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Thu Oct 16 18:01:23 2014 UTClccn-n970525150.07Ma shu : bian ma yu jie ma de zhan zheng /0.230.50Le Dernier théorème de Fermat : l'histoire de l'énigme qui a défié les plus grands esprits du monde pendant 358 ans /73996990Simon_Singhn 970525154344515Сингх, Саймонסינג, סיימוןシン, サイモンlccn-n97052585Wiles, Andrewlccn-n93802563Ernst, E.(Edzard)viaf-95341822Lynch, Johnauilccn-n50049886British Broadcasting CorporationTelevision Servicelccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-no97033628WGBH Video (Firm)lccn-nr88002918Keach, Stacynp-fritz, klausFritz, Klaustrllccn-n87823817Messadié, Géraldtrlviaf-207039177Maneval, Jean-PaulSingh, SimonHistoryMiscellaneaPopular worksHumorBiographyJuvenile worksCryptographyFermat's last theoremEinstein, Albert,Force and energyData encryption (Computer science)Mass (Physics)Mathematical physicsWiles, AndrewBig bang theoryCosmologyGeneral relativity (Physics)Alternative medicineAcupunctureHomeopathyChiropracticHerbs--Therapeutic useCiphersConfidential communicationsMathematicsCoding theorySimpsons (Television program)Space and timeInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)RelativityRelativity (Physics)Expanding universeHolistic medicineSpecial relativity (Physics)Space and time--Mathematical modelsScience television programsFermat's theoremSciencePhysicistsPublic key cryptographyNobel Prize winnersDiophantine analysisMathematiciansNumber theory196419821987199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201413739140525530.11QA244395387ocn041572673book19990.21Singh, SimonThe code book : the evolution of secrecy from Mary, Queen of Scots, to quantum cryptographyHistoryJuvenile worksA look at the world of codes includes a history of how they have affected the world, from the World Wars to the death of Mary, Queen of Scots, and also looks at what the future holds for the field of cryptography+-+0680490385250824ocn057362091book20040.22Singh, SimonBig bang : the origin of the universeHistoryPopular works"This book tells the story of the many brilliant, often eccentric scientists who fought against the establishment idea of an eternal and unchanging cosmos. From such early Greek cosmologists as Anaximander to recent satellite measurements taken deep in space, Big Bang is a narrative full of anecdotes and personal histories. Simon Singh tells the centuries-long story of mankind's attempt to understand how the universe came to be, a story which itself begins some 14 billion years ago (give or take a billion years)."--BOOK JACKET+-+5577162555235117ocn036969738book19970.24Singh, SimonFermat's enigma : the epic quest to solve the world's greatest mathematical problemFermat's Last Theorem became the Holy Grail of mathematics. Whole and colorful lives were devoted, and even sacrificed, to finding a proof. Leonhard Euler, the greatest mathematician of the eighteenth century, had to admit defeat. Sophie Germain took on the identity of a man to do research in a field forbidden to females, and made the most significant breakthrough of the nineteenth century. The dashing Evariste Galois scribbled down the results of his research deep into the night before venturing out to die in a duel in 1832. Yutaka Taniyama, whose insights would ultimately lead to the solution, tragically killed himself in 1958. On the other hand, Paul Wolfskehl, a famous German industrialist, claimed Fermat had saved him from suicide, and established a rich prize for the first person to prove the theorem. And then came Princeton professor Andrew Wiles, who had dreamed of proving Fermat's Last Theorem ever since he first read of it as a boy of ten in his local library. In 1993, some 356 years after Fermat's challenge, and after seven years of working in isolation and secrecy - "a kind of private and very personal battle I was engaged in" - Wiles stunned the world by announcing a proof, though his own journey would be far from over. Fermat's Enigma is the story of the epic quest to solve the greatest math problem of all time. A human drama of high dreams, intellectual brilliance, and extraordinary determination, it will bring the history and culture of mathematics into exciting focus for all who read it+-+468862753513595ocn181139440book20080.21Singh, SimonTrick or treatment : the undeniable facts about alternative medicineIn this groundbreaking analysis, over thirty of the most popular treatments--acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, chiropractic, and herbal medicines--are examined for their benefits and potential dangers. Questions answered include: What works and what doesn't? What are the secrets, and what are the lies? Who can you trust, and who is ripping you off? Can science decide what is best, or do the old wives' tales really tap into ancient, superior wisdom? In their scrutiny of alternative and complementary cures, authors Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst also strive to reassert the primacy of the scientific method as a means for determining public health practice and policy.--From publisher description+-+961115848557410ocn827256449book20130.21Singh, SimonThe Simpsons and their mathematical secretsHumorMiscellanea"Simon Singh, author of the bestsellers Fermat's Enigma, The Code Book, and The Big Bang, offers fascinating new insights into the celebrated television series The Simpsons: That the show drip-feeds morsels of number theory into the minds of its viewers--indeed, that there are so many mathematical references in the show, and in its sister program, Futurama, that they could form the basis of an entire university course. Recounting memorable episodes from "Bart the Genius" to "Homer3," Singh brings alive intriguing and meaningful mathematical concepts--ranging from the mathematics of pi and the paradox of infinity to the origin of numbers and the most profound outstanding problems that haunt today's generation of mathematicians. In the process, he illuminates key moments in the history of mathematics, and introduces us to The Simpsons' brilliant writing team--the likes of David X. Cohen, Al Jean, Jeff Westbrook, and Stewart Burns, all of whom have various advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, and other sciences. Based on interviews with the writers of The Simpsons and replete with images from the shows, facsimiles of scripts, paintings and drawings, and other imagery, The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets will give anyone who reads it an entirely new insight into the most successful show in television history"--56933ocn037333997book19970.25Singh, SimonFermat's last theorem : the story of a riddle that confounded the world's greatest minds for 358 yearsPopular worksThis is the story of the solving of a puzzle that has confounded mathematicians since the 17th century, but which every child can understand. It includes the fascinating story of Andrew Wiles who finally cracked the code+-+26707520363244026ocn038160044visu19970.29The proofBiographyDescribes mathematician Andrew Wiles' quest to prove Fermat's Last Theorem and shows complex mathematical concepts with the help of computer animation3289ocn190777228book20080.20Singh, SimonTrick or treatment? : Alternative medicine on trialCOMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE. Prince Charles is a staunch defender and millions of people swear by it; most UK doctors consider it to be little more than superstition and a waste of money. Welcome to the world of alternative medicine. In "Trick or Treatment?", the truth about the efficacy of alternative medicine is rigorously addressed for the first time by the scientist uniquely qualified to do so: Professor Edzard Ernst, the world's first professor of complementary medicine. This former practitioner of both traditional and complementary medicine brings no bias to the subject. Writing with him is the respected science writer, Simon Singh, who also brings his considerable scientific knowledge to this most controversial subject. Together, they present a hard-hitting, groundbreaking examination of more than thirty of the most popular treatments, such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Chiropractic and Herbal medicines, delivering the ultimate verdict on all of them+-+795405840516825ocn247014724book19990.31Singh, SimonGeheime Botschaften : die Kunst der Verschlüsselung von der Antike bis in die Zeiten des InternetHistory15811ocn043323003book19990.37Singh, SimonHistoire des codes secrets : De l'Egypte des Pharaons à l'ordinateur quantiqueHistoryDès la plus haute Antiquité, militaires, hommes d'Etat ou amants ont cherché à mettre au point les codes secrets les plus inviolables possibles. Ce livre retrace les grandes étapes de l'histoire de la lutte sans fin qui oppose ceux qui les inventent à ceux qui les percent15524ocn075888896book19980.30Singh, SimonFermats letzter Satz : die abenteuerliche Geschichte eines mathematischen Rätsels13015ocn038434832book19980.50Singh, SimonLe Dernier théorème de Fermat : l'histoire de l'énigme qui a défié les plus grands esprits du monde pendant 358 ansDepuis les pythagoriciens jusqu'aux efforts d'Andrew Wiles pour résoudre le casse-tête de Fermat, un récit complet et enrichissant de l'une des plus grandes aventures de la pensée mathématique1182ocn044932264book20000.22Singh, SimonThe science of secrecy : the secret history of codes and codebreakingHistory+-+50890669363247310ocn163635333book20050.29Singh, SimonBig Bang : der Ursprung des Kosmos und die Erfindung der modernen Naturwissenschaft651ocn066450385book20050.17Singh, SimonDe oerknal : de belangrijkste wetenschappelijke ontdekking ooit553ocn300501688book20050.47Singh, SimonLe roman du Big Bang : la plus importante découverte scientifique de tous les tempsRetrace l'histoire des recherches scientifiques sur la création de l'Univers et de la théorie du big-bang4916ocn797471581book19970.29Singh, SimonL'ultimo teorema di Fermat472ocn813700688book20000.07Singh, SimonMa shu : bian ma yu jie ma de zhan zhengHistoryMi ma shu de li shi qi shi jiu shi ji shi ji yi lai bian ma zhe yu jie ma zhe zhi jian de zhan zheng shi.ben shu tao lun mi ma de yan hua yi ji dui li shi de ying xiang,bing yi shi li shuo ming zhe ge zhu ti ru he zai jin ri bian de bi yi wang geng you qie shen guan xi444ocn068010727book19980.21Singh, SimonHet laatste raadsel van Fermat : het verhaal van een stelling die de grootste geesten der aarde 358 jaar lang tot wanhoop dreefVerslag van de zoektocht naar de oplossing van een eeuwenoud wiskundig probleem422ocn062135800book20050.21Bodanis, DavidE=mc² : a biography of the world's most famous equationHistoryBiographyPopular worksChronicles the "life" of Einstein's theory of relativity, discussing the scientific knowledge that led to it and describing its influence on the world, including the scientific discoveries it made possible+-+6708627535+-+5577162555+-+5577162555Thu Oct 16 15:07:27 EDT 2014batch24179