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Fri Mar 21 17:09:44 2014 UTClccn-n940921750.08A life at stake0.270.97Interlude27275343Keith_Andesn 940921754214159Andes, John Charleslccn-n83187397Stanwyck, Barbara1907-1990actlccn-n79043386Lang, Fritz1890-1976drtlccn-n79055651Monroe, Marilyn1926-1962actlccn-n85199132Ryan, Robert1909-1973actlccn-n78038681Douglas, Paul1907-1959actlccn-n50082580RKO Radio Picturesprolccn-n50025133Hayes, Alfredauslccn-n50036692Odets, Clifford1906-1963lccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)dstlccn-n87911954Webb, Roy1888-1982cmpAndes, KeithDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision adaptationsHistoryKirk, James T. (Fictitious character)Spock (Fictitious character)Exploration of outer spaceOuter spaceInterplanetary voyagesMcCoy, Leonard (Fictitious character)Science and civilizationOdets, Clifford,MarriageLoveFishersTriangles (Interpersonal relations)California--MontereySulu, Hikaru (Fictitious character)Scott, Montgomery (Fictitious character)Space shipsSpace flightLife on other planetsMusicalsMusicals--ExcerptsWorld War (1939-1945)United States.--NavyPacific OceanMilitary campaignsMan-woman relationshipsPiratesStrauss, Johann,MurderLegal dramaStar Trek fictionHostagesFugitives from justiceFilm noirAdulterySea storiesTrials (Murder)ConspiraciesTeach, Edward,United StatesConductors (Music)Young womenBattleshipsBloomer, Amelia Jenks,Women's rightsRace discriminationItaly--San Pietro InfineKorean War (1950-1953)San Pietro, Battle of (San Pietro Infine, Italy : 1943)PhilippinesItaly1920200519491953195719601961196719681978198219841985198719911993199519961997199820002001200220032005200620072008200920102011201214584473791.4575PN1997ocn060709906ocn261134071ocn035231118ocn292768019ocn603759715ocn607088723ocn691265655ocn026020491ocn006959375ocn316302015ocn816098522ocn678625257ocn025840801ocn027254807ocn232664458ocn646348606ocn7248289015783ocn060709906visu19960.24Lang, FritzClash by nightDramaFilm adaptationsA party girl decides she has had enough of the wild lifestyle and returns to her childhood home, where she finds security with a new husband but soon finds herself in an affair with his best friend3231ocn261134071visu20080.19Star trek, the original seriesDramaThe spaceship U.S.S. Enterprise, with its 430 crew members captained by James T. Kirk, travels the universe "to boldly go where no man has gone before."1204ocn026020491rcrd19910.31Coleman, CyLucille Ball in Wildcat a new musical932ocn006959375rcrd19610.56Coleman, CyWildcat original cast401ocn047911929visu20000.18Star trek, the original seriesDramaThe changeling: Kirk finds a way to stop a killer computer from its next target --Earth402ocn053965313visu19930.39The great waltzDramaBased on the life of composer Johann Strauss382ocn316302015rcrd19610.63Coleman, CyWildcatOriginal cast Lucille Ball319ocn020275896visu19530.23Walsh, RaoulBlackbeard the pirateDramaHigh-action extravaganza inspired by the notorious life and high times of the eighteenth century American pirate231ocn292768019visu20060.19Please murder meDramaPlease murder me: A lawyer wins an a acquittal for his client, a woman accused of murder. After the verdict, he finds out that she indeed did commit the murder and manipulated him to win her acquittal. Guilt-ridden, and knowing that she can't be tried again for the murder, he devises a plan to bring her to justice. -- http://imdb.com233ocn603759715visu19530.25Powell, DickSplit secondDramaEscaped killers led flee a Nevada prison to the ghost town of Yucca Flats, even though a nuclear blast is set to detonate there at 6 a.m. the following morning. Drawing a hapless group of passersby into their circle of desperation, the killers hold court over a night of suspense and terror201ocn607088723visu20090.14Dangerous dames collectionDramaThe Strange Love Of Martha Ivers. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin. A predatory female (Stanwyck) plots to rid herself of a meek husband (Douglas) and silence a former lover (Heflin) who may have witnessed the "untimely" death of her mean-spirited, wealthy stepmother. Too Late For Tears. Cast: Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Kennedy. Pennies from heaven quickly turn to blood money when a married couple (Scott, Kennedy) mistakenly receives a satchel of stolen cash and the faithless wife schemes to keep the loot for herself!. Lady Of Burlesque. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O'Shea. A striptease artist (Stanwyck) is up to her neck in trouble when two fellow dancers are found strangled by their own g-strings and she becomes the prime suspect! . Blonde Ice. Cast: Leslie Brooks, Robert Paige. A blonde bombshell (Brooks) rises from humble beginnings to become a successful society columnist by romancing wealthy men who all die under mysterious circumstances. One of the most deadly femme fatales in the history of film noir!. A Life At Stake. Cast: Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes An enterprising businesswoman (Lansbury) has big plans for an out-of-work architect (Andes)--a lucrative job and an illicit love affair. Unfortunately for him, her plans also include murder!. Please Murder Me. Cast: Angela Lansbury, Raymond Burr. A sultry femme fatale (Lansbury) accused of killing her husband tricks a love-smitten attorney (Burr) into acquitting her. But when the lawyer learns he's been duped, he sets an ingenious trap to bring the murderess to justice142ocn048100886visu20010.18Away all boats!DramaCaptain Hawks, a no-nonsense U.S. Navy man, is determined to whip his untested attack transport and raw recruits into a seasoned fighting machine121ocn816098522visu20120.63Arlen, HaroldBloomer girlHistoryDramaTelevision adaptations"The book ... is set at the brink of the Civil War and addresses the issues of women's equality (priorities were the right to vote and to wear "bloomers," a liberating alternative to hoop skirts) and racial equality ... " -- Container121ocn013899430visu19670.17Star Trek, the television series the appleThe natives of Gamma Trianguli VI are ruled by "Vaal", an all-seeing "god", which interprets the presence of the Enterprise as a threat to the stability of the culture111ocn264799146visu20070.27Surrender hellDrama"True-life WWII drama of Lt. Blackburn who avoided capture by the Japanese in the Philippines by venturing far into the unforgiving jungle, battling disease, starvation, and hostile fire at every turn. He finally amassed a platoon of natives (including headhunters) to his cause and led successful attacks"--Container101ocn678625257visu20100.33Florence Henderson, Shirley Jones Bell Telephone hour telecasts, 1960-196691ocn731423994visu20110.21InterludeDramaA young woman travels to Munich seeking adventure and romance. She meets a symphony conductor and begins a relationship with him. However, she soon discovers that he has a family, and to complicate her situation, she meets a former suitor, a doctor, who works in a Munich hospital83ocn137236360com19950.08A life at stakeDramaAn architect and real estate developer who was swidled by his former partners is introduced to a beautiful real estate agent. She proposes that he join her in a business venture which her husband will finance. He is seduced by both her and the business proposal, seeing a way to repay his debtors, restore his reputation, and start a new life. However, a major condition of the partnership causes him to be suspicious of the offer and fear for his life85ocn213296498visu20080.97Sirk, DouglasInterludeDramaA young woman travels to Munich seeking adventure and romance. She meets a symphony conductor and begins a relationship with him. However, she soon discovers that he has a family and to complicate her situation she meets a former suitor, a doctor, who works in a Munich hospital61ocn806969156visu20100.21Hollywood bombshell collectionDramaWhistle stop: a small town girl returns home as a glamorous femme fatale and ignites a deadly love triangle between a small-time hood and an unsavory nightclub ownerFri Mar 21 15:52:47 EDT 2014batch15472