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Fri Mar 21 17:12:11 2014 UTClccn-n961006500.00Engineered systems : a technology and applied studies KLA resource kit for teachers and students /0.511.00Maksim Sedej, 1909-1974 retrospektiva, 27. XII. 1994-28. II. 1995 /31267881Robert_Metcalfen 961006504186221Metcalfe, Bob.Metcalfe, Bob, 1946-Metcalfe, Robert M.メトカルフェ, ロバート・Mlccn-n89667353Denning, Peter J.1942-auilccn-n86810571Microsoft Corporationviaf-37857632Ellison, Larrylccn-n85298705Segaller, Stephenlccn-no96005438Oregon Public Broadcastinglccn-n81062763PBS Videolccn-n91008414Gates, Bill1955-lccn-n2002021730Ballmer, Stevelccn-n93024347Walden, David1942-lccn-n85136304Gau, JohnMetcalfe, Robert M.1946-HistoryInterviewsExhibition catalogsBiographyPeriodicalsCatalogsComputersInternetElectronic data processingUnited StatesComputer industryComputer networksComputer engineeringInformation superhighwayWorld Wide WebComputer software industryEthernet (Local area network system)Telecommunication systemsMicrocomputersMicrosoft CorporationElectronic commerceInteractive computer systemsCalifornia--Santa Clara CountyMacintosh (Computer)IndustriesXerox CorporationInternational Business Machines CorporationGraphical user interfaces (Computer systems)Gates, Bill,Apple Computer, IncJobs, Steve,Microcomputers--Design and constructionCaliforniaComputer industry--MarketingMicrosoft Windows (Computer file)3Com CorporationSun MicrosystemsCisco Systems, IncMetcalfe, Robert M.,Internet marketingComputer industry--Economic aspectsTelecommunication--Switching systemsPacket switching (Data transmission)Excite, IncNetscape Communications CorporationInternet software industryData transmission systemsTelecommunicationSedej, Maksim,United States.--Advanced Research Projects AgencyAustria--ViennaJewsEducational attainmentGeometrical drawingStruggleEducational sociology19461968196919731975197919801982198519901993199419951996199719981999200020012008200920102011201313115089004.0905QA76ocn454793577ocn444694325ocn439267333ocn44163494380414ocn036001183book19970.50Denning, Peter JBeyond calculation : the next fifty years of computingIn March 1997, the Association for Computing Machinery will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the electronic computer. To understand what an extraordinary fifty years the computer has had, you need only look around you--probably no farther than your desk. Computers are everywhere: in our cars, our homes, our supermarkets, at the phone company office, and at your local hospital. But as the contributors to this volume make clear, the scientific, social and economic impact of computers is only beginning to be felt. These sixteen invited essays on the future of computing take on a dazzling variety of topics, with opinions from such experts as Gordon Bell, Sherry Turkle, Edsger W. Dijkstra, Paul Abraham, Donald Norman, Franz Alt, and David Gelernter. This brilliantly eclectic collection, commissioned to celebrate a major milestone in an ongoing technological revolution, will fascinate anybody with an interest in computers and where they're taking us+-+83303423851262ocn044430032book20000.76Metcalfe, Robert MInternet collapses and other InfoWorld punditryThis book contains original columns written between 1991 and 2000 for Infoworld+-+K850809125631ocn036072288visu19960.27Triumph of the nerdsHistoryInterviewsExamines the changes in the PC industry during the 1990s and their impact on the future. Includes the introduction of Windows 95, the biggest global product launch ever; satellite links; and Xerox PARC, the user friendly technology adopted by Steve Jobs for Macintosh. Looks at the struggle to make PCs more friendly with graphical user interface and the advent and impact of the Internet576ocn040277509visu19980.32Nerds 2.0.1 a brief history of the InternetHistoryA three part series examining the ins and outs of one of the most volatile industries: the Internet. This second episode examines the advent of the PC and the need to connect them all to a network. But first someone had to figure out how to do it. That guy was Bob Metcalfe, founder of 3Com. As the market for networking evolved the battle began in earnest; 3Com, Sun, Novell, Cisco and Microsoft entered the market creating a civil war and billion-dollar partnerships501ocn040843763visu19980.28Connecting the suitsHistoryPart two of a three-part series in which Bob Cringely, a self-proclaimed nerd and industry gossip columnist, leads viewers in an examination of the exciting industry known as the Internet. This episode deals with the advent of personal computers and the need to develop them into a network, and with the person who was the first to do that, Bob Metcalfe, founder of 3Com. Following shortly after a number of other companies, including Sun Systems, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco entered the picture, and a volatile competitive market was created462ocn036045944book19960.76Metcalfe, Robert MPacket communication+-+6885348206442ocn040278766visu19980.33Nerds 2.0.1 a brief history of the InternetHistoryA three part series examining the ins and outs of one of the most volatile industries: the Internet. In this final episode we visit Excite, a typical Silicon Valley entrepreneurial adventure. Then we unlock the making of the World Wide Web, created by Tim Berners-Lee in Geneva, who made "http://www" the star it is today. While the World Wide Web was making the Internet available to more people, it still wasn't a friendly experience. Netscape and Microsoft changed all that so the Internet has become a 24-hour a day medium where people can do business, chat and go shopping205ocn002631165book19730.93Metcalfe, Robert MPacket communication193ocn719321253book19990.31Denning, Peter JXin dian nao shi dai = Beyond calculation184ocn650701657com20100.47Drouvelis, MichalisPriming cooperation in social dilemma gamesResearch on public goods mainly focuses its attention on the ability of incentives, beliefs and group structure to affect behaviour in social dilemma interactions. This paper investigates the pure effects of a rather subtle mechanism on social preferences in a one-shot linear public good game. Using priming techniques from social psychology, we activate the concept of cooperation and explore the extent to which this intervention brings about changes in people's voluntary contributions to the public good and self-reported emotional responses. Our findings suggest that priming cooperation increases contribution levels, controlling for subjects' gender. Our priming effect is much stronger for females than for males. This difference can be explained by a shift in subjects' beliefs about contributions. We also find a significant impact of priming on mean positive emotional responses. -- Priming ; contributions ; beliefs ; emotional responses ; public goods experiments72ocn444694325book19941.00Sedej, MaksimMaksim Sedej, 1909-1974 retrospektiva, 27. XII. 1994-28. II. 1995CatalogsExhibition catalogs71ocn454793577book19850.86The Ethernet sourcebook41ocn034326056rcrd19960.92Metcalfe, Robert MCasting the internetBiography34ocn838831637com20110.47Metcalfe, RobertStudent effort and educational attainment : using the England football team to identify the education production functionWe use a sharp, exogenous and repeated change in the value of leisure to identify the impact of student effort on educational achievement. The treatment arises from the partial overlap of the world's major international football tournaments with the exam period in England. Our data enable a clean difference-in-difference design. Performance is measured using the high-stakes tests that all students take at the end of compulsory schooling. We find a strongly significant effect: the average impact of a fall in effort is 0.12 SDs of student performance, significantly larger for male and disadvantaged students, as high as many educational policies22ocn676207216book19980.47Mirai shakai ni okeru konpyūta : Ningen tono kyōson no shinario21ocn046548609book19971.00Metcalfe, Robert MHerodotus and Athens21ocn298156495book1998DanningChao yue ji suan21ocn038410903book1995Metcalfe, Robert MEngineered systems : a technology and applied studies KLA resource kit for teachers and students21ocn174094489serial0.10The desert ragPeriodicals22ocn562474336book19130.47Metcalfe, Robert MPractical drawing11ocn047729043visu20000.10Bob MetcalfeBiography+-+8330342385+-+8330342385Fri Mar 21 15:58:52 EDT 2014batch15924