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Fri Mar 21 17:13:41 2014 UTClccn-n980172880.00Artist file0.731.00Catalogue of original drawings of the Civil War by Winslow Homer and paintings by John E. Costigan, Nicolai Fechin, Van Dearing Perrine and Harold Weston : the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York, January, nineteen hundred and twenty-five55923083John_Edward_Costigann 980172884834674Costigan, Jack, 1888-1972Costigan, John EdwardJohn E. CostiganJohn Edward Costiganlccn-n80086328Paine Art Center & Arboretumviaf-151939012Smithsonian InstitutionTraveling Exhibition Servicelccn-n81007510Costigan, Daniel M.lccn-n81131674Sheldon Swope Art Gallerylccn-n84011808Babcock Galleriesnp-castigan, john eCastigan, John E.lccn-n79023170Homer, Winslow1836-1910lccn-nr00036922Bloodgood, Josephinelccn-n50068528Georgia Museum of Artlccn-n79023336University of RochesterMemorial Art GalleryCostigan, John E.1888-1972Exhibition catalogsCostigan, John E.,United StatesGraphic artsCommercial artPainting, AmericanNew York (State)--RochesterHomer, Winslow,Painting, ModernArtistsArt, AmericanRungius, Carl,Caser, Ettore,Little, Philip,PaintingMurphy, Hermann Dudley,Bittinger, Charles,MacChesney, Clara THind, C. Lewis--(Charles Lewis),Jaques, Bertha E.--(Bertha Evelyn),EditorsPennell, Elizabeth Robins,Pepper, Charles Hovey,Rouland, OrlandoOakley, Thornton,Bosley, Frederick A.,Spencer, Robert,Allen, Charles Curtis,Harrison, Thomas Alexander,Goodwin, Arthur Clifton,Roberts, Elizabeth Wentworth,Knox, JamesCasson GalleriesSeyffert, LeopoldWaugh, Frederick Judd,Hale, Lilian Westcott,Art--Collectors and collectingSymons, George Gardner,King, PaulRyder, Chauncey F.,King, Paul Bernard,--Sr.,Kappel, PhilipBlumenschein, E. L.--(Ernest Leonard),Keith, ElizabethMassachusetts--BostonMeyerowitz, William,Henri, Robert,Hibbard, A. T.--(Aldro Thompson),Poore, Henry Rankin,Knighton-Hammond, Arthur Henry,Carrington, Fitz Roy,18881972192319241925192919311933193419361941194219681973197919831986198819911996199719981999200020061054446LOT 1315731ocn035453539book19251.00Catalogue of original drawings of the Civil War by Winslow Homer and paintings by John E. Costigan, Nicolai Fechin, Van Dearing Perrine and Harold Weston : the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York, January, nineteen hundred and twenty-fiveExhibition catalogs31ocn041989650book19961.00The modernist urge, John Edward Costigan, n.a. : December 7, 1996-January 26, 1997Exhibition catalogs11ocn741019092visu19331.00Costigan, John EWorkers in the fieldPrint shows a man sitting on the ground, a woman with two children and an infant next to him, and a man feeding a horse in a harness in the background. There is a dead tree in the center and the landscape looks barren and drought-ridden11ocn036993971visu1.00Miscellaneous prints collected by Alfred BendinerAttributed prints include a woman reading by Wealtha Bain Vann Ansdall; Lavenham by John Taylor Arms; a mother and sleeping child by John E. Costigan; Pour un renseignement by John Louis Forain; Diner annuel by Charles Genty; prints of pelicans, fish, and an Easter lily by Florence V. Cannon; Gloucester town by Earle Horter; Theatre Palais Royal by Reginald Marsh; two copies of Corner No. II by Robert Riggs; and a rabbit by Kurt Wiese. Unattributed prints include portraits; images of male and female nudes, landscapes, a casino, and people; covers for a Dresden quarterly art journal, Vierteljahrs-Hefte des Veriens-Kunstler-Dresdens, a print on cloth of characters modelled after Frederick Opper's "Happy Hooligan" comic strip; and advertisements showing images from the Paris or Universal Exposition after Gustave DoreĢ11ocn078476222visu0.47Costigan, John EJohn Edward Costigan artist file :Assembled artist file includes b&w photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, and in some cases, negatives. Items may include full views, details, before and after restoration views, etc. Documentation may include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, related works, previous attributions, and bibliography11ocn008911799visu0.10Costigan, John EFall plowing11ocn079084469visu[Photographs of paintings]Folders contains photographs and information sheets related to paintings signed or attributed to artists whose most active years fall between 1925 and 1950. Information may include the title of work, owner, additional provenance, date, dimensions, and medium. Most photographs are black-and-white and of professional quality11ocn785615207mix0.47Costigan, John E[John Edward Costigan :11ocn185035233visu0.10Costigan, John E[Untitled]11ocn741722296visu19341.00Costigan, John EWorkers in the fieldPrint shows a man and a woman holding a child, resting in a field, with a horse-drawn plow nearby01ocn076883811visuManter, Jerauld A[Photograph of painting Woman and goat]Painting by John E. Costigan of a woman standing with a pail in one hand by a stream running through the woods. A goat stands to one side of her. The painting is propped up on an easel. The painting is from University of Connecticut President Charles Lewis Beach's painting collection331ocn001145645book19680.90Costigan, John EJohn E. Costigan; a restrospective exhibitionExhibition catalogs151ocn046782360book20000.84Costigan, John EThe graphic works of John Edward Costigan (1888-1972)Exhibition catalogs61ocn080070638book19680.81Costigan, John EJohn E. Costigan : a retrospective exhibition organized by and first shown at the Paine Art Center and Arboretum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, June 1 through July 14, 1968Exhibition catalogs32ocn081131897book19360.47Costigan, John EWater colors by John E. CostiganExhibition catalogs32ocn197715889book19290.47Costigan, John ERecent paintings by John E. CostiganExhibition catalogs21ocn048796439book20001.00Costigan, Daniel MBeyond Barbizon : an intimate portrait of John Edward Costigan (1888-1972) : "The Millet of American painting"Biography21ocn076877804visu20060.92John Edward Costigan, 1888-1972 revisiting an American master"Featuring the video documentary "Detour to Barbizon" - originally released in 1992 ... plus... 3 featurettes documenting John Costigan's life and work."--Container21ocn122399370mixCostigan, John E11ocn166867320art2000John Edward Costigan, American, 1888-1972 : "October Woodland" (The Artist and his Pet Goat) (Painting)11ocn080465272book19240.47Exhibition of paintings by John E. CostiganExhibition catalogs11ocn199805301book0.47Costigan, John EArtist file : John Edward Costigan11ocn707609768book1931Costigan, John EJohn E. Costigan : November 14th to 28th, 1931 : Babcock Galleries, New YorkExhibition catalogs11ocn070131813art1983Fielding, MantleCostigan, John E11ocn662612196visu0.47Costigan, John EJohn Edward Costigan : artist file :File of color and black and white photographs of work of art, assembled by the staff of The Museum of Modern Art in New York from the museum's establishment until 1990. Items may include full views, details, installations, etc11ocn849917757mix1.00Woodward, Sidney CSidney C. Woodward papersTwo photographs, one of J.F. Bouchor and one of Johnnes Adam S. Oertel, both of which were previously microfilmed under Photos of Artists I and have subsequently been scanned and returned to the Woodward papers11ocn162119717art1998Sotheby's (Firm)John E. Costigan (1888-1972) : Still Life with Flowers (Painting)11ocn062320014art1988Falk, Peter HCostigan, John E11ocn078628276bookCostigan, John EJohn E. CostiganExhibition catalogs11ocn082610142book19410.47Special exhibition of water colors by John E. CostiganExhibition catalogs11ocn049661763book1923Montclair Art MuseumExhibition of sketches and small pictures painted during the summer by Harriette Bowdoin, Marion Bullard ... Ex: Oct. 11-Nov. 11, 1923Fri Mar 21 15:16:28 EDT 2014batch15243