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H. making 4th July speech in park, Miles City0.751.00Merchants National Bank records,16490354Thomas_H._Cartern 960460604076063lccn-n79018447Alaskalccn-n81094809OregonSupreme Courtlccn-n79055978United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Military Affairslccn-n79043116United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Public Landslccn-n79022161United StatesCongressSenatelccn-n2006083948United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on the Censusnc-united states$congress$senate$committee on post office and post roadsUnited StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Post Office and Post Roadslccn-n78095330United Stateslccn-n50083180United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Post Offices and Post Roadsnc-united states$congress$1909 1910United StatesCongress1909-1910)Carter, Thomas HenryAlaskaLawPolitical scienceUnited StatesMontanaCarter, Thomas Henry,Sanders, Wilbur Fisk,Postal savings banksCriminal lawCivil lawCriminal procedureCivil procedureCommerceMontana--HelenaCanadaReciprocity (Commerce)Reclamation of landIrrigationUnited States Reclamation ServiceLegislatorsPower, Thomas C.--(Thomas Charles),RanchesBanks and bankingMaginnis, Martin,Montana--Virginia CityFamiliesAllison, William B.--(William Boyd),Mines and mineral resourcesTaft, William H.--(William Howard),Clark, William Andrews,Gibson, Paris,Helena and Livingston Smelting and Reduction CompanyUnited Missouri River Power CompanyJews--CharitiesDahler, CharlesScottish AmericansAlger, R. A.--(Russell Alexander),Montana--Hauser DamMontana--WickesFrontier and pioneer lifeJews--Societies, etcMontana Stockgrowers AssociationMining corporationsLangford, Nathaniel Pitt,Chandler, William E.--(William Eaton),Merchants National Bank (Helena, Mont.)Hewett, Marcus L.,Roosevelt, Theodore,Montana--ArmellsBusiness enterprises18541911189018911892189518961897189818991900190119031904190719081909191019111920193019771999200720082013759111125332.22HG1596.U5ocn857852964ocn857886939ocn857869192ocn857878785ocn857798814ocn857815404ocn857809674ocn857887333ocn857796811ocn857871851ocn005434158ocn0209999292459ocn068813212file19000.92AlaskaThe laws of Alaska embracing the Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Political Code, the Code of Civil Procedure, and the Civil Code, with the treaty of cession, and all acts and parts of acts relating to the district; annotated with references to decisions by the courts of the United States and the Supreme Court of Oregon193ocn680625712com19000.66Carter, Thomas HenryAn open letter to Hon. Wilbur F. Sanders from Thomas H. Carter172ocn018693690book19100.95United StatesPostal savings depositories ... from the Committee on Post-offices and Post-roads [Report to accompany S. 5876]82ocn015179024book19110.96United StatesReport of the Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation of Arid Lands on the investigation of irrigation projects71ocn857817133file18980.31Fort Maginnis Military Reservation, Mont. April 13, 1898. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857809690file18970.31Separate judicial district in Alaska. June 8, 1897. -- Referred to the Committee on Territories and ordered to be printed71ocn857773020file18900.31Examination and classification of certain mineral lands. August 18, 1890. -- Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed71ocn857871485file19000.31Compilation of narratives of explorations in Alaska. April 18, 1900. -- Reported from the Committee on Military Affairs by Mr. Carter and ordered to be printed71ocn857798607file18960.31In the Senate of the United States. March 16, 1896. -- Ordered to be printed. Mr. Carter, from the Committee on Public Lands, submitted the following report: (To accompany a substitute for S. 2221.) In 1887 the Interior Department held that the withdrawal of the second indemnity belt of the Northern Pacific Railroad in the State of Minnesota was illegal and unauthorized71ocn857819668file18980.31To provide for taking the twelfth and subsequent censuses. May 9, 1898. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857886939file19010.31James A. Hutton. January 17, 1901. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857810290file18970.31Census Bureau. December 9, 1897. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857867578file19000.31Charles Hurrle. March 12, 1900. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857860679file18990.31Charles T. Rader. December 20, 1899. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857813018file18980.31Civil government for Alaska. February 21, 1898. -- Ordered to be printed72ocn020999929book19110.92Carter, Thomas HenryReciprocity with Canada ... Papers in the consideration of bill (H.R. 32216) relating to reciprocity with Canada71ocn857861670file19000.31Robert J. Spottswood, etc. January 8, 1900. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857811595file18980.31Fort Hays Military Reservation. January 31, 1898. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857764493file18900.31Assay office at Socorro, N. Mex. August 1, 1890. -- Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed71ocn857815404file18980.31Cordell B. Green. March 24, 1898. -- Ordered to be printed21ocn233976461mix0.92Carter, Thomas HenryThomas Carter correspondence selections and related materialRecords and correspondenceOne reel of microfilmed Thomas H. Carter letters located at the Library of Congress; a letter of explanation regarding the microfilm's creation; a copy of the original Reader's Request for Photo Duplication of selected Carter Papers prepared by M.G. Burlingame in 1965; typed transcriptions which are a sampling of the 1000 pages of letters contained on the microfilm; and an untitled, undated biographical sketch of the Carter family by Thomas's sister Julia Carter Lang. Correspondents include Edwin Beattie, Bishop John Carroll, O. M. Lanstrum, A.W. Miles, Martin Maginnis, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and various Federal government departments and Montana businesses and organizations21ocn154692602file1.00Hauser, Samuel ThomasSamuel Thomas Hauser papersHistorySamuel T. Hauser (1833-1914) was a Helena, Montana, Territory, pioneer, territorial governor (1885-1886), and entrepreneur in the fields of banking, mining, smelting, ranching, railroads, irrigation, and hydro-electric power. More than fifty percent of the collection is incoming correspondence (1864-1914). There are also outgoing correspondence, financial records, legal documents, organizational records, and reports. Included are thirty-eight subgroups of the Hauser family and Hauser's business enterprises21ocn005795447book19771.00Carter, Thomas HenryThe papers of Thomas H. CarterArchivesSources21ocn070924250mix1.00Greenfield, Charles DiggsCharles Diggs Greenfield, Jr. interviewsHistoryInterviewsTopics include Montana journalism; Montana political personalities Joseph M. Dixon, Thomas J. Walsh, and Thomas H. Carter; the history of Helena; and his family life from the 1890s to the 1930s21ocn154692595file1.00Fergus, JamesJames Fergus family papersHistoryThe James Fergus Family papers are divided into four subgroups: James Fergus; Andrew Fergus; Fergus Live Stock and Land Company; and miscellaneous. Papers (1857-1971) include biographical materials, incoming correspondence, outgoing correspondence, general correspeondence, financial records, legal documents, subject files, and miscellany21ocn070959355mix1.00Merchants National Bank (Helena, Mont.)Merchants National Bank recordsHistoryThe Merchants National Bank of Helena, Montana, was originally established as L.H. Hershfield and Co. in Virginia City, Montana Territory, and for many years operated as L.H. Hershfield and Bro. It went into receivership in 1897. Records (1865-1903) consist of correspondence, financial records, legal documents, and organizational materials. There are subgroups for the White Sulphur Springs Association and for the United Hebrew Benevolent Association21ocn028693458book19111.00Mantle, LeeAddress of the Honorable Lee Mantle : at the exercises in memory of the late Thomas Henry Carter : auditorium, Helena, Montana, Sunday, October the fifteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven11ocn849528012mix1.00Morton, Levi PLevi P. Morton CorrespondenceHistoryPapers of the Congressman from New York, United States minister to France, Vice-President of the United States, and Republican governor of New York State. Collection contains mostly incoming correspondence from clergymen, educators, financiers, journalists, and politicians. Some letters are addressed to Morton's executive secretary, Ashley W. Cole11ocn801646011visu18961.00Dalrymple, LouisOut of a clear sky comes a fierce nor'wester!Print shows several men on a ship at sea with a waterspout, labeled "Western Republican Silver Sentiment" and looking like Thomas H. Carter, bearing down on the ship; at the helm, labeled "Sound Money" is John Sherman, others on deck are "Platt, Allison, Reed, McKinley, Quay, Morton, Hackett, Wellington, Chandler, Burrows, [and] Clarkson", and an unidentified man who may be George F. Hoar11ocn867770546book20080.47Carter, Thomas HenryA walk through Goshen by an adopted son11ocn144599588bookFaust, Leo HLeo H. Faust papersHistoryArchivesPapers of a Montana newspaper editor and politician. The collection is composed largely of letters to Faust from Isaac Hamburger, secretary to Montana Senator Thomas Henry Carter, relating to mutual mining interests near Libby, Montana; included also is correspondence relating to political affairs, and the International Workers of the World (I.W.W.)11ocn707899767art19200.10Carter, Thomas Henry. United States senatorHistoryBiographyDictionaries11ocn748988296visu1903Huffman, L. ACarter. Senator T. H. making 4th July speech in park, Miles CityVintage negative number : 42711ocn156850900art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamCarter, Thomas Henry11ocn025401494book19101.00As other people see us : editorials from two leading Republican magazines on the record of Senator Thomas H. Carter of Montana : also roll call on the Aldrich-Payne tariff act11ocn805279586visu18951.00Dalrymple, LouisSilly old women! - their little brooms can't sweep back the great big oceanPrint shows several men dressed as maids holding brooms, standing on shore or awash in huge waves labeled "Business Revival" and "Sound Money"; the men are identified on their bonnets or on their brooms as "Hoar War Tariff", "Bland Free Silver", "Wolcott Silver", "Teller Free Silver", "Jones Free Silver", "McKinley" carrying the largest broom labeled "Prohibitory Protection", "Reid High Protection", "Stewart Free Silver", "Carter", "Peffer", "Crisp", and "Blackburn Free Silver"11ocn604974363book1930McHattie, Laurence PSenator Thomas Henry Carter11ocn051982874art1999Carter, Thomas HenryBiography11ocn052816422mix1.00Mulvey, Daniel TerranceAutograph book containing a Mark Twain signatureAutographsMulvey, a page in the U.S. Senate, collected the signatures of many U.S. senators as well as that of Senate visitor Mark Twain11ocn767868930visu[Thomas H. Carter photograph collection]Views of Louisiana Purchase Exposition June 1904 including Senator Thomas H. Carter speaking; group portrait of National Commission; Senator Carter with President Taft; unidentified group portraits with Senator Carter. Collection also includes personal photographs: Senator Thomas H. Carter in a wedding portrait; Mrs. Thomas H. Carter; Senator Carter speaking at Public Land Convention in Denver, Colorado, June 18th, 1907; President McKinley delivering his last address, September 5th, 1901; and full length portrait of Jim Galen in cowboy clothingFri Mar 21 15:29:43 EDT 2014batch21510