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Fri Mar 21 17:13:19 2014 UTClccn-n951115740.00Stone, Sharon0.161.00Action Jackson motion picture stills collection61688646Sharon_Stonen 9511157459979603972719Stone, Sharonlccn-n92060950Verhoeven, Paul1938-prfflmdrtlccn-n50062415Universal Pictures (Firm)lccn-n88021877Hackman, Geneprfactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n97107768Conroy, Franceslccn-n79085101Schwarzenegger, Arnoldprfactlccn-no2001086053Pacific Data Imageslccn-no00036335Weitz, Paul1966-auslccn-no2008136590Wooton, Pattyprolccn-n77002638Stallone, SylvesterprfactStone, Sharon1958-DramaJuvenile worksFilm adaptationsFictionFilm and video adaptationsTelevision mini-seriesHistoryUnited StatesAntsCasinosMafiaNevada--Las VegasMan-woman relationshipsAssassinationKennedy, Robert F.,California--Los AngelesCatwoman (Fictitious character)Presidential candidatesCosmetics industryAging--PreventionMars (Planet)ConspiraciesBachelorsAnonymous lettersFamiliesFriendshipCriminal behaviorMemoryDictatorsLearning disabilitiesPeople with disabilitiesDrug dealersKidnappingDick, Philip KRevengeCalifornia--San Gabriel River ValleyCriminal investigationCyborgsSurvivalTime travelSpiesAmnesiacsYoung womenUnited States, WestSex addictionMansionsWomen novelistsCriminalsNew York (State)Country lifeEx-convictsWorld War (1939-1945)Virtual realityKane, BobWomen authorsEngland--LondonRisk-taking (Psychology)195819821984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014301763451256791.4372PN1997ocn077756287ocn050903896ocn085269717ocn064566893ocn058837356ocn068485578ocn026787036ocn041626712ocn427567759ocn054838975ocn041025224ocn018198370ocn421302354ocn552956040ocn781218193ocn813567241ocn780552310ocn781376909ocn780785856ocn780877847ocn500808791ocn492201200ocn057495685ocn036567459ocn190965729ocn468120201ocn071317479ocn444605360ocn184878517ocn036044696ocn742857733ocn743048159ocn723343339ocn443850656253417ocn040748817visu19980.08Alcott, ToddAntzJuvenile worksDramaLife is no picnic for Z, a small worker ant with some very big ideas, whose chances with the beautiful Princess Bala are literally one in a billion. When Z convinces his soldier ant buddy to switch places with him, his simple life takes a wild turn+-+6296878325324241581ocn050903896visu19900.19Verhoeven, PaulTotal recallFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn the year 2084 a worker leaves Earth for the mind-bending nightmarish reality of a Martian mining colony ruled over by a dictator who can alter reality to suit his whims+-+0448301006324208298ocn062893215visu19950.20Scorsese, MartinCasinoHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAs the opening credits say, the film is "adapted from a true story". The source material is Pileggi's nonfiction biography of Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, and most of the characters in the film are based on real people+-+94832526963241700102ocn064566893visu19910.20Verhoeven, PaulBasic instinctDramaA tough but vulnerable detective investigates a murder identical to one described in the latest novel of a cold, calculating and beautiful novelist with an insatiable sexual appetite+-+8132301006324149616ocn077756287visu20060.18Estevez, EmilioBobbyHistoryFictionDramaRevisits the night presidential-hopeful Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in June 1968. Tells the stories of a variety of people present on that fateful night, ranging from Kennedy's campaign staff and volunteers to the hotel owner, employees such as kitchen staff, and various guests142722ocn056716140visu20040.15PitofCatwomanDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsSensitive and shy artist Patience Philips is a woman who can't seem to stop apologizing for her own existence. She works as a graphic designer for Hedare Beauty, a mammouth cosmetics company on the verge of releasing a revolutionary anti-aging product. When Patience inadvertently happens upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, she finds herself in the middle of a corporate conspiracy. What happens next changes Patience forever. In a mystical twist of fate, she is transformed into a woman with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat+-+7982325425134445ocn062198986visu20040.19Jarmusch, JimBroken flowersFictionDramaConfirmed bachelor Don has just been dumped by his latest lover, Sherry. Don begins to resign himself to being alone and left to his own devices. However, he becomes compelled to reflect on his past when he receives a mysterious pink letter by mail. It is from an anonymous former lover and informs him that he has a 19-year-old son who may be looking for his father. Don is urged to investigate the contents of the letter by his closest friend and neighbor, Winston. Hesitant to travel at all, Don nonetheless embarks on a cross-country trip in search of clues from four former loves. Unannounced, he visits each of these women and finds that they hold new surprises for Don as he confronts his past+-+5665252696103429ocn049665830visu19940.17Raimi, SamThe quick and the deadDramaThis reinvention of the American Western is a wild, sexy shoot-out studded with action, suspense and offbeat humor+-+035333979632489016ocn050923790visu19960.13Chelsom, PeterThe mightyFictionDramaWith his loving and supportive mother, 13-year-old Kevin moves in next door to another teen, Max. though both have problems that label them as outcasts, Kevin and Max discover that by proudly combining their strengths on uniting as one, they can overcome their individual limitations and triumph over any adversity. As the two set out on a series of courageous adventures, they find the mightiest treasure of all: friendship!8578ocn085269717visu20070.16Cassavetes, NickAlpha dogDramaBased on the real-life case of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer in California's San Gabriel Valley who, in 2000, became one of the youngest men to appear on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. With family links to organized crime, Johnny Truelove is on the warpath against Jake Mazursky, a sleazebag addict who owes him money. Fate intervenes when Johnny and his friend Frankie encounter Jake's 15-year-old half-brother Zack and hold him as collateral until Jake pays his debts. What begins as a casual, seemingly harmless situation escalates into a crisis of capital crime84128ocn039531369visu19970.16Levinson, BarrySphereDramaFilm adaptationsFar below the surface in the mid-Pacific, U.S. officials have isolated what may be the greatest discovery in human history. They've found a huge spacecraft that plunged into the depths--300 years ago. What is the spacecraft's origin? After three centuries, could there still be a living intelligence aboard?78915ocn053876542visu19950.14Cold Creek ManorDramaThe Tilsons are a wealthy couple who have grown tired of the high stress of life in New York City and are looking to move. Upstate, they find a mansion in the village of Cold Creek which has fallen into disrepair after it was repossessed. Convinced the house has great possibilities, the Tilsons buy it, and with a little hard work they are soon living in their dream home. Before long the family begins to learn the disturbing truth about the history of the mansion68514ocn068485578visu20060.15Caton-Jones, MichaelBasic instinct 2DramaNow living in London, writer Catherine Tramell sets her lethal sights on Michael Glass, the control-freak psychiatrist assigned to evaluate her as a risk-addicted suspect in the "accidental" killing of a star soccer player. Turns out Catherine's just getting started (or is she?), and that's bad news for Glass's ex-wife, a tabloid journalist, and the Scotland Yard detective who's desperate to put Catherine in jail. Has Catherine finally met her match when the doctor is lured into her seductive games?+-+67436397963245385ocn045197054visu20000.27If these walls could talkFictionDramaSet in different decades in the same house, these stories of three lesbian couples each reflect a specific concern. In 1961, Abby and Edith, two retired schoolteachers, lead a quiet life. Abby has a stroke and dies, and her nephew and his wife come for the funeral and to sort and sell Abby's things, unaware that she and Edith were a lifelong couple. In 1972, four college-age lesbians share the house. They have problems with the campus feminism group, and Linda is drawn to Amy a very butch lesbian who wears a men's clothing and drives a motorcycle. How can a feminist fall for a lesbian who acts like and dresses like a man? By 2000, long-term couple Fran and Kal want to have a child, and their quest leads from proposing sperm donation to a gay couple they know, to the horror of shopping for sperm on the Internet53117ocn032518118visu19940.16The SpecialistDramaHired by May Munro to bomb the mobsters who murdered her parents, ex-CIA explosives expert Ray Quick faces an ominous question: is May falling for him, or is she setting him up, too?+-+06983346963245306ocn056628656visu19900.16Herman Wouk's War and remembranceFictionDramaTelevision mini-seriesOne week after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, sweeping the United States into World War Ii, the Henry family is forever changed by the war in the Pacific, and the horror of the Holocaust+-+20143271063244961ocn056612391visu20040.01Harold and the purple crayonJuvenile worksFictionThis series takes children on a magical adventure to new and exciting places filled with fun and interesting characters. Harold uses his purple crayon to draw characters and situations which help him learn and have fun. As seen on HBO+-+87743321254466ocn162152881visu20060.20Journey into Buddhism"Filmmaker John Bush travels through the luminous Buddhist cultures of Southeast Asia & Tibet and with an artist's point of view shares the truth, beauty and spiritual power of these legendary places. Yatra is the Sanskrit word for pilgrimage or spiritual journey. These visually stunning documentaries are cinematic pilgrimages to legendary places in Southeast Asia and Tibet, including the spiritual wonders of Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Cambodia, Java, and Central Tibet. Journey into the living traditions and lost civilizations of this vibrant part of the world and explore the universal ideals of wisdom, compassion, and inner peace at the very heart of these ancient Buddhist cultures"--Direct Pictures web site43917ocn044872279visu19990.15SimpaticoDramaFilm adaptationsThree friends share the bond of a crime they committed 20 years ago. When the secret surfaces, it causes greed and passion to erupt. Set in the heart of Kentucky's thoroughbred country+-+347681532532442814ocn040065759visu19880.15Davis, AndrewAbove the lawDramaA Chicago cop is on to something too big. Suspects collared in a recent drug raid are allowed to walk and he is asked to turn in his badge+-+87122346962172ocn036186750book19970.18Sanello, FrankNaked instinct : the unauthorized biography of Sharon StoneBiography+-+67597240061192ocn038988591book19970.18Munn, MichaelThe Sharon Stone storyBiography+-+69450561361172ocn037246492book19970.06Sandison, DavidSharon StoneJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the actress who had driven herself through ten years of bit parts and often demeaning roles before arriving at the pinnacle of Hollywood superstardom+-+3501956425412ocn042053168book19980.19Kummer, TomSharon StoneBiographyPictorial worksFotoboek van de Amerikaanse filmster (geb. 1958) en een korte beschrijving van haar carrièrre+-+1727014035211ocn046341992book20000.21Holt, JuliaSharon Stone+-+877122598532431ocn037846068book19960.10Hölzl, GebhardSharon Stoun : "osnovnoĭ instinkt" vedet k uspekhuBiography11ocn862437530visu19851.00King Solomon's minesPortraitsFilm adaptations11ocn056561454visu19881.00Action Jackson motion picture stills collectionFilm stills and publicity photographs from the movie "Action Jackson" directed by Craig R. Baxley and featuring Sydney Ash, Bill Duke, Stan Foster, Prince A. Hughes, Armelia McQueen, Craig T. Nelson, Sharon Stone, Carl Weathers and Chino "Fats" Williams. Also depicted is director Craig R. Baxley11ocn056561635visu19981.00Sphere motion picture stills collectionStills from the film "Sphere" directed by Barry Levinson and featuring Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson and Sharon Stone11ocn830036595book19920.24Osborne, RichardBasic instinct : un romanPictorial worksNovelization d'un film criminel11ocn032851997score19930.10Secada, JonRealPortraits11ocn047047539art1996Stone, Sharon01ocn042633883book19960.47Thompson, DouglasSharon StoneBiography+-+6296878325324+-+6296878325324Fri Mar 21 15:50:48 EDT 2014batch40394