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Fri Mar 21 17:10:14 2014 UTClccn-n940402460.19Borderliners /0.231.00Atila : tikkende stilhed = ticking silence /31224991n 940402463592751Haveland, BarbaraHaveland, Barbara J.lccn-n93118292Høeg, Peter1957-lccn-n97099952Ullmann, Linn1966-lccn-n82210393Kjærstad, Jan1953-lccn-n81071045Jensen, Carsten1952-lccn-n80093419Michael, Iblccn-n95028349Balle, Solvej1962-lccn-n85136020Davidsen, Leif1950-lccn-no96044623Andersen, Merete Morken1965-lccn-n91060472Lønn, Øysteinlccn-n86027373Søndergaard, Morten1964-Haveland, BarbaraFictionPsychological fictionHistoryExhibition catalogsSuspense fictionGuidebooksSea storiesHistorical fictionDenmarkDenmark--CopenhagenSpecial educationHuman-animal relationshipsApesEngland--LondonShort storiesNorwayTravelWomenAsiaDeathScandinaviaTerminally ill--Family relationshipsTeenage boysLife change eventsNorway--OsloNursesMarriageUxoricideBiographersTelevision personalitiesDanish fictionFjordsFathers and daughtersEx-convictsSpousesEnglandElopementMan-woman relationshipsLife and death, Power overLove storiesBrothers and sistersScience fiction, DanishPhotography, ArtisticPhotographyWomen--PsychologyInsanity (Law)Village communitiesDivorceChildren of divorced parentsSuicideTelevision producers and directorsJensen, CarstenRational suicideRunaway wivesCultureVoyages and travelsBoysFishing villages1994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201220132014814725105839.81374PT8176.18.O335ocn853244614ocn861508337ocn442585491ocn439608622ocn456197215ocn813573078ocn440632318ocn438919987ocn438807001ocn420803967161217ocn035084467book19960.20Høeg, PeterThe woman and the apeFictionIn London, a housewife repays her scientist husband for making her life miserable by releasing an equally unhappy ape on which he was experimenting. Together they take off to a wildlife reserve where they have an affair and she teaches him to talk. Part comedy, part study of animal exploitation, by a Danish writer, author of Smilla's Sense of Snow+-+0857479285136611ocn030437554book19940.19Høeg, PeterBorderlinersFictionPsychological fictionA novel of psychological suspense on three children, misfits in a boarding school which uses them as guinea pigs for a secret experiment by the Danish government. They turn the tables by conducting an experiment of their own. By the author of Smilla's Sense of Snow+-+5900669285114314ocn032544765book19950.22Høeg, PeterThe history of Danish dreamsHistoryFictionHistorical fictionA satire on Denmark. The characters include a count who decides to stop time by outlawing clocks on his estate, an old lady who presides over a newspaper dynasty and devotes herself to predicting the future, and a son who causes his parents sorrow by refusing to be a thief like them. By the author of Borderliners+-+138626928597710ocn037310723book19970.20Høeg, PeterTales of the nightFictionA collection of chiaroscuro stories by a Danish writer. One is on a woman idealizing love who discovers its reality, another is on a judge who runs off with a young man he just sentenced for homosexuality, a third is on a 1920s European whose eyes are opened to the dark side of civilizing African natives. By the author of The Woman and the Ape+-+49072792856458ocn055596099book20050.20Ullmann, LinnGraceFictionA haunting meditation on the beauty of life in the face of human mortality follow's one man's search for meaning in the face of terminal cancer and the inevitable arrival of Death+-+70379555964972ocn047805033book20000.20Jensen, CarstenI have seen the world beginGuidebooksA Danish literary critic describes his journey to the Far East, blending social commentary, personal insights, global history, and observations of people and places in his portraits of the cultures of China, Cambodia, and Vietnam+-+83125560654637ocn051537174book20030.21Ullmann, LinnStella descendingFictionFollowing Stella's death in a suspicious fall, the people she has left behind remember details about her life that reveal her to be a jealous wife, compliant mistress, treasured friend, angelic nurse, and unloved daughter+-+64496902854476ocn041445760book19990.23Michael, IbPrinceFictionSea storiesA friendship between a boy and a ghost in a fishing village in Denmark. The boy is a city orphan and the ghost--the shapeshifting spirit of a dead sailor-- becomes his guardian angel to preserve his innocence+-+48728792852141ocn232314117book20090.24Kjærstad, JanThe conqueror : a novelFictionYoung gay man seeking the truth about his mother's past+-+38597398461874ocn070063104book20030.24Kjærstad, JanThe seducerFictionInterludes of memory and fancy are mixed with a murder investigation in this panoramic vision of contemporary Norway. Jonas Wergeland, a successful TV producer and well-recognized ladies man, returns home to find his wife murdered and his life suddenly splayed open for all to see. As Jonas becomes a detective into his wife's death, the reader also begins to investigate Jonas himself, and the road his life has taken to reach this point, asking "How do the pieces of a life fit together? Do they fit together at all? The life Jonas has built begins to peel away like the layers of an onion, slowly growing smaller. His quest for the killer becomes a quest into himself, his past, and everything that has made him the man he seems to be. Translated into English for the first time, this bestselling Norwegian novel transports and transfixes readers who come along for the ride+-+00122103061574ocn298783575book20080.32Kjærstad, JanThe discoverer : a novelFiction"The final novel in a trilogy of books about the Norwegian television celebrity Jonas Wergeland, The Discoverer finds Jonas released from prison, having completed his sentence for the death of his wife. He has taken a job as a secretary aboard the Voyager, a ship which is exploring the far reaches of the Sognefjord, the longest fjord in the world. On the ship, Jonas works for a team of young people, including his daughter, Kristin, who are engaged in a multimedia project that is seeking to chart every aspect of the fjord in a new medium that merges text, image, film, and design."--Publisher+-+27697398461162ocn318090685book20090.23Davidsen, LeifThe woman from BratislavaFictionSuspense fictionSpring 1999, NATO is bombing Yugoslavia when the impossible happens. One of their indestructible fighter planes is shot down. Someone had obviously been leaking information. Teddy Pedersen, a middle-aged univesity teacher is thrown into the mix that includes murder and a mysterious Eastern Euorpean woman+-+00886915461162ocn035017167book19960.56Balle, SolvejAccording to the law : four accounts of mankindShort stories on obsession. A doctor is obsessed with cutting up a body in just the right manner, a physicist to experience the state of nothingness, a woman to grasp the essence of pain, and a painter to fuse with the object she is painting. By a Danish writer+-+8476195136324732ocn056650804book20040.76Andersen, Merete MorkenOceans of timeFiction+-+0664009546613ocn271774902book20090.86Lønn, ØysteinAccording to SofiaFictionPsychological fiction+-+9984009546362ocn784042028book20120.96Søndergaard, MortenA step in the right direction121ocn255734761book20070.86Brundtland, Cecilie MalmNorwegian art photography 1970-2007HistoryExhibition catalogs+-+6675542438111ocn853244614book20140.19Ullmann, LinnThe cold song : a novelFictionPsychological fiction"Some years after the disappearance of a young woman, three boys uncover her body during a treasure hunt out in the woods of Norway. THE COLD SONG centers itself on the individual lives of a small family and the murder of this woman, their babysitter, Milla. In life, Milla's relationship with the family is constructed by the many details that come to implicate each character in her murder, implications that haunt them all once her body is found. Milla, whom no one thought much of, seemed to set everything and everyone in motion, and after the crime against her is brought to light, a lingering unease continues to eat away at those who desired her, those who searched for her, those who killed her, those who tried to forget her, those who mourned her, those who found her, and those who turned their backs on her, alike"--62ocn266000337book20010.47Lønn, ØysteinThe necessary rituals of Maren GripeFiction+-+K98866255521ocn701039048book20041.00AtilaAtila : tikkende stilhed = ticking silenceExhibition catalogs+-+5900669285+-+5900669285Fri Mar 21 15:33:02 EDT 2014batch17389