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Fri Mar 21 17:08:09 2014 UTClccn-n940776340.00Archimedes, the Center of Gravity, and the First Law of Mechanics0.380.92The electric force of a current : Weber and the surface charges of resistive conductors carrying steady currents /24704279n 940776343662238Assis, André K. 1962-Assis, André K. T.Assis, Andre K. T., 1962-Assis, André Koch TorresKoch Assis André TorresKoch Torres Assis, André, 1962-....Torres Assis André KochTorres Assis, André Koch, 1962-lccn-n80104666Archimedesviaf-106665745Hernandes, Julio Akashi1977-lccn-n83826165Weber, Wilhelm Eduard1804-1891viaf-231947193Magnaghi, C. P.(Ceno Pietro)1942-lccn-no2001060509Bueno, Marcelo de Almeidalccn-n83826164Wiederkehr, Karl Heinrichlccn-n85232523EBSCOhostlccn-n95076367Wolfschmidt, Gudrunedtlccn-nr97013028Härtel, Hermann1936-trlnp-axt, rolandoAxt, RolandoAssis, André Koch Torres1962-TextbooksHistoryMechanicsMechanics--ExperimentsCenter of massElectricity--ExperimentsElectricityArchimedesElectric circuitsElectromagnetismElectric conductorsElectrostaticsGravitationInertia (Mechanics)ElectrodynamicsInductanceForce and energyWeber, Wilhelm Eduard,Electric currentsPhysicsMathematicsComputer engineeringAtoms--Models1962199419951998199920012002200720082009201020112012201347792754531.14QA83914795ocn686681863com20080.35Assis, André Koch TorresArchimedes, the center of gravity, and the first law of mechanics the law of the leverTextbooksPublisher's description: Archimedes, the Center of Gravity, and the First Law of Mechanics deals with the most fundamental aspects of physics. The book describes the main events in the life of Archimedes and the content of his works. It goes on to discuss a large number of experiments relating to the equilibrium of suspended bodies under the influence of Earth's gravitational force. All experiments are clearly described and performed with simple, inexpensive materials. These experiments lead to a clear conceptual definition of the center of gravity of material bodies and illustrate practical procedures for locating it precisely. The conditions of stable, neutral, and unstable equilibrium are analyzed. Many equilibrium toys and games are described and explained. Historical aspects of the concept are presented, together with the theoretical values of center of gravity obtained by Archimedes. The book also explains how to build and calibrate precise balances and levers. Several experiments are performed leading to a mathematical definition of the center of gravity and the first law of mechanics, also called the law of the lever. Consequences of this law and different explanations of it are described at the end of the book, together with an exhaustive analysis of the works of Euclid and Archimedes7433ocn656846756file20100.33Assis, André Koch TorresThe experimental and historical foundations of electricityHistory7201ocn128326149file20070.33Assis, André Koch TorresThe electric force of a current Weber and the surface charges of resistive conductors carrying stready currents7065ocn650604271file19990.37Assis, André Koch TorresRelational mechanics+-+87431831453246532ocn656863035file20100.35Assis, André Koch TorresOs fundamentos experimentais e históricos da eletricidadeHistory1642ocn785209184com20120.50Assis, André Koch TorresThe illustrated method of Archimedes utilizing the law of the lever to calculate areas, volumes, and centers of gravity1476ocn031045628book19940.90Assis, André Koch TorresWeber's electrodynamicsThis volume is a substantially complete presentation of the electrodynamics developed by Wilhelm Weber. Weber's force between point charges is explored and thoroughly analysed. Ampère's force between current elements is discussed in connection with modern experiments relating to the Ampère versus Grassmann--Biot--Savart controversy. Ampère's force is a central feature of this work, as Maxwell maintained it should always be in the study of electrodynamics, although it is included in few textbooks on electromagnetism. A detailed study of this force is an outstanding feature of this book. Other topical questions of physics are analysed, such as a potential-dependent inertial mass, Mach's principle and the origin of inertia, action at a distance as opposed to contact actions, etc. No previous knowledge of the subject is required, and all topics are introduced with both their historical backgrounds as well as modern experimental evidence. This volume will appeal to physicists, mathematicians, electrical and electronic engineers, historians and philosophers of science+-+5286887425682ocn047672968book20010.90Bueno, Marcelo de AlmeidaInductance and force calculations in electrical circuits+-+6264725106403ocn086004240book20070.92Assis, André Koch TorresThe electric force of a current : Weber and the surface charges of resistive conductors carrying steady currents&Quot;The Electric Force of a Current analyzes the electric force between a charge and a circuit carrying a steady current when they are at rest relative to one another. It presents experiments and analytical calculations showing the existence of this force, contrary to the statements of many scientists. It also includes calculations of the potential and electric field inside and outside resistive conductors carrying steady currents, and the distribution of charges along the surface of the conductors that generate this field. It contains two appendices that discuss the works of Wilhelm Weber and Gustav Kirchhoff, and a substantial bibliography of modern literature on the topic."--BOOK JACKET352ocn656803230com20080.56Assis, André Koch TorresArquimedes, o centro de gravidade e a lei da alavancaTextbooks65ocn778706795book20110.47Assis, André Koch TorresWeber's planetary model of the atom21ocn847202563file20100.47Assis, André Koch TorresOs Fundamentos Experimentais e Históricos Da Eletricidade22ocn847509905file2008Assis, André Koch TorresArchimedes, the Center of Gravity, and the First Law of MechanicsAnnotation22ocn817585775book19980.92Bueno, Marcelo de AlmeidaCálculo de indutância e de força em circuitos elétricos11ocn055931668book20020.47Newton, IsaacÓptica11ocn847872951file2007Assis, André Koch TorresThe Electric Force of a Current Weber and the Surface Charges of Resistive Conductors Carrying Steady CurrentsAnnotation11ocn847195194file2010Assis, André Koch TorresThe Experimental and Historical Foundations of Electricity11ocn844929336com20110.47Assis, AndreWeber's Planetary Model of the Atom/ von AndreKoch Torres Assis; Karl Heinrich Wiedekehr; GudrunWolfschmidt11ocn847412283file1999Assis, André Koch TorresRelational Mechanics+-+874318314532411ocn817122804book20080.47Magnaghi, C. PÉ apresentada uma tradução completa para o português do artigo de Volta descrevendo sua invenção da pilha elétrica. : uma tradução comentada do artigo de volta de 1800 descrevendo sua invenção da pilha elétricaÉ apresentada uma tradução completa para o português do artigo de Volta descrevendo sua invenção da pilha elétrica+-+5286887425+-+5286887425Fri Mar 21 16:12:38 EDT 2014batch12630