sur les principes fondamentaux qui dévoile comment la vérité est recueillie, présentées et, finalement, façonnée par ceux qui nous la livrent."--Boîtier5501ocn850181027book20140.19Factor, MalloryBig tent : the story of the Conservative Revolution : as told by the thinkers and doers who made it happenHistoryThis collection of essays, written by the leaders of the conservative movement themselves, explains how the movement developed as a powerful force in American politics; how it functions now with a wide range of viewpoints; and where it is going in the future3722ocn783636933visu20120.16The man nobody knewHistoryBiographyTells the story of the hidden life of legendary CIA director William Colby, who defied presidential orders and revealed the CIA's secrets to Congress3422ocn880854605visu20140.18The unknown knownBiographyFormer United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld discusses his career in Washington, D.C. from his days as a congressman in the early 1960s to planning the invasion of Iraq in 20032772ocn039804301file19980.66United StatesExecutive summary of The report of the Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States2142ocn795403455visu20110.169/11 day that changed the worldPresents two documentary films that examine the events surrounding the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center ten years after September 11, 2001, including "9/11: Day that Changed the World," which examines how the nation's leaders made decisions on that day with interviews with Rudy Giuliani, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and others; and "9/11: Stories in Fragments," which looks at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and their efforts to document the events1701ocn706716104file20110.12Rumsfeld, DonaldKnown and unknown [a memoir]BiographyWith the same directness that defined his career in public service, Rumsfeld's memoir is filled with previously undisclosed details and insights about the Bush administration, 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also features Rumsfeld's unique and often surprising observations on eight decades of history1272ocn057448994book20040.77The all-volunteer force : thirty years of service+-+7464339206642ocn050420685visu20020.16Artisan Home Entertainment (Firm)Operation Enduring Freedom America fights backHistoryReviews the escalating actions of the United States in Afghanistan, using airstrikes and other tactics to eliminate the Taliban and its leader, Osama bin Laden, after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks611ocn491535911visu20050.22Moore, MichaelFahrenheit 9/11Documentary filmsThrough actual footage, interviews, and classified documents, Michael Moore illustrates the connections President Bush has to the royal house of Saud of Saudi Arabia and the bin Laden's, how the president got elected on fraudulent circumstances and then preceeded to blunder through his duties while ignoring warnings of the looming betrayal by his foreign partners248ocn767470020book20110.19Rumsfeld, DonaldKnown and unknown : a memoirBiographyWith the same directness that defined his career in public service, Rumsfeld's memoir is filled with previously undisclosed details and insights about the Bush administration, 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also features Rumsfeld's unique and often surprising observations on eight decades of history+-+K215870406191ocn023811013visu19860.6625 years of the presidencyHistoryPresents 8 Chiefs of Staff from the administrations of Eisenhower through Carter discussing their own memorable moments and the roles they played in the running of the White House193ocn244392357visu20080.47Leading to war [see where the truth lies]This video "documents how the Bush administration made its case to the American people for military action in Iraq, despite the opposition of many allies, the U.N., and millions of its own citizens"--Container193ocn068674422visu20040.39GuantanamoAccording to the Bush Administration, the war on terror requires new tactics and new thinking - including departure from the Geneva Conventions when deemed necessary - ever since the September 11 terrorist attacks, 2001. Afghanis and others captured at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border who were suspected of being terrorists, rightly or not, were imprisoned at Guantánamo, which was described by one official as "the legal equivalent of outer space." This program shows how George Bush's policies are implemented at Camp Delta, how they are vigorously defended in the name of national security, and how they are contested just as passionately on behalf of personal freedom and human rights. Reporter Peter Jennings interviews Gitmo's commanding general and former Administration insiders, shedding light on decision-making within the White House - while reports of innocents such as Kuwaiti Fawzi Al Odah and first-hand accounts of experiences inside the prison compose the darkest dimensions of the story161ocn039245810book19980.90Rumsfeld, DonaldStrategic imperatives in East Asia151ocn050658825book19690.88Rumsfeld, DonaldThe role of counties in economic opportunity efforts122ocn048946343book20010.70Quadrennial defense review reportThe focus of the review was to test the conclusions of the 2001 QDR; apply the important lessons learned from more than four years of war against a global network of violent extremists; and test assumptions about the continuously changing nature of the world in which we find ourselves121ocn264790981visu20080.10A nation remembers the story of the Pentagon Memorial"The official documentary of the Pentagon Memorial, hosted by Gary Sinise, featuring interviews with surviving family members and high ranking American leaders such as President Bush, Vice President Cheney, General Richard Myers, and Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld"--Publisher's description111ocn015193203book19860.92American business and the quest for freedom88ocn052181286visu20011.00[Pentagon news briefing] [4/25/2003]Defense Department officials speak to reporters about the second night of U.S.-British air attacks on Afghanistan264913ocn650210649book20110.19Rumsfeld, DonaldKnown and unknown : a memoirBiographyWith the same directness that defined his career in public service, Rumsfeld's memoir is filled with previously undisclosed details and insights about the Bush administration, 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also features Rumsfeld's unique and often surprising observations on eight decades of history+-+K215870406184014ocn050824232file20020.24Krames, Jeffrey AThe Rumsfeld way leadership wisdom of a battle-hardened maverickAnalyzes Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's leadership abilities and offers examples of his leadership techniques, style, and versatitlity+-+764069625515957ocn294066464book20080.25Graham, BradleyBy his own rules : the ambitions, successes, and ultimate failures of Donald RumsfeldBiographyOnce considered among the best and brightest of his generation, Donald Rumsfeld was exceptionally prepared by successful careers in politics and business to assume the Pentagon's top job in 2001. Yet six years later, he left office as the most controversial Defense Secretary since Robert McNamara, widely criticized for his management of the Iraq war and for his difficult relationships with Congress, administration colleagues, and military officers. Was he really the arrogant, errant, over-controlling Pentagon leader frequently portrayed--or as his supporters contend, a brilliant, hard-charging visionary caught in a whirl of polarized Washington politics, dysfunctional federal bureaucracy, and bad luck? Bradley Graham, a longtime Washington Post reporter who closely covered Rumsfeld's challenging tenure at the Pentagon, offers an insightful biography of a complex personality.--From publisher description+-+967939130610335ocn081150399book20070.21Cockburn, AndrewRumsfeld : his rise, fall, and catastrophic legacyBiographyDonald Rumsfeld, who as secretary of defense oversaw the army, navy, air force, and marines from 2001 to December 2006, is widely blamed for the catastrophic state of America's involvement in Iraq. Here, Washington insider Cockburn details Rumsfeld's decisions in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and also shows how his political legacy stretches back decades and will reach far into the future. Relying on sources that include high-ranking officials in the Pentagon and the White House, this book goes far beyond previous accounts to reveal a man consumed with the urge to dominate each and every human encounter, and whose aggressive ambition has long been matched by his inability to display genuine leadership or accept responsibility for egregious error.--From publisher description+-+392080169610273ocn817561356file20110.50Privott, Daryl RMilitary recruiting on college campuses legal, theoretical and practical implications of Rumsfeld v. FAIRTrials, litigation, etc+-+399978840610213ocn052814036book20030.21Decter, MidgeRumsfeld : a personal portraitBiographyThe making of an American icon The sudden rise of Donald Rumsfeld to political stardom has been one of the most unexpected developments of the last few years. When he was appointed secretary of defense, no one foresaw that he would become the most prominent and influential member of President George W. Bush's cabinet. But as the main architect of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Rumsfeld moved into a central position as a policymaker. And through his televised briefings, he also moved into the spotlight, where he won the almost worshipful admiration of millions of Americans by the extraordinary directness, agility, and confident poise he showed in handling the press. Drawing on her long acquaintance with Rumsfeld, a wealth of documents, and interviews with him and his family, friends, and colleagues, Midge Decter provides riveting accounts of the many milestones marking the journey Rumsfeld made from the suburbs of Chicago to the Pentagon. There is the insurgent young congressman; the head of the Office of Economic Opportunity; the ambassador to NATO; the White House chief of staff; the youngest ever secretary of defense; the successful corporate executive; and, finally, the spectacular second tour of duty as secretary of defense under Bush. As this remarkable story unfolds, Decter brings her knowledge of American culture to bear on the question of why so many Americans have responded so fervently to Rumsfeld. In answering, she points to the values of the Midwest in which he was born and bred and the powerful appeal they still exert in spite of how old-fashioned they seem in certain circles. Decter's fascinating account of the life and career of Donald Rumsfeld, lavishly illustrated with photographs from the private collection of the Rumsfeld family, is, then, essential reading for anyone who wishes to become better acquainted with a key figure in public life -- a figure whose rise to stardom sheds new light on the current condition of the American people+-+16451051559793ocn191258624book20080.24Mahler, JonathanThe challenge : Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, and the fight over presidential powerTrials, litigation, etcIn November 2001, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a 31-year-old Yemeni, was captured and turned over to U.S. forces in Afghanistan. After confessing to being Osama bin Laden's driver, Hamdan was transferred to Guantánamo Bay, and was soon designated by President Bush for trial before a special military tribunal. The Pentagon assigned a military defense lawyer to represent him, a 35-year-old graduate of the Naval Academy, Lieutenant Commander Charles Swift. No one expected Swift to mount much of a defense. The rules of the tribunals, America's first in over fifty years, were stacked against him--assuming he wasn't expected to throw the game altogether. Instead, with the help of a young constitutional law professor at Georgetown, Neal Katyal, Swift sued the Bush Administration over the legality of the tribunals. In 2006, Katyal argued the case before the Supreme Court and won. This is the inside story of what may be the most important decision on presidential power and the rule of law in the history of the Supreme Court.--From publisher description+-+85787792858794ocn173809070book20080.26Sands, PhilippeTorture team : Rumsfeld's memo and the betrayal of American valuesHistoryCase studies"In December 2002, Donald Rumsfeld authorized new interrogation techniques for Guantanamo and opened the door to torture and other practices that later migrated to Abu Ghraib." "Torture Team uncovers the real story behind Rumsfeld's notorious memo, a tale of fear and abuse, deception and ideology that reveals how the path leading to torture began with Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and their lawyers. Traveling around America to interview key players, many whose voices have never previously been heard, renowned international lawyer Philippe Sands pieces together the role of advisors closest to the White House and shows how they violated the law in the name of security as other struggled to stop the abuse."--Jacket+-+95485158757876ocn841228373book20130.16Rumsfeld, DonaldRumsfeld's rulesAnecdotesUnited States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's advice on government, business and life7603ocn054073396book20040.23Scarborough, RowanRumsfeld's war : the untold story of America's anti-terrorist commanderBiographyThis book takes you inside Rumsfeld's Pentagon, detailing the decisions he has made to enable our military to fight this most unconventional of wars. National security reporter Scarborough shows not only how Rumsfeld is fighting the war, but how he is fighting the bureaucracy and remaking the American military, shifting the focus from the ingrained bureaucracy to the special operations and others who live by "can-do." Many of Rumsfeld's victories are revealed here for the first time. Scarborough also provides details of some highly secretive Pentagon operations--carried out under Rumsfeld's supervision by groups that most Americans don't even know exist. In addition, Scarborough offers a comparison between Rumsfeld's decisiveness and the Clinton administration's treatment of terrorism as a law enforcement issue during al Qaeda's astonishingly rapid rise in the 1990s. Scarborough concludes that history will surely judge Rumsfeld as "one of America's most important defense leaders."--Publisher description+-+24151704354969ocn057172733book20040.39Hare, DavidStuff happensDramaTypescript, dated Apr. 28, 2006+-+K1517762054731ocn180756977book20080.53Herspring, Dale RRumsfeld's wars : the arrogance of powerHistoryBiographyNot since Robert McNamara has a secretary of defense been so hated by the military and derided by the public, yet played such a critical role in national security policy - with such disastrous results." "Now Dale Herspring, a political conservative and lifelong Republican, offers a nonpartisan assessment of Rumsfeld's impact on the U.S. military establishment from 2001 to 2006, focusing especially on the Iraq War - from the decision to invade through the development and execution of operational strategy and the enormous failures associated with the postwar reconstruction of Iraq." "Herspring shows that, contrary to his public deference to the generals, Rumsfeld dictated strategy and operations - sometimes even tactics - to prove his transformation theories. He signed off on abolishing the Iraqi army, famously refused to see the need for a counterinsurgency plan, and seemed more than willing to tolerate the torture of prisoners. Meanwhile, the military became demoralized and junior officers left in droves+-+82306155254259ocn666239852rcrd20110.12Rumsfeld, DonaldKnown and unknown [a memoir]BiographyWith the same directness that defined his career in public service, Rumsfeld's memoir is filled with previously undisclosed details and insights about the Bush administration, 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also features Rumsfeld's unique and often surprising observations on eight decades of history+-+33837979653892ocn224444671book20080.33Ratner, MichaelThe trial of Donald Rumsfeld : a prosecution by bookHistoryA civil rights organization lays out the evidence that high-level officials of the Bush administration ordered, authorized, and permitted war crimes. This work constitutes one of the only attempts to hold high-ranking Bush administration officials criminally responsible for their actions+-+16983004062788ocn057068261visu20040.27Rumsfeld's warBiographyWith the United States Army deployed in a dozen hot spots around the world, on constant alert in Afghanistan, and taking casualties every day in Iraq, some current and former officers now say the army is on the verge of being "broken." The program digs into the aggressive attempts to assert civilian control and remake the military by the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his allies, and the results in the War on Terrorism and Iraq2392ocn051252891book20020.77United StatesNominations before the Senate Armed Services Committee, first session, 107th Congress : hearings before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, first session, on nominations of Donald H. Rumsfeld ; Dr. Paul D. Wolfowitz ; Dr. Dov S. Zakheim ... January 11, February 27, April 24, 26, May 1, 10, June 5, 7, 22, 27, July 31, August 1, September 13, 25, October 11, 23, November 8, December 4, 20012102ocn840103490file20040.59Kline, PhilZippo songs airs of war and lunacyMusical settingsMusicDuring the Vietnam War, American G.I.s inscribed their military issued lighters with poems. Zippo songs is a song cycle by Phil Kline based upon these poems1932ocn052268912book20030.23Seely, HartPieces of intelligence : the existential poetry of Donald H. RumsfeldHumorQuotationsPoetryStatements made by Donald Rumsfeld edited and presented as verse by Hart Seely+-+12400789251267ocn234239346rcrd20080.14Mahler, JonathanThe challenge Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and the fight over presidential powerTrials, litigation, etcIn November 2001, a thirty-one-year-old Yemeni man named Salim Ahmed Hamdan was captured near the Pakistan border and turned over to U.S. forces in Afghanistan. After confessing to being Osama bin Laden's driver, Hamdan was transferred to Guantanamo Bay and designated for trial before a special military tribunal. The Pentagon assigned a young military defense lawyer, Lieutenant Commander Charles Swift, to represent him in a defense that no one expected to amount to much. But with the help of a young constitutional law professor, Neal Katyal, Swift sued the Bush administration over the legality of the tribunals--and won. Written with the cooperation of Swift and Katyal, this is the inside story of this seminal case, perhaps the most important decision on presidential power and the rule of law in the history of the Supreme Court+-+10599788963241054ocn077541181book20070.20Cockburn, AndrewRumsfeld : an American disasterBiographyIn October 2006 US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was sacked, his disastrous running of the war in Iraq being held responsible for the American public's loss of faith in the Bush administration. The author reveals that Rumsfeld's political legacy stretches back decades and speculates as to where his career might take him now+-+8376219936+-+7464339206+-+7464339206Thu Oct 16 15:03:15 EDT 2014batch38643