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Fri Mar 21 17:11:33 2014 UTClccn-n978724680.00Rudolph Ackermann, 1764-1834 : a man of spirit and taste /0.671.00A treatise on Ackermann's superfine water colours : with directions how to prepare and use them : including succinct hints on drawing and painting39646578Rudolph_Ackermannn 978724684522840Ackermann, R.Ackermann, R. 1764-1834Ackermann, Rodolph, 1764-1834Ackermann, Rudolf.Ackermann, Rudolf 1764-1834Ackermann, RudolphAkerman R. 17..-18..R. A. 1764-1834Rudolph Ackermannlccn-n50022330Rowlandson, Thomas1756-1827egrilllccn-n50035341Combe, William1742-1823lccn-n82272435Pugin, Augustus1762-1832illlccn-n79059525Blum, Stellanc-repository of arts literature fashions etcRepository of arts, literature, fashions, etclccn-n83067169Shoberl, Frederic1775-1853trledtlccn-n50049359Pyne, W. H.(William Henry)1769-1843pblilllccn-n88157142Prideaux, S. T.(Sarah Treverbian)lccn-nr92002135Westall, William1781-1850illlccn-n87934469Uwins, Thomas1782-1857illAckermann, Rudolph1764-1834HistoryPictorial worksPeriodicalsDesigns and plansBibliographyDiariesTravelGreat BritainEngland--LondonClothing and dressMissionsSouth AfricaRowlandson, Thomas,Ackermann, Rudolph,Illustration of booksAquatintInterior architectureMexicoWars of Independence (Mexico : 1810-1821)Decoration and ornament--Regency styleFurniture, RegencyArgentina--Buenos AiresUruguay--MontevideoWestminster AbbeyPugin, Augustus,English poetryFashionDecoration and ornamentUniversity of OxfordLatrobe, Christian Ignatius,Landscape paintingUniversity of CambridgeEndowed public schools (Great Britain)Manners and customsMoravians--MissionsMoravian ChurchEngland--Lake DistrictLandscape painting--TechniqueLatin AmericaArgentinaUruguayIndiaArtChristie & MansonKennelsStores, RetailAnimal housingIllustrated booksArchitecture, DomesticRoyal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)United StatesPainting--TechniqueShades and shadowsSlaveryEnglandViews17641834179117921793179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180718081809181018111812181318141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418351836183718381839184118441849185018511852185318581861187118821893190419091915193419351947194919511952195419551957195819611967196819721973197619771978197919811982198419851989199519961997199820032007201220133692697875391.0720942DA683ocn008326452ocn047641259ocn031735512ocn058594647ocn051725229ocn849512884ocn811534400ocn701720020ocn811539802ocn811539773ocn000599781ocn050043725ocn740354454ocn434766235ocn776474091ocn716053248ocn434753417ocn776474591ocn807756193ocn651176298ocn007021234ocn214932877ocn123328245ocn054612218ocn811487445ocn811487398ocn270105162ocn811486553ocn691784112ocn494840379ocn313450119ocn811508847ocn811508134ocn707758437ocn785433604ocn8115238674873ocn005103265book19780.33Blum, StellaAckermann's costume plates : women's fashions in England, 1818-1828HistoryPictorial works+-+554187139526723ocn001656731book18080.76Summerson, JohnThe microcosm of LondonHistoryPictorial works1515ocn004842408book18120.76Combe, WilliamThe history of the abbey church of St. Peter's Westminster : its antiquities and monuments1506ocn011676752book19840.66Ackermann, RudolphAckermann's Regency furniture & interiorsHistory1386ocn007234208serial0.79The Poetical magazinePeriodicals1002ocn002552905book18140.76Combe, WilliamA history of the University of Oxford : its colleges, halls, and public buildingsHistory776ocn003229135book18150.70Combe, WilliamA History of the University of Cambridge : its colleges, halls, and public buildingsHistoryPictorial works679ocn007090936book18160.73Ackermann, RudolphThe history of the colleges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster : with the Charter House, the schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors, Harrow, and Rugby, and the free-school of Christ's HospitalHistory607ocn001446555serial0.73The Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politicsPeriodicals531ocn010136421book18180.86Latrobe, Christian IgnatiusJournal of a visit to South Africa in 1815 and 1816, with some account of the missionary settlements of the United Brethren, near the Cape of Good HopeDiaries533ocn008102084book18380.86Prout, SamuelHints on light and shadow, composition, etc. : as applicable to landscape painting503ocn001588004serial0.81Repository of arts, literature, fashions &cPeriodicals453ocn034412678book19960.27Ackermann, RudolphNeoclassical ornamental designs+-+K977471395423ocn002297750book18210.92Ackermann, RudolphA picturesque tour of the English lakes ; containing a description of the most romantic scenery of Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire ...Pictorial works413ocn006287966book18200.90Vidal, Emeric EssexPicturesque illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video : consisting of twenty-four views : accompanied with descriptions of the scenery, and of the costumes, manners, &c. of the inhabitants of those cities and their environsPictorial works391ocn005543081book18280.93Bustamante, Carlos María deResúmen histórico de la revolución de los Estados Unidos MejicanosHistory361ocn606236676book18240.88Forrest, Charles RamusA picturesque tour along the rivers Ganges and Jumna, in India : consisting of twenty-four highly finishedand coloured views, a map, and vignettes, from original drawings made on the spot ; with illustrations, historical and descriptiveHistory344ocn228145517file18090.73[Colour illustrations of shop interiors]Pictorial works343ocn228145576file20070.73Drawing from life at the Royal Academy, Somerset House Christie's auction roomPictorial works311ocn228740590book18410.90Tattersall, GeorgeSporting architecture.Designs and plans2855ocn002050890book19090.76Prideaux, S. TAquatint engraving; a chapter in the history of book illustration413ocn002006706book19550.92Grases, PedroLa primera editorial inglesa para HispanoaméricaBibliographyTomado de Revista Shell. Separata293ocn007447132book19350.86Burke, William JeremiahRudolph Ackermann, promoter of the arts and sciences : with a selected list of his publications in the New York Public LibraryBibliography252ocn008869377book0.88Arthur Ackermann & SonRudolph Ackermann, his life; the populariser of aquatint engraving, pioneer of art-book illustration81ocn033251916book19950.92Houghton LibraryRudolph Ackermann and the Repository of arts : in search of the picturesque83ocn782016388book19510.59Williamson, Reginald RossAckermann's Cambridge : with 20 coloured plates from A history of the University of Cambridge, its colleges, halls and public building, 181562ocn078863264book19950.27Ackermann, RudolphRudolph Ackermann and the Repository of Arts : in search of the picturesque : the Houghton Library, Harvard University, 1 August-2 September, 1995HistoryExhibition catalogs42ocn047815455com19980.81Kutcher, Matthew LawrenceFlowers of friendship : gift books and polite culture in early nineteenth-century BritainHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn215831795book1984Library of New South WalesRudolph Ackermann, 1764-1834 : a man of spirit and tasteCatalogsExhibition catalogs31ocn153295543book0.47Microcosm of London, or, London in miniature21ocn015301446book1.00Arthur Ackermann & SonAckermanns, 178321ocn084578506book0.92Collection of fashion plates from Ackermann's repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics21ocn776282313book19090.10Prideaux, S. TAquatint Engravings: a chapter in the history of book illustration ... Illustrated by an original aquatint, two collotype plates and numerous half-tone plates21ocn048232469book19670.47Motif 1311ocn779552941visu1810Rowlandson, ThomasA chemical lecture at the Surrey Institution. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson after his drawing, 1809A gathering of thirty-five ladies and gentlemen in the lecture hall of the Surrey Institution (founded 1808). At the desk the lecturer, identified as F.C. Accum, conducts chemical experiments. On the platform to left, R. Ackermann rises from his seat in eager approval. The man between the columns on the right is identified by R. Burgess as H. Davy, and the man without a wig, seated against the balustrade at right, as Sir B. Thompson, Count von Rumford11ocn368063476bookAckermann, Rudolph[Rudolph Ackermann : Australian and New Zealand Art Files]11ocn549525846book18141.00Blücher, Gebhard Leberecht vonAn original signed letter from Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht Von Blücher Prince of Wahlstadt to Rudolph Ackerman .. Berlin, August 16th 1814Thanks him for the sum of 500 pounds sent to alleviate the distress in Lowenberg and four villages in Silesia occasioned by the war11ocn868137870visu18201.00Ackermann, RudolphPacket of gilt ornaments for decorating albumsPacket of early 19th century gilt ornaments for decorating albums, or similar objects, sold by Ackermann's Repository of Arts. The envelope consists of a simple sheet of folded paper, with printed description on both sides, and a mounted example of the ornament on the front panel. In addition to the 12 linked oval ornaments called for by the packaging, there are four additional ornaments included, portraying the figures of Vulcan and (presumably) other classical dieties11ocn078969278book18001.00Ackermann, RudolphA treatise on Ackermann's superfine water colours : with directions how to prepare and use them : including succinct hints on drawing and painting11ocn025331613book19541.00Maker, Harold JAckermann--Rowlandson : the great corporate artist and publisher duo of the 19th century+-+5541871395+-+5541871395Fri Mar 21 15:40:06 EDT 2014batch32967