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Fri Mar 21 17:04:59 2014 UTClccn-n978482220.47[Hanya Holm archives0.651.00Hanya Holm resource videotapes (Stanford University Libraries)14066959n 978482224490036lccn-n79056746Holm, Hanya1893-1992ivechrlccn-n97867429Lizenbery, Greggprolccn-nr2003027567Chong-Stannard, Joydrtlccn-no2007073478Dance Pioneers (Firm)lccn-no2001049225José Limón Dance Companylccn-n91063634Hawaii Public Televisionlccn-n90702603Dance Horizons Video (Firm)lccn-n84028909Belafonte, Harry1927-ivenrtlccn-no91017360Reese, Dellaivrnrtlccn-nr95000220McKayle, Donald1930-iveCristofori, MarilynBiographyInterviewsHistoryUnited StatesChoreographersHolm, Hanya,Modern danceDance teachersMcKayle, Donald,Women dancersDancersGentry, EveHill, MarthaAnthony, MaryTetley, GlenAndrews, JulieLang, HaroldHolm, KlausNikolais, AlwinMusicalsActressesRedlich, DonMale dancersCristofori, MarilynActorsLouis, Murray19831984198819901991199219931994200520061922244792.82092GV1785.H6ocn058652664ocn082990406764ocn030042563book19920.66Hanya Holm : a pioneer in American dance721ocn058652664visu20050.70McKayle, DonaldDonald McKayle heartbeats of a dancemakerInterviewsAfrican-American dancer, choreographer and teacher Donald McKayle's distinguished career began at age 18 in 1948. He has created over fifty works for the most celebrated companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. Harry Belafonte provides candid reflections about McKayle's character and determination to stand on the frontline of changing racial prejudice in the performing arts in America. Rare archival television excerpts of dance classics from the 1950s and 1960s are shown for the first time as well as the television premiere of recent McKayle works performed by the Limon Dance Company of New York and the San Jose/Cleveland Ballet. Includes excerpts from Rainbow round my shoulder, Heartbeats, Saturday's child, District Storyville, They called her Moses, House of tears, Minstrel man, and Libertango and others99ocn084397800visu19830.47[Hanya Holm archivesInterviewsEve Gentry discusses her 6-year association with Hanya Holm as a dancer in the Holm tour company. She reminisces about that experience and some of her fellow dancers in the company. She also describes in detail some of the dances they performed and demonstrates several steps. Finally, she shares her feelings and reasons for leaving the company, Holm's reaction, and provides insight into Hanya Holm as a person72ocn080342717visu19880.59Hauser, Nancy MasonHanya portrait of a pioneer: the story of dancer/choreographer Hanya HolmBiographyTraces the career of Hanya Holm from Germany in the 1920's to her success as a modern dancer in the United States55ocn083208559visu19830.47[Hanya Holm archivesPhotographs include publicity stills of Holm, snapshots taken on the gym circuit, costume designs for My fair lady, pictures of press releases, playbills, theater reviews and programs, as well as views of Trend, Camelot, My fair lady and Kiss me Kate44ocn083631407visu19830.47Hanya Holm archivesInterviews22ocn080028027visu19830.47[Hanya Holm archivesFootage of a dance class taught by Holm in her New York studio on 5/18/83. Includes views of her conversation with students, interviews with various students about her teaching methods and a preview of a re-creation of the dance skit "Church on time", with Alwin Nikolais present22ocn081612478visu19830.47Hanya Holm archivesInterviewsFootage of an interview in Holm's New York apartment, filmed on 5/21/83. Includes views of her seated on a sofa, sharing reminiscences and her thoughts on dance; views of her outside her apartment, and Holm displaying and commenting on her collection of percussion instruments, memorabilia, and her collection of plants22ocn079073767visu19830.47[Hanya Holm archives11ocn123253872visu19830.47Hanya Holm archivesInterviews11ocn081587068art19931.00Cristofori, MarilynHanya Holm, March 3, 1893-November 3, 199211ocn082990406visu19840.63Hanya, portrait of a dance pioneerHistoryBiographyInterviewsDocumentary on the life and career of Hanya Holm. Stills and film clips from many of her works are interspersed with interviews of Murray Louis, Martha Hill, Alwin Nikolais, Eve Gentry, Oliver Kostock, Mary Anthony, Glen Tetley, Harold Lang, Crandall Diehl, and Hanya herself11ocn081800574visu19830.47Hanya Holm archives11ocn123253815visu19830.47Hanya Holm archivesInterviews11ocn123253795visu19830.47Hanya Holm archives11ocn081093938art19911.00Cristofori, MarilynSpotlight on Earnest Morgan : Centered in the heart11ocn123253909visu19830.47Hanya Holm archivesInterviews11ocn123253774visu19830.47Hanya Holm archives11ocn082565789art19901.00Cristofori, MarilynHanya Holm, portrait of a pioneer11ocn083354463art19901.00Cristofori, MarilynHanya Holm resource videotapes (Stanford University Libraries)11ocn047763147art19941.00DeFrantz, ThomasBook notesFri Mar 21 16:09:30 EDT 2014batch9939