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Thu Oct 16 17:56:00 2014 UTClccn-n950188780.00Le réseau SIBIL au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg /0.910.95Humanistica Luxemburgensia : la Bombarda de Barthélemy Latomus [et] les Opuscula de Conrad Vecerius /23841490n 95018878np-cicero, marcus tulliusCicero, Marcus Tulliuslccn-no2009132921Melchior, Myriamedtlccn-n85827740Latomus, Bartholomaeus1485?-1570lccn-no2009133883Vecerius, Conradapproximately 1487-1527lccn-n80020628AdrianVIPope1459-1523lccn-n86041196HenryVIIHoly Roman Emperor1269?-1313lccn-n87845217Réseau romand des bibliothèques utilisant SIBILlccn-n82106925HELLEGOUAR'CH, JOSEPH.Loutsch, ClaudeCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryDialogues, LatinCicero, Marcus TulliusTechniqueRhetoric, AncientAdrian--VI,--Pope,Henry--VII,--Holy Roman Emperor,Latomus, Bartholomaeus,Artillery19831991199319942009266623879.8PA6357ocn49539933016513ocn034079886book19910.92Loutsch, ClaudeL'exorde dans les discours de CicéronCriticism, interpretation, etcTHE THESIS FOCUSES ON THE PERSUASIVE FUNCTION OF THE EXORDIUM IN CICERO'S SPEECHES. PART ONE SURVEYS THE ANCIENT THEORIES ABOUT EXORDIA, SUCH AS WE KNOW THEM THROUGH THE "DE INUENTIONE" AND THE "DE ORATORE" OF CICERO HIMSELF AND THE "RHETORICA AD HERENNIUM". THE MAJOR PART OF THE WORK IS A RHETORICAL ANALYSIS OF TWENTY-SEVEN EXORDIA BELONGING TO SPEECHES RANGING OVER THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS (80-43 B.C.) OF THE LONG ORATORICAL CAREER OF THE GREAT ROMAN STATESMAN AND LAWYER. EACH ANALYSIS DEMONSTRATES HOW CICERO, THROUGH AN APPROPRIATE CHOICE AND ARRANGEMENT OF EXORDIAL THEMES, PREPARES HIS AUDIENCE TO LISTEN SYMPATHETICALLY AND ATTENTIVELY AND INTELLIGENTLY TO THE SUBSEQUENT ARGUMENTATION. THE UNDERLYING IDEA IS THAT THE ORATOR AIMS MAINLY AT EFFICIENCY. PART THREE IS A GENERAL OUTLINE OF THE EXORDIAL TOPICS IN CICERO'S SPEECHES. THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCLUSION OF THIS STUDY MAY BE AS FOLLOWS: APART FROM SENATORIAL SPEECHES, WHERE THE EXORDIUM IS PURELY INFORMATIVE, ITS FUNCTION IS MOSTLY ETHICAL AND CONSISTS MUCH LESS IN INTRODUCING THE MATTER UNDER DISCUSSION THAN IN PRESENTING THE PERSONS INVOLVED; IT ENFORCES THE REPUTATION OF THE ORATOR HIMSELF AND ENHANCES THOSE QUALITIES OF HIS THAT UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE MOST LIKELY TO ENSURE HIM THE CONFIDENCE OF HIS AUDIENCE946ocn432159934book20090.95Latomus, BartholomaeusHumanistica Luxemburgensia : la Bombarda de Barthélemy Latomus [et] les Opuscula de Conrad VeceriusPoetry41ocn084533761book1993Loutsch, ClaudeLe réseau SIBIL au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg11ocn845623918book2009Humanistica Luxemburgensia11ocn840076089book19830.47Loutsch, ClaudeIudicatio dubia (CIC., Inv. I,20)11ocn716329878art1993Loutsch, ClaudePrincipes et pratiques de l'indexation matière au LuxembourgThu Oct 16 15:19:34 EDT 2014batch4814