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Thu Oct 16 17:50:39 2014 UTClccn-n950049620.00Il velo di Einstein : il nuovo mondo della fisica quantistica /0.520.98Frontiers of neutron scattering : proceedings of the Conference on Frontiers of Neutron Scattering held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on September 23-24, 1985 : in honour of Clifford G. Shull on the occasion of his 70th birthday /12477286Anton_Zeilingern 950049623756232Zeilinger, A.Zeilinger, A. 1945-Zeilinger, A. (Anton)Zeilinger, Antonツァイリンガー, Alccn-no2001042761Palma, G. M.edtlccn-no2001042759Macchiavello, C.(Chiara)lccn-n00015015Bouwmeester, Dirk1967-edtlccn-n00015014Ekert, Artur K.1961-edtlccn-n95004926Greenberger, Daniel M.edtlccn-n50016729Wheeler, John Archibald1911-2008hnrlccn-no96024803Bertlmann, Reinhold A.edtcrelccn-n85802438Bell, J. S.dtelccn-nb99096238Reiter, Wolfgang L.edtlccn-n84021003Denardo, G.(Gallieno)1935-edtZeilinger, AntonConference proceedingsNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcHistoryQuantum computersQuantum theoryQuantum teleportationPhotonsQuantum opticsWheeler, John Archibald,Bell's theoremBell, J. SPhysics--PhilosophyInterferometrySuperconducting quantum interference devicesPhysicsData structures (Computer science)Quantum field theoryQuantum communicationGenetic epistemologyScience--PhilosophyPhilosophy of natureWave mechanicsNeutrons--ScatteringSchrödinger, Erwin,HistoryChanceAestheticsQuantum theory--PhilosophyScienceInterferometry, NeutronShimony, AbnerHorne, MichaelInformation theory--MathematicsQuantum logicInterferometers1945195619671970197819861988199419951997199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013339658159004.1QA76.889ocn468613642ocn797786893ocn470118073ocn455085901ocn441091086ocn441084403ocn468517693ocn815756585ocn804696702ocn442809193ocn722999873ocn704893915ocn72326100710078ocn261134889file20000.47Macchiavello, CQuantum computation and quantum information theory reprint volume with introductory notes for ISI TMR Network School, 12-23 July 1999, Villa Gualino, Torino, Italy+-+326697563482410ocn429024672book20100.27Zeilinger, AntonDance of the photons : from Einstein to quantum teleportationAnton Zeilinger draws on his own experiments, conducted in various locations around the world, to demonstrate the truth behind the theory that two elementary particles far removed from one another can influence each other's properties+-+011487928544616ocn043919627book20000.70Bouwmeester, DirkThe physics of quantum information : quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, quantum computationLeading experts from The Physics of Quantum Information network, a European Commission initiative, bring together the most recent results from the emerging area of quantum technology. Written in a consistent style, the book introduces quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, and quantum computation, considering both theory and the latest experiments. Thus scientists working in the field and advanced students will find it to be a rich source of information on this exciting new area+-+932211590830113ocn031971081book19950.86Greenberger, Daniel MFundamental problems in quantum theory : a conference held in honor of Professor John A. WheelerConference proceedings2015ocn049404213book20020.82Quantum [un]speakables : from Bell to quantum informationConference proceedings"The book leads the reader from the foundations of quantum mechanics to quantum entanglement, quantum cryptography, and quantum information, and is written for all those who need more insight into this new area of physics."--BOOK JACKET+-+710279590811411ocn052105806book20030.33Zeilinger, AntonEinsteins Schleier : die neue Welt der Quantenphysik986ocn043030588book19990.88Greenberger, Daniel MEpistemological and experimental perspectives on quantum physicsFrom the very beginning it was realised that quantum physics involves radically new interpretative and epistemological consequences. While hitherto there has been no satisfactory philosophical analysis of these consequences, recent years have witnessed the accomplishment of many experiments to test the foundations of quantum physics, opening up vistas to a completely novel technology: quantum technology. The contributions in the present volume review the interpretative situation, analyze recent fundamental experiments, and discuss the implications of possible future technological applications. Readership: Analytic philosophers (logical empiricists), scientists (especially physicists), historians of logic, mathematics and physics, philosophers of science, and advanced students and researchers in these fields. Can be used for seminars on theoretical and experimental physics and philosophy of science, and as supplementary reading at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels+-+K815187425645ocn031732314book19940.86Adriatico Workshop on Quantum InterferometryProceedings of the Adriatico Workshop on Quantum Interferometry : 2-5 March 1993, Trieste, ItalyConference proceedings496ocn181452866book20050.27Zeilinger, AntonEinsteins Spuk Teleportation und weitere Mysterien der Quantenphysik342ocn150248809book20060.18Zeilinger, AntonTeleportatie en andere mysteries in de kwantummechanicaNiet-wiskundige beschrijving van de kwantummechanica vanuit het perspectief van de mogelijke toepassing in teleportatie297ocn799319851book2005Zeilinger, AntonIl velo di Einstein : il nuovo mondo della fisica quantistica274ocn049785912book20020.63Quantum (un)speakables : from Bell to quantum informationConference proceedings+-+7102795908253ocn801038225com20010.84Alber, GQuantum information : an introduction to basic theoretical concepts and experimentsThe new technological prospects of processing quantum infor- mation are attracting not only physicists but also re- searchers from other communities, most prominently computer scientists. This book provides a self-contained introduction to the basic theoretical concepts, experimental techniques and recent advances in the fields of quantum communication, quantum information and quantum computation. In accordance with their interdisciplinary character, these central research topics in the emerging area of quantum technology are addressed both from the physical point of view and from the point of view of computer science, by leading experts. The introductory and self-contained character of the contributions should make this book particularly attractive to students and active researchers in physics and computer science who want to become acquainted with the underlying basic ideas and recent advances in the rapidly evolving field of quantum information processing+-+3111695908181ocn251002454book19670.30Jenness, RobertGrundzüge der Milchchemie182ocn066450366book20050.23Zeilinger, AntonToeval! : hoe de kwantumfysica ons wereldbeeld verandert151ocn793098100book20120.92Zeilinger, AntonAnton ZeilingerNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc147ocn173842547book20070.70Zeilinger, AntonDer Zufall als NotwendigkeitHistoryConference proceedings93ocn013506681book19860.98Conference on Frontiers of Neutron ScatteringFrontiers of neutron scattering : proceedings of the Conference on Frontiers of Neutron Scattering held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on September 23-24, 1985 : in honour of Clifford G. Shull on the occasion of his 70th birthdayConference proceedings93ocn018527107book19880.93International Workshop on Matter Wave Interferometry in the Light of Schrödinger's Wave MechanicsMatter wave interferometry : proceedings of the International Workshop on Matter Wave Interferometry in the Light of Schrödinger's Wave Mechanics held in Vienna, Austria, 14-16 September 1987 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of E. Schrödinger's birthConference proceedings72ocn593722873book20000.10Zeilinger, AntonQuantum Teleportation+-+0114879285141ocn794032217book20120.92Zeilinger, AntonAnton ZeilingerNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc11ocn881394800file2002Horne, MichaelOral history interview with Michael A. HorneMichael Horne discusses his research on neutron interferometry, starting in the mid-1970s and subsequent work on multi-particle interferometry, entanglement and down conversion. Interactions with Clifford Shull, Abner Shimony, Anton Zeilinger and Daniel Greenberger+-+0114879285+-+0114879285Thu Oct 16 16:06:42 EDT 2014batch16877