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Fri Mar 21 17:10:05 2014 UTClccn-n940852920.23Design patterns : de Nederlandse editie : elementen van herbruikbare objectgeoriënteerde software /0.450.56Eclipse : principes, patterns et plug-in /27273348Erich_Gamman 940852923675466Gamma, E. 1961-ガンマ, エリックlccn-n96072482Beck, Kentlccn-n97056899Riehle, Dirktrlnp-johnson, ralphJohnson, Ralphlccn-n84201136Helm, Richardlccn-n98041878Vlissides, Johnnp-lasvergeres, jean marieLasvergères, Jean-Marietrllccn-n50062810Addison-Wesley Publishing Companyviaf-56634403Engler, Oliviertrlnp-andres, cynthiaAndres, Cynthiaviaf-286802998Helm, RichardGamma, ErichObject-oriented programming (Computer science)Computer software--ReusabilitySoftware patternsComputer software--DevelopmenteXtreme programmingSoftware refactoringEclipse (Electronic resource)Software reengineeringSoftware engineeringAgile software developmentObject-oriented methods (Computer science)Text editors (Computer programs)196119861987199119921994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012279838200005.12QA76.64ocn748498035ocn723871518ocn439703254ocn439084503ocn863779531ocn441326659183392ocn031171684book19870.47Gamma, ErichDesign patterns : elements of reusable object-oriented softwareFour software designers present a catalog of simple and succinct solutions to commonly occurring design problems, using Smalltalk and C++ in example code. These 23 patterns allow designers to create more flexible, elegant, and ultimately reusable designs without having to rediscover the design solutions themselves. The authors begin by describing what patterns are and how they can help you design object-oriented software. They go on to systematically name, explain, evaluate, and catalog recurring designs in object-oriented systems.--From publisher description+-+761881657543619ocn075684772book19960.37Entwurfsmuster : Elemente wiederverwendbarer objektorientierter Software+-+761881657522716ocn053083855book20030.50Gamma, ErichContributing to Eclipse : principles, patterns, and plug-ins+-+3020576785393ocn181343158book20040.56Gamma, ErichEclipse : principes, patterns et plug-inInitiation à cet environnement de développement orienté Java. Basé sur des exemples pratiques, en particulier sur un module complémentaire déjà réalisé, il porte surtout sur le développement de tels modules, plutôt que sur le développement d'applications. Des références à des ressources Internet permettent d'approfondir les notions abordées. [SDM]392ocn708294974visu20060.47Gamma, ErichEclipse principes, patterns et plug-in381ocn076694199book20040.37Gamma, ErichEclipse erweitern : Prinzipien, Patterns und Plug-Ins302ocn075318105book19920.32Gamma, ErichObjektorientierte Software-Entwicklung am Beispiel von ET++ : Design-Muster, Klassenbibliothek, Werkzeuge248ocn807730608book20020.47Patrones de diseño : elementos de software orientado a objetos reutilizableEn este libro se introducen los principios de los patrones de diseño y ofrecen un catálogo de dichos patrones. Este libro muestra el papel que los patrones pueden desempeñar diseñando la arquitectura de sistemas complejos y proporciona una referencia práctica de un conjunto de excelentes patrones que el desarrollador puede aplicar para construir sus propias aplicaciones213ocn492676707book20000.53Beck, KentExtreme programming eXplained : embrace change"Extreme Programming (XP) was conceived and developed to address the specific needs of software development conducted by small teams in the face of vague and changing requirements. This new lightweight methodology challenges many conventional tenets, including the long-held assumption that the cost of changing a piece of software necessarily rises dramatically over the course of time. XP recognizes that projects have to work to achieve this reduction in cost and exploit the savings once they have been earned." "You may love XP or you may hate it, but Extreme Programming Explained will force you to take a fresh look at how you develop software."--BOOK JACKET+-+3013276785184ocn246725890book19910.35Gamma, ErichObjektorientierte Software-Entwicklung am Beispiel von ET++ : Klassenbibliothek, Werkzeuge, Design141ocn044896102book19980.28Gamma, ErichDesign patterns : elements of reusable object orientated software101ocn067561080book20000.23Design patterns : de Nederlandse editie : elementen van herbruikbare objectgeoriënteerde software101ocn059303441book20030.47Beck, KentContributing to Eclipse : principles, patterns, and plugins+-+302057678585ocn055622304book20020.47Gamma, ErichDesign patterns : elementi per il riuso di software a oggetti55ocn718060921book20040.56Fowler, MartinRefactoring : improving the design of existing codeRefactoring, a first example. Principles in refactoring. Bad smells in code (by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler). Building tests. Toward a catalog of refactorings. Composing methods. Moving features between objects. Organizing data. Simplifying conditional expressions. Making method calls simpler. Dealing with generalization. Big refactorings (by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler). Refactoring, Reuse, and Reality (by Willian opdyke). Refactoring tools (by Don Roberts and John Brant). Putting it all together+-+721039657542ocn749570425book20050.47Wzorce projektowe : elementy oprogramowania obiektowego wielokrotnego użytku42ocn018930548book19860.47Gamma, ErichEdit : an extensible text editor42ocn493595699book20040.47Gamma, ErichContributing to Eclipse principles, patterns, and plugs-in+-+302057678545ocn675527208book19950.47Obujiekuto shikō ni okeru sairiyō no tameno dezain patān44ocn860356862book19950.47Design patterns CD elements of reusable object-oriented software+-+3349816575+-+7618816575+-+7618816575Fri Mar 21 16:12:01 EDT 2014batch13309