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Fri Mar 21 17:12:06 2014 UTClccn-n961238610.00William Henry Rinehart, American, 1825-1974 : Morning (Sculpture)0.731.00William Henry Rinehart and the influence of classical sculpture /4206541William_Henry_Rinehartn 961238614706306Rhinehart, William HenryRhinehart, William Henry, 1825-1874Rinehart, WilliamWilliam Henry Rinehartlccn-no96067528Rusk, William Sener1892-lccn-n85129669Johns Hopkins UniversityPeabody Institutelccn-nr94030708Ross, Marvin C.(Marvin Chauncey)1904-lccn-n79027105Walters Art Gallerylccn-n88656401Society for the History of the Germans in Marylandlccn-n88652703Hennighausen, Louis Paul1840-lccn-nr91002495Crawford, Thomas1813 or 1814-1857lccn-n88277515Rogers, Randolph1825-1892lccn-no94011609Walters, W. T.(William Thompson)1820-1894lccn-n79060709Pach, Walter1883-1958Rinehart, William Henry1825-1874Rinehart, William Henry,Sculpture, AmericanMarylandGerman AmericansMaryland--BaltimorePrintingGermansVenezuelaVirginiaSculptorsUnited StatesPainting, AmericanSculpture, ModernArt--Scholarships, fellowships, etcItaly--RomeArt patronageMayer, Frank Blackwell,College art museumsArt, AmericanWashington (D.C.)United States.--Congress.--Senate182518741899191419241931193919483713341927.3NB237.R6222ocn504059454book19390.66Rusk, William SenerWilliam Henry Rinehart, sculptor11ocn318948393visu1.00[Clock for the House of Representatives chamber flanked by American Indian and backwoodsman figures]Photograph of design drawing for clock with maquettes of figures by William H. Rinehart11ocn318520676visu1.00[Panel and medallion details from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitol]Photograph of bronze doors detail showing panel, depicting ovation for George Washington at Trenton, New Jersey, and allegorical medallion of peace and agriculture, from bottom of left valve11ocn077724248visu[Photographs of sculpture]Folders contains photographs and information sheets related to sculptures signed or attributed to artists. Information may include the title of work, owner, medium, additional provenance, date, dimensions, and medium. Most photographs are black-and-white and of professional quality11ocn849912823mix1.00Peabody Gallery of ArtPeabody Gallery of Art recordsCorrespondence, 1867-1972, of Peabody Institute officials regarding gallery exhibitions, including artists' and museums' requests for exhibition space and gifts, loans, and purchases of works of art. Correspondents include Robert Aitken, Gaetano Cecere, F. Tolles Chamberlin, Isidore Konti, Albert Laessle, Paul Manship, Walter Pach, Leonce Rabillon, Saul Raskin, Hans Schuler, Charles Watson, Mahonri M. Young, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Charcoal Club, the Maryland Academy of Design, and the School Art League of Baltimore11ocn318520674visu1.00[Panel detail from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitol]Photograph of bronze doors detail showing panel from left valve, depicting inauguration of George Washington11ocn025242942book19311.00American sculptors scrapbook of reproductions11ocn318520673visu18551.00[Bronze doors for the east portico of the House wing, U.S. Capitol]Photograph of maquette of bronze doors for the U.S. Capitol by Thomas Crawford depicting events in American history11ocn316948758visu1.00[American Indian figure for the clock in the House of Representatives chamber]Photograph of maquette showing American Indian figure by William H. Rinehart from behind11ocn036186283visu18571.00Walter, Thomas UstickArchitectural drawing for a clock ("Indian and the Pioneer"), U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.CWorking drawing showing drawing of clock with eagle and cut-out photographs of sculptural figures as elevations; rendering11ocn316945294visu1.00[Backwoodsman figure for the clock in the House of Representatives chamber]Photograph of maquette showing backwoodsman figure by William H. Rinehart from behind11ocn849915231mix1.00Rinehart, William HenryWilliam Henry Rinehart papersBound volume containing 13 letters from Rinehart to William T. Walters, a letter from Rinehart to John W. Paine, 21 letters from Paine to Rinehart, Walters and others, letters from George Simonds, Charles C. Coleman and others describing Rinehart's last days and funeral in Rome, 33 letters from W.H. Herriman to Walters regarding the dissolution of Rinehart's estate, and a codicil of Rinehart's will; an inventory of Rinehart's possessions; notes, receipts and financial records; 2 account books; an estate book; 5 sketchbooks/ notebooks and 2 sketchbooks; and 1 photograph of Rinehart11ocn080891028visu0.47Rinehart, William HenryWilliam Henry Rinehart artist file :Assembled artist file includes b&w photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, and in some cases, negatives. Items may include full views, details, before and after restoration views, etc. Documentation may include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, related works, previous attributions, and bibliography11ocn318520693visu1.00[Panel and medallion details from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitol]Photograph of bronze doors detail showing panel, depicting the battle of Yorktown and gallantry of Alexander Hamilton, and allegorical medallion of war, depicting Hessian soldier and New Jersey farmer, from bottom of right valve11ocn318520694visu1.00[Panel details from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitoll]Photograph of bronze doors detail showing two panels from top of right valve, one depicting the battle of Bunker Hill and death of General Warren and the other depicting the battle of Monmouth and rebuke of General Lee01ocn045132513com1999Crawford, ThomasThe Senate Doors1352ocn003271240book19390.66Rusk, William SenerWilliam Henry Rinehart, sculptor1113ocn000280230book19480.81Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore, Md.)A catalogue of the work of William Henry Rinehart, Maryland sculptor, 1825-1874Exhibition catalogs933ocn001765890serial0.79Society for the History of the Germans in MarylandAnnual report of the Society for the History of the Germans in MarylandHistoryBiographyBibliography22ocn030728602book19241.00Rusk, William SenerWilliam Henry Rinehart and the influence of classical sculptureBiography11ocn164845813art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamRinehart, William Henry11ocn849915332mix1.00William Henry Rinehart FundWilliam Henry Rinehart Fund recordsCorrespondence includes ca. 200 letters from Rome and Paris, from Rinehart scholars including letters from J. Edgar Stouffer, with one letter containing 5 photographs of his sculpture, C. Percival Dietsch, Alexander Phimister Proctor, Hermon Atkins MacNeil, Hans Schuler, Charles Keck, J. Maxwell Miller and others; correspondence and indexed abstracts of letters of the Rinehart Advisory Committee, including letters from Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Daniel Chester French, Edwin Howland Blashfield and Charles K. McKim; correspondence of the Rinehart Fund Committee and Peabody Institute officials, including letters from Daniel Coit Gilman, Faris C. Pitt, Lawrason Riggs, Henry Walters, and P.R. Uhler; and a letterpress book11ocn064575517art1988Sleeping Children (painting)11ocn122402528mixRinehart, William Henry11ocn199241238bookRinehart, William Henry, 1825-1874 : [miscellaneous ephemeral material]The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral items11ocn123581416art1990William Henry Rinehart : Sleeping Children (Sculpture)11ocn062736609artMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)William Henry Rinehart (1825-1874)11ocn166867186art1989William Henry Rinehart, American, 1825-1974 : Evening (Sculpture)11ocn750153117bookRinehart, William HenryWilliam Rinehart letters to F.B. MayerRecords and correspondence11ocn166867185art1989William Henry Rinehart, American, 1825-1974 : Morning (Sculpture)11ocn169934188art18990.10Rinehart, William Henry : sculptorBiography11ocn123581417art1990William Henry Rinehart : Morning and Evening (Sculpture)11ocn062180474art1992Stebbins, Theodore EWilliam Henry Rinehart11ocn064575513art1988Morning and Evening (painting)Fri Mar 21 16:04:01 EDT 2014batch14068