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Thu Oct 16 17:54:31 2014 UTClccn-n931181400.00Time as matter : MACBA collection; New Acquisitions; [guide has been publ. on the occasion of the presentation Time as Matter. MACBA Collection. New Acquisitions presented at the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona from 15 May to 31 August 2009] /0.761.00Objectes relacionals : coll̃ecció MACBA 2002-2007169748196n 931181403508783Barcelona Museum of Contemporary ArtBarcelone (Espagne)Contemporary Art Museum of BarcelonaM.A.C.B.A.MACMAC BAMACBAMACBA (Barcelona)Museo d'Art ContemporaniMuseo d'Art Contemporani BarcelonaMuseo d'Art Contemporani de BarcelonaMuseo de Arte ContemporaneoMuseo de Arte Contemporaneo BarcelonaMuseo de arte contemporáneo Barcelone, EspagneMuseo de Arte Contemporáneo de BarcelonaMuseo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (1995-)Museu d'Art ContemporaniMuseu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona)Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Catalunya)Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona.Museu d'Art Contemporari de Barcelona (Barcelone)Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst BarcelonaMuseum of Contemporary ArtMuseum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona.Museum of Contemporary Art (Barcelona, Spain)Museum of Contemporary Art (Barcelona, Španělsko)Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (Barcelona)lccn-no00007719Museu Serralveslccn-n91110314Borja-Villel, Manuel J.curedtcrelccn-n95111030Marí, Bartomeuedtlccn-nr91015765Costa, Xavieredtlccn-nr00020575Tate Modern (Gallery)nc-los angeles county museum of artLos Angeles County Museum of Artlccn-nr94010612Drutt, Matthewothlccn-n79132147Lissitzky, El1890-1941lccn-n84126124Sprengel Museum Hannoverlccn-n89659548Pohlmann, UlrichothMuseu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Exhibition catalogsHistoryInterviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsPhotography, ArtisticArt, ModernSpain--BarcelonaMuseu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Lissitzky, El,Baldessari, John,Conceptual artPerformance artArt, SpanishMeier, Richard,AestheticsKinetic artKinetic sculptureMeireles, Cildo,Architecture, PostmodernArt, AmericanPalermo,Spero, Nancy,Tàpies, Antoni,Art, FrenchArt--Political aspectsNew York (State)--New YorkArt and societyUnited StatesFranceNineteen fiftiesNineteen fortiesFrance--ParisAcconci, Vito,Richter, Gerhard,Themes, motivesPainting, GermanMiller, George Bures,Cardiff, Janet,Pistoletto, Michelangelo,Goldblatt, DavidDocumentary photographyApartheidBlacks--Social conditionsSouth AfricaRace relationsCity planningSert, José Luis,Functionalism (Architecture)PhotographyPhotography--Political aspectsPropagandaPettibon, Raymond,Arts, ModernKelley, Mike,192619621987199019921995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013103634681073709N6999.L5ocn496869342ocn807296946ocn496869320ocn496941454ocn641709943ocn490467341ocn807453638ocn470661306ocn762562137ocn495268924ocn185695630ocn755260420ocn1857894925545ocn043070432book19990.59Tupitsyn, MargaritaEl Lissitzky : beyond the Abstract cabinet : photography, design, collaborationExhibition catalogs+-+25263555854196ocn351307397book20090.56Baldessari, JohnJohn Baldessari : pure beautyExhibition catalogs"John Boldessari: Pure Beauty, the most comprehensive volume to date on this legendary California artist, features more than 240 illustrations. Eleven insightfuL essays, by critics, curators, art historians, and an artist and former student, illuminate many aspects of Baldessari's oeuvre and provide a context for the artist's extraordinary contribution to twentieth and twenty-first century art. Few contemporary artists have achieved Baldessari's range and relevance and this stunning volume, with its expansive reproductions and substantial text, provides the definitive look at an artist who has engagingly challenged our very ways of seeing."--BOOK JACKET+-+409898642829514ocn045583218book20000.59Brett, GuyForce fields : phases of the kineticExhibition catalogsKatalog fra udstilling i Barcelona og London, 2000+-+96882704932433ocn037293330book19970.82Meier, RichardRichard Meier, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art+-+810907033622510ocn052053003book20030.82PalermoBlinky PalermoExhibition catalogs+-+K9760404932005ocn251891501book20080.88Spero, NancyNancy Spero : dissidancesInterviewsExhibition catalogs+-+K5162243931986ocn056103301book20040.86Tàpies, AntoniTàpies in perspectiveExhibition catalogs+-+310604049319610ocn181137669book20070.90Be-bomb : the transatlantic war of images and all that jazz, 1946-1956HistoryExhibition catalogs+-+729622439319611ocn044598195book19990.79Buchloh, B. H. DPhotography and painting in the work of Gerhard Richter : four essays on AtlasCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+K64622439318814ocn173134500book20040.82Acconci, VitoVito Hannibal Acconci studioExhibition catalogs+-+662604049318613ocn045138691book20000.77Pistoletto, MichelangeloMichelangelo Pistoletto : [catalogueExhibition catalogs+-+93782704931766ocn048051212book20010.74Goldblatt, DavidFifty-one years, David GoldblattExhibition catalogs+-+53282704931666ocn038731704book19970.84Sert, José LuisSert : arquitecto en Nueva YorkHistoryExhibition catalogs1627ocn593543466book20100.84Graham, RodneyRodney Graham : through the forestExhibition catalogs"This volume was designed in collaboration with Rodney Graham and Yves Gevaert in conjunction with an exhibition of around one hundred pieces produced by the Canadian artist between 1978 and 2009. Graham (*1949 in Vancouver) uses a variety of media in these works, including books, video, sculptures, machines, paintings, photographs, installations, prints, and music; takes up key concepts of art history; and plays with problems of perception. His works require viewers to come up with art-historical or theoretical associations. Graham derives his source material from Sigmund Freud, Edgar Allan Poe, Georg Buchner, Jeff Wall, and many others, while at the same time dealing with them in a respectful, yet ironic manner. One extensive group of works is based on the artist's own unconventional library, and offers annotations, appendices, bookmarks, reading compendiums, as well as display furniture making stylistic reference to Donald Judd. This catalogue also features Graham's paintings, which explore the myths surrounding classic modern painters such as Picasso and other masters."--Publisher's website+-+12207202281616ocn317588104book20080.88Public photographic spaces : exhibitions of Propaganda, from Pressa to The Family of Man, 1928-55HistoryExhibition catalogs+-+51505074931563ocn311520825book20080.77Meireles, CildoCildo MeirelesExhibition catalogs"Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles, born in 1948, has made some of the most politically telling and aesthetically seductive works in recent art. An important theme in the Brazilian postwar avant-garde, from which Meireles emerged at the end of the 1960s, was the relationship between the sensual and the cerebral, the body and the mind. Meireles, now acknowledged as a key instigator of international Conceptual art, has remained true to these concerns - and to a political and ethical viewpoint formed outside the cultures of plenty. At the same time, he has become a global artist, making work that deals with issues and experiences that affect us all - whatever our country of origin. Under the repressive military regime of the late 1960s and early 1970s, which controlled the Brazilian media, Meireles found different ways of reaching the public - stamping bank notes with seditious slogans and returning them into circulation, or stenciling Coke bottles with slogans before sending them back to the bottling plant. Other works play with the sense of space or scale, varying in size from that of a finger ring to an installation covering almost 750 square feet. His installations are always designed to heighten the awareness of his audience, sometimes by inducing fear, as in "Volatile" (1980/94), which includes the presence of a naked candle and the smell of natural gas. "Babel" (2001) is a contemporary take on the myth of the tower that confounded the world's languages." "Lavishly illustrated, this volume includes 10 short thematic essays by leading scholars - including Moacir dos Anjos, Guy Brett, Okwui Enwezor, Maaretta Jaukkuri, Bartomeu Mar', Lu Menezes, Suely Rolnik, Stnia Salzstein and Lynn Zelevansky - as well as previously unpublished commentaries on each work by the artist."--BOOK JACKET+-+96409588461548ocn060780999book20040.86Mallarmé, StéphaneArt and utopia : limited actionExhibition catalogs+-+46360404931537ocn185042714book20070.90A theater without theaterExhibition catalogs+-+75062243931484ocn049635408book20020.77Pettibon, RaymondRaymond Pettibon : plots laid thickExhibition catalogs+-+22482704931467ocn044157775book19970.70Kelley, MikeMike Kelley : 1985-1996Exhibition catalogs+-+9536224393813ocn694828612book20100.93Meier, RichardRichard Meier : Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), BarcelonaHistoryDesigns and plansInterviewsPictorial works+-+2007689893791ocn178965608book20070.82Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller : the killing machine and other stories 1995-2007 ; [Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, 2 February - 1 May 2007 ; Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, 20 May - 26 August 2007]Exhibition catalogs+-+7755720228615ocn054279968book20020.86Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)MACBA collectionCatalogsBetr. u.a. Werke von Paul Klee und Dieter Roth461ocn635925378book20090.79Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Relational objects : MACBA Collection 2002- 07Catalogs+-+0760507493221ocn603043849book20100.77Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Relational objects : MACBA Collection 2002-2007Catalogs+-+0760507493102ocn053281776book20030.84Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Colección MACBA : [itinerarioCatalogs93ocn036461144book19960.86Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona, 1960-1963 : exposició commemorativaHistoryCatalogsExhibition catalogs51ocn231717565book19970.82Meier, RichardRichard Meier, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art+-+810907033641ocn185042713book20070.47Un teatro sin teatroHistoryCatalogsExhibition catalogs31ocn695858311book20100.66Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Objectes relacionals : Col·lecció MACBA 2002-2007Catalogs31ocn635379122book20100.24Fuster, AlbertMACBA : Richard Meier : Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona21ocn698216540book20101.00Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Objectes relacionals : coll̃ecció MACBA 2002-2007Catalogs11ocn699159484book2009Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Time as matter : MACBA collection; New Acquisitions; [guide has been publ. on the occasion of the presentation Time as Matter. MACBA Collection. New Acquisitions presented at the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona from 15 May to 31 August 2009]Catalogs11ocn830035024visu1.00Bauhaus situationiste[Stamps advertising Bauhaus situationist exhibitionsExhibition catalogs11ocn762167731mixVideo organization file : Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain) : miscellaneous uncataloged material11ocn041331430file0.47Museu d'Art Contemporani (Barcelona, Spain)Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona+-+2526355585+-+2526355585Thu Oct 16 15:49:20 EDT 2014batch36202