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Fri Mar 21 17:05:12 2014 UTClccn-n930878360.47Archaic bullae and tablets in the Cornell University collections /0.861.00Cuneiform Library at Cornell University150928491n 930878363450381Cornell University. Dept. of Near Eastern StudiescontainsVIAFID/126293486Cornell Universitylccn-n2009061557Maiocchi, Massimolccn-n97039725Naram-SinKing of Babyloniaapproximately 2254 B.C.-approximately 2218$i$king of agadeSargonIKing of Agadelccn-n2013048536Hameeuw, Hendriklccn-n88070319Lerberghe, Karel vanlccn-n88070320Voet, Gabrielanp-rabie, aneesRabie, Aneeslccn-n87821519Younes, Munther Abdullatif1952-lccn-nr95033621Visicato, Giuseppelccn-n2007012051Monaco, Salvatore F.Cornell UniversityDepartment of Near Eastern StudiesSourcesHistoryAntiquitiesMiddle East--BabyloniaCuneiform tabletsAkkadian languageSumerian languageIraq--Adab (Extinct city)Iraq--Umma (Extinct city)Sargon--I,--King of AgadeNaram-Sin,--King of Babylonia,Akkadian language--TextsArabic languageFables, ArabicGrainIraq--Isin (Extinct city)Cuneiform writingCuneiform inscriptions2001200920112012201320142891215492.786DS70.5.U44491ocn048539961book20010.56Younes, Munther AbdullatifḤikāyāt Kalīlah wa-Dimnah li-ṭullāb al-lughah al-ʻArabīyah+-+1686504235431ocn754389819book20110.94Monaco, Salvatore FEarly dynastic mu-iti cereal texts in the Cornell University cuneiform collectionsHistorySources71ocn031217684serial0.86Occasional publications of the Department of Near Eastern Studies and the Program of Jewish Studies, Cornell University11ocn768118870book20010.47Younes, Munther AbdullatifKalīlah wa-Dimnah = Kalila wa Dimna for students of Arabic11ocn733953115com1.00Cuneiform Library at Cornell UniversityThrough the combined efforts of the Department of Near Eastern Studies, the Cornell University Library and the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) at UCLA the substantial collection of cuneiform tablets in the Jonathan and Jeannette Rosen Ancient Near Eastern Seminar in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University is in the process of being made available as an online data set713ocn458888979book20090.93Maiocchi, MassimoClassical Sargonic tablets chiefly from Adab in the Cornell University collectionsCatalogsThe archives and their content -- Provenance of the tablets -- Dating of the tablets -- Archives -- The central archive -- The me-s sag archive -- The "kitchen" archive -- The brewery archive -- The da-da archive -- The Adab calendar -- Cultic activities -- Monthly accounts -- Regular provisions -- Other documents relating to cultic activities -- Allotments of goods to cultic personnel in texts unrelated to cultic activities -- Inventory of goods allotted for cultic purposes -- Gods and cultic buildings -- Selected Sumerian and Akkadian personal names, divine names, buildings, and terms -- Metric conversions -- MS/CS texts from Adab -- CS texts from Adab -- Texts from other sites -- E'nunna' (CS period) -- Girsu (CS period) -- Isin (CS period) -- Umm-el-Hafriyat -- MS/CS period -- CS period -- Umma (CS period) -- Texts from Unidentified Sites -- MS/CS period -- CS period -- Appendix: ES text from Adab -- Sign list and syllabary -- Indexes: Personal names; divine and temple names; buildings; geographical and topographical names; professions, occupations, gentilics; month names; terms; discussed words+-+0764589846511ocn505546311book20090.92Lerberghe, Karel vanA late Old Babylonian temple archive from Dūr-AbiešuḫHistoryCatalogsA collection of sealed tablets emanating from a fortress on the Tigris called Dūr-Abiešuḫ provides us with substantial Old Babylonian texts and information on the affairs of the city as well as on its relations to Nippur during a period when Nippur appears to have been partially abandoned, after the 30th year of the reign of Samsuiluna (1749-1738 BCE). What transpired at Nippur when Samsuiluna lost control? Until now we had only scarce data suggesting that most of the population left the city and moved further to the North, just as what happened in the other cities to the South, such as Uruk and Larsa. This group of texts housed at Cornell University and published in this volume contain exciting information concerning the partial abandonment of Nippur and how the clergy built a new Ekur (temple) dedicated to Enlil, thus giving credibility to the thesis that the religious institutions might have transferred from Nippur to Babylon. The probable location of Dūr-Abiešuḫ in northern Babylonia, not far from Ḫarradum is argued along with a discussion of changes in the history of Mesopotamian watercourses, particularly the possible extension of the Ḫammurabi-nuḫuš-nišī canal to the North which would have explained the building of a Dam on the Tigris at Dūr-Abiešuḫ in order to insure the continued supply of water to the cities in the South. One of the tablets indeed mentions that Nippur could still be reached by boat using the 30 km canal between Dūr-Abiešuḫ and Nippur+-+4254589846462ocn755698684book20120.93Maiocchi, MassimoClassical Sargonic tablets chiefly from Adab in the Cornell University collectionsCatalogs+-+0764589846151ocn852957637book20130.95Bartash, VitaliMiscellaneous early dynastic and Sargonic texts in the Cornell University collectionsCatalogsI -Texts from the Umma Region -- I.1 -- Administrative -- Early dynastic iiia -- Early dynastic iiib -- Early Sargonic -- Early to middle Sargonic -- Classical Sargonic -- I.2 -- legal -- I.3 -- Mathematical -- I.4 -- School/exercise -- Texts from Adab -- Ii.1 -- Administrative -- Early dynastic iiia/b -- Early dynastic to early Sargonic -- Early Sargonic -- Early to middle Sargonic -- Middle Sargonic -- Middle to classical Sargonic -- Classical Sargonic -- Late Sargonic -- Ii.2 -- bulla -- Ii.3 -- legal -- Ii.4 -- letter -- Texts of uncertain provenance -- Iii.1 -- Administrative texts -- Early dynastic -- Early Sargonic -- Middle to classical Sargonic -- Classical Sargonic -- Late Sargonic -- Iii.2 -- mathematical -- Iii.3 -- royal/monumental -- Iii.4 -- school/exercise31ocn869589472book20140.47Monaco, Salvatore FArchaic bullae and tablets in the Cornell University collections11ocn759991464mix1.00Rabinowitz, IsaacIsaac Rabinowitz papersCorrespondence and subject files relating to his career and to the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell11ocn657124772serial1.00Cornell UniversityNear Eastern Studies newsletterPeriodicals+-+1686504235+-+1686504235Fri Mar 21 15:13:12 EDT 2014batch9917