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Fri Mar 21 17:07:36 2014 UTClccn-n990010920.17Number mysteries /0.380.88New horizons in pro-p groups /22423371Marcus_du_Sautoyn 990010924892253Du Sautoy, M. D.Du Sautoy, M. P. F. 1965-Du Sautoy, Marcus P. F. 1965-Du Sautoy, Marcus Peter Francis.Du Sautoy, Marcus Peter Francis 1965-DuSautoy, Marcus 1965-Sautoy, Marcus du.Sautoy, Marcus du, 1965-Sautoy, Marcus Peter Francis, du.デュ・ソートイ, マーカスlccn-n81005064Riemann, Bernhard1826-1866nc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting Corporationlccn-n79032959Open Universitylccn-no2010042177Duke, Kimpronp-berry, davidBerry, Davidprodrtlccn-no2009131322Athena (Firm)lccn-nr96021942Acorn Media (Firm)lccn-no2010042235McGann, Karenprodrtlccn-nb2007027280Woodward, LukeD. Philnp-dashwood, robinDashwood, RobinprdprodrtDu Sautoy, MarcusHistoryBiographyRulesPopular worksInterviewsExhibition catalogsDocumentary television programsNumbers, PrimeRiemann, Bernhard,MathematicsSymmetry (Mathematics)Geometry in natureNilpotent groupsp-adic groupsNumeralsNumerationOne (The number)Group theoryNoncommutative algebrasRings (Algebra)Functions, ZetaMathematiciansStudy skillsNumber theoryMathematical recreationsPuzzlesEuropeMathematics--Study and teachingKapoor, Anish,England--London--Kensington GardensSculpture, ModernOutdoor sculptureGreat BritainGreeceEgyptUnited StatesPacific AreaAfrica, NorthSocial historyAsiaComputers--Study and teachingMathematicians--PsychologyArchitectureAlgebraHilbert, David,Mathematics, ArabInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Poincaré, Henri,Grothendieck, A.--(Alexandre)Cantor, Georg,Continuum hypothesisRiemann hypothesisHilbert's tenth problemHindu mathematicsMathematics, ChineseBourbaki, NicolasCohen, Paul J.,196519891999200020012003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146889121295512.2QA246ocn709676403ocn700414682ocn709676406ocn709676397ocn709676403ocn700414682ocn709676406ocn709676397ocn492865104ocn799655617ocn807705662ocn468708871ocn799299812ocn441139893ocn757413635ocn855915744ocn248351324ocn076686593ocn780573444ocn780578636134923ocn052170315book20030.24Du Sautoy, MarcusThe music of the primes : searching to solve the greatest mystery in mathematicsHistoryExplains how the prime numbers have fascinated mathematicians, and recounts efforts to prove the Riemann Hypothesis, first suggested by Bernard Riemann in 1859, that would finally bring order and harmony to these numbers+-+95256711559218ocn156814766book20080.24Du Sautoy, MarcusSymmetry : a journey into the patterns of natureA mathematician draws on scientific findings about the role of symmetry in understanding the dynamic relationship between objects, exploring such topics as the theory of fundamental particles, the role of symmetry in evolutionary biology, and the discovery of an enormous dimensional space snowflake+-+459432515561817ocn233973484file20070.76Du Sautoy, MarcusZeta functions of groups and ringsZeta functions have been a powerful tool in mathematics over the last two centuries. This book considers a new class of non-commutative zeta functions which encode the structure of the subgroup lattice in infinite groups. The book explores the analytic behaviour of these functions together with an investigation of functional equations. Many important examples of zeta functions are calculated and recorded providing an important data base of explicit examples and methods for calculation+-+K6529259085342ocn067293687visu20060.23The story of 1HistoryDocumentary television programsA humor-inflected history of the of the number one, covering military applications in ancient Rome, the measurement of distances in India, and the decimal system created by Leibnitz+-+335741842532452214ocn551173256visu20080.22Du Sautoy, MarcusThe story of math how numbers explain our universe and reveal unseen worldsHistoryBiographyDiscs 1-2. The story of maths. Without mathematics, there would be no physics, chemistry, or astronomy. No architecture. No commerce. No accurate maps or precise time-keeping, therefore no dependable long-range navigation. No geometry, statistics, or calculations of any kind. No computers. In this four-part series, University of Oxford Professor Marcus du Sautoy takes viewers on a journey through the ages and around the world to trace the development of mathematics and see how math has shaped human civilization2468ocn795533133visu20110.19The codeRulesAuthor and Oxford University professor Marcus du Sautoy sets out to solve mathematical mysteries in an engaging and accessible BBC documentary. Du Sautoy travels from Chartres Cathedral to Grand Central Station in search of the mysterious hidden code that can unlock the very laws of the universe2459ocn044578774book20000.88New horizons in pro-p groupsThe impetus for current research in pro-p groups comes from four main directions: from new applications in number theory, which continue to be a source of deep and challenging problems; from the traditional problem of classifying finite p-groups; from questions arising in infinite group theory; and finally, from the younger subject of profinite group theory. A correspondingly diverse range of mathematical techniques is being successfully applied, leading to new results and pointing to exciting new directions of research. In this work important theoretical developments are carefully presented by leading mathematicians in the field, bringing the reader to the cutting edge of current research. With a systematic emphasis on the construction and examination of many classes of examples, the book presents a clear picture of the rich universe of pro-p groups, in its unity and diversity. Thirty open problems are discussed in the appendix. For graduate students and researchers in group theory, number theory, and algebra, this work will be an indispensable reference text and a rich source of promising avenues for further exploration+-+36269126352259ocn040631680book19990.84Dixon, John DAnalytic pro-p groupsAn up-to-date treatment of analytic pro-p groups for graduate students and researchers+-+46650167052007ocn141379399book20070.27Du Sautoy, MarcusFinding moonshine : a mathematician's journey through symmetry"Marcus du Sautoy journeys from the pyramid to the football, from fundamental particles to our ideas of art, from insect life to architecture, from computer science to psychology, and explores what is perhaps the most significant concept in mathematics. He shows that symmetry is at the basis of communication and evolutionary biology; at the very heart of life. And he brings us face to face with the oddball mathematicians, both past and present, who have battled to understand symmetry's elusive qualities."--BOOK JACKET+-+36196725551645ocn679929548book20100.31Du Sautoy, MarcusThe number mysteries : a mathematical odyssey through everyday lifePopular works"Every time we download music, take a flight across the Atlantic or talk on our cell phones, we are relying on great mathematical inventions. In The Number Mysteries, one of our generations foremost mathematicians Marcus du Sautoy offers a playful and accessible examination of numbers and how, despite efforts of the greatest minds, the most fundamental puzzles of nature remain unsolved. Du Sautoy tells about the quest to predict the future from the flight of asteroids to an impending storm, from bending a ball like Beckham to forecasting population growth. He brings to life the beauty behind five mathematical puzzles that have contributed to our understanding of the world around us and have helped develop the technology to cope with it. With loads of games to play and puzzles to solve, this is a math book for everyone"--Provided by publisher+-+79386658751472ocn712626197book20110.76Kapoor, AnishTurning the world upside downInterviewsExhibition catalogs+-+81645101381443ocn310154418book20100.20Du Sautoy, MarcusThe number mysteries : a mathematical odyssey through every day lifePopular works"We are all taught how fundamental maths is to the world we live. But did you know that Wayne Rooney solves a quadratic equation every time he connects with a cross to put the ball in the back of the net? That we use prime numbers when we shop on the Internet? Or that you can win $1 million just by solving one of the five puzzles in The Number Mysteries? In The Number Mysteries, Marcus du Sautoy - mathematician, footballer and amateur musician - brings to life the beauty behind five mathematical puzzles that have contributed to our understanding of the world around us and have helped develop the technology to cope with it. With load of games to play and puzzles to solve this is a maths book for all ages from 1-101. In The Number Mysteries you will learn everything from how to better your chances at Rock, Paper, Scissors and break uncrackable codes, to uncovering the shape of the universe and predict the future. It will also show you how maths really is at the heart of everything that we do."--Publisher's description+-+97132725551284ocn053467231book20030.25Du Sautoy, MarcusThe music of the primes : why an unsolved problem in mathematics matters+-+44200669361123ocn709676403visu20090.53The frontiers of space mathematics during the scientific revolutionHistoryBiographyBy the Scientific Revolution, great strides had been made in understanding the geometry of objects fixed in time and space; the race was now on to discover the mathematics of objects in motion. Professor Marcus du Sautoy investigates mathematical progress during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries in Europe. Topics include the linking of algebra and geometry by René Descartes; the properties of prime numbers, discovered by Pierre Fermat; Isaac Newton's development of calculus; Leonhard Euler's development of topology; the modular arithmetic of Carl Friedrich Gauss; and the insights of Bernhard Riemann into the properties of objects1065ocn077532829book20050.70Du Sautoy, MarcusLa symphonie des nombres premiers : essai1039ocn076495234book20040.29Du Sautoy, MarcusDie Musik der Primzahlen : auf den Spuren des grössten Rätsels der Mathematik922ocn700414682visu20090.50The language of the universe mathematics in ancient timesHistoryBiographyIn this program, Professor Marcus du Sautoy explores mathematical milestones of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece. Topics include Egypt?s unusual method of multiplication and division, as well as Egyptians? understanding of binary numbers, fractions, and solids such as the pyramid; Babylon?s base-60 number system?the foundation of minutes and hours?and Babylonians? use of quadratic equations to measure land; and the contributions of four of Greece?s mathematical giants: Plato, Euclid, Archimedes, and Pythagoras. Original Open University title: The Language of the Universe. A part of the series The Story of Math874ocn709676406visu20090.59To infinity and beyond mathematics in modern timesHistoryBiographyIn this program, Professor Marcus du Sautoy addresses mathematical advances of 20th-century Europe and America. Topics include Georg Cantor's exploration of the concept of infinity; chaos theory, formulated by Henri Poincaré; Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorems; the work of André Weil and his colleagues with algebraic geometry; and the influence of Alexander Grothendieck, whose ideas have influenced mathematical thinking about the hidden structures behind all mathematics. The program concludes by considering one of the great as-yet-unsolved problems of mathematics: the Riemann Hypothesis854ocn709676397visu20090.53The Genius of the east mathematics during the middle agesHistoryBiographyDuring Europe's Middle Ages, mathematics flourished primarily on other shores. Professor Marcus du Sautoy discusses mathematical achievements of Asia, the Islamic world, and early-Renaissance Europe. Topics include China's invention of a decimal place number system and the development of an early version of sudoku; India's contribution to trigonometry and creation of a symbol for the number zero, as well as Indians' understanding of the concepts of infinity and negative numbers; contributions of the empire of Islam, such as the development of algebra and the solving of cubic equations; and the spread of Eastern knowledge to the West through mathematicians like Leonardo Fibonacci662ocn662578145book20110.17Du Sautoy, MarcusNumber mysteriesPopular works+-+9134582555673ocn310154396book20090.20Du Sautoy, MarcusFinding moonshine : a mathematician's journey through symmetry+-+1719672555571ocn819784104com20090.56TEDTalks Marcus du Sautoy - symmetry, reality's riddleThe world turns on symmetry, from the spin of subatomic particles to the dizzying beauty of an arabesque. But there's more to symmetry than meets the eye. In this TEDTalk, Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy offers a glimpse of the invisible numbers that marry all symmetrical objects and explains the patterns in both a Japanese temple and in the famed Alhambra. A gifted science communicator - The Observer calls him "a man who knows how to bring mathematics to everyday life"--Du Sautoy is the author of The Music of the Primes and Symmetry: A Journey into the Patterns of Nature+-+9525671155+-+9525671155Fri Mar 21 15:56:09 EDT 2014batch24506