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Fri Mar 21 17:11:57 2014 UTClccn-n980002810.06Teen pregnancy /0.200.24Feminism : opposing viewpoints /51940052n 980002814574899lccn-n98041140Torr, James D.1974-lccn-n95028923Barbour, Scott1963-lccn-n97125730Egendorf, Laura K.1973-lccn-n95046739Roleff, Tamara L.1959-edtlccn-n79006936Melville, Herman1819-1891lccn-n78085476Emerson, Ralph Waldo1803-1882lccn-n79007728Hawthorne, Nathaniel1804-1864lccn-n79081476Whitman, Walt1819-1892lccn-n79029745Poe, Edgar Allan1809-1849lccn-n78095600Thoreau, Henry David1817-1862Hurley, Jennifer A.1973-Juvenile worksHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcMiscellaneaHandbooks, manuals, etcSourcesUnited StatesDrug abuseDrug abuse--PreventionIslamEating disordersSubstance abuseFeminismTeenage pregnancyAnimal rightsIslamic countriesRelationsEuropeIslamic fundamentalismWomen in IslamChild abuseChild molestersChild abuse--InvestigationAlcoholismTobacco useHeroinMarijuanaDrug controlDrug testingHomelessnessTeenagers--Drug useIslam--Essence, genius, natureChristianity and other religions--IslamEast and WestIslam--Relations--ChristianityNuclear terrorismNuclear weaponsWeapons of mass destructionNational securityMilitary readinessAddictsSubstance abuse--Government policyCompulsive behaviorSocial valuesMoral conditionsProblem youthTeenagers--Substance useJuvenile delinquencyTeenagers with social disabilitiesWomen--Social conditionsAnimal welfare--Moral and ethical aspectsSubstance abuse--TreatmentAbortion--Moral and ethical aspectsRacismRace relationsMental health1973199819992000200120022003200520072009172703376362.29HV5825ocn469634103ocn812253782ocn812269016ocn812269013ocn861932274ocn81225358012125ocn043632127book20000.23Islam : opposing viewpointsPresents various articles which discuss opposing viewpoints about the conflict between the values of Islam and the West, the status of women under Islam, the promotion of terrorism by Islam, and what U.S. policy toward Islam should be+-+786052282512003ocn038602760book19990.23Child abuse : opposing viewpoints"A collection of articles which present differing viewpoints about the causes of child abuse, false allegations of child abuse, how the legal system should deal with child molesters, and how to reduce child abuse."+-+682656010611962ocn040632114book20000.19Addiction : opposing viewpointsJuvenile works- Current book and periodical bibliographies- Lists of organizations to contact- Critical thinking activities and discussion questions- Illustrations, inserts, and cartoons- Titles continually revised and updated- Biographical sketch of authors- Paper and durable library bindings+-+616652282511845ocn046504173book20010.22The homeless : opposing viewpointsPresents varying perspectives and arguments concerning homelessness, including its significance and causes, housing options, and the role of society in the problem. Also includes periodical bibliographies on each topic, a bibliography of books, and a list of organizations and Web sites+-+K50252282511693ocn040255817book19990.23Roleff, Tamara LDrug abuse : opposing viewpoints"By presenting a wide variety of opinions on the topic, this book aims to give the reader an understanding of the issues surrounding drug abuse and why efforts to deal with the problem are often so controversial."+-+860552282510863ocn040126255book19990.23Hurley, Jennifer AWeapons of mass destruction : opposing viewpoints"Presents differing viewpoints on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their possible uses by terrorists, United States policy towards them, their use in defense, and the effectiveness of international treaties in controlling them."+-+440552282510294ocn045604033book20010.08Eating disorders : opposing viewpointsJuvenile worksAuthors offer contrasting arguments about the causes of eating disorders and discuss ways that society can respond to this particular problem10142ocn042968116book20000.23American values : opposing viewpointsVarious authors debate what Americans value in politics, society, business, and religion; what patriotism is, and how to improve our culture. Includes critical thinking skills activities10082ocn039123592book19990.22Teens at risk : opposing viewpoints"This collection of articles presents differing viewpoints about the causes, possible prevention, and remedies for such problems as teenage crime, pregnancy, and drug use."+-+63945601069964ocn043985242book20000.24Feminism : opposing viewpoints- Current book and periodical bibliographies- Lists of organizations to contact- Critical thinking activities and discussion questions- Illustrations, inserts, and cartoons- Titles continually revised and updated- Biographical sketch of authors- Paper and durable library bindings+-+32505228258753ocn040230172book19990.20The rights of animalsContains a collection of primary source documents by a variety of authors that illustrate all sides of the debate over the rights of animals+-+33155228258275ocn044586518book20000.20The ethics of abortionIncludes the issues of abortion, late-term abortion and human embryo research7563ocn038180100book19980.22RacismThis book offers a variety of perspectives on the status of race relations in America and provides different views on how to eradicate racism and its legacies+-+13535601066293ocn039695640book19990.20Mental healthMiscellaneaContains over thirty articles and book excerpts in which the authors offer contrasting perspectives on the medical, social, and legal issues surrounding mental illness+-+K7045601066213ocn041231623book20000.17American romanticismCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcPresents analysis of some important works of American romanticism+-+37575228255092ocn045841556book20020.20Women's rightsHistorySourcesPresents a collection of speeches on women's rights. Includes brief biographical information on the speakers4793ocn045207788book20010.20Readings on Flannery O'ConnorHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc4213ocn043951966book20000.06Hurley, Jennifer ATeen pregnancyJuvenile worksExamines the differing viewpoints on issues related to teen pregnancy, including factors that contribute to this problem, its effects on teenagers' lives, and possible ways to prevent teen pregnancy4112ocn039800685book19990.06Hurley, Jennifer AAnimal rightsJuvenile worksPresents opposing viewpoints about animal rights, discussing their capacity to suffer, the question of whether they can be the property of people, whether they should be used as food, and animal experimentation+-+K3135601063522ocn041951188book20000.06Hurley, Jennifer AThe 1960sHistoryJuvenile worksPresents opposing viewpoints on events of the 1960s including the Vietnam War, social rebellion, the civil rights movement, and the women's liberation movement+-+4567522825+-+7860522825+-+7860522825Fri Mar 21 15:24:11 EDT 2014batch14053