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Fri Mar 21 17:13:29 2014 UTClccn-nb20030038230.15Black is the color /0.280.73Town of mirrors : the reassembled imagery of Robert Pollard /68440149nb20030038235933878lccn-n98094887Groth, Garylccn-n50017168Crumb, (Fictitious character)lccn-n86814505Segar, E. C.(Elzie Crisler)1894-1938lccn-no2011042940Thompson, Kim1956-2013edtlccn-n92023838Williams, Robert1943-lccn-n2003080044Pollard, Robert1957-lccn-n86801013Tony Shafrazi Gallerylccn-n88294299California State University, NorthridgeArt Gallerieslccn-n79052824Shelton, GilbertReynolds, Eric1971-Comic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsExhibition catalogsUnderground comic books, strips, etcUnited StatesGraphic novelsUnderground comic books, strips, etcCaricatures and cartoonsComic books, strips, etcAmerican wit and humor, PictorialErotic comic books, strips, etcPopeye (Fictitious character)Rock music in artCollage, AmericanSurrealismWilliams, Robert,Conceptual artSailorsMermaidsCrumb, R19711995200020022005200620072008200920102011201312454754741.5973PN6727ocn403464526ocn6011001451001ocn403464526book20090.17Segar, E. CE.C. Segar's Popeye+-+3416441516922ocn181140114book20080.73Pollard, RobertTown of mirrors : the reassembled imagery of Robert Pollard"Robert Pollard is the Dayton, Ohio singer-songwriter, who was the leader and creative force behind the legendary indie rock group Guided by Voices, one of the most influential bands of its generation (SPIN magazine recently named Pollard one of "The Top 50 Rock & Roll Front Men of All-Time"). After the dissolution of Guided by Voices in 2004, Robert Pollard launched his official solo career with the release of From a Compound Eye in 2006. In addition to being a prolific songwriter/recording artist, Pollard is a gifted and prolific visual artist, working mostly in the medium of collage (not surprising, given his interest in sound collage as a recording artist). His work has been exhibited at Michael Imperioli's Studio Dante in New York and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. He has created the covers to almost every Guided By Voices record and countless other Pollard-related releases. Town of Mirrors collects the very best of Pollard's visual art and lyrics/poetry. Featuring over 175 of Pollard's favorite collages, hand-picked by the artist, as well as over a dozen new collages produced exclusively for this collection, Town of Mirrors is the first comprehensive collection of Pollard's visual art ever released. Pollard's collages are the visual equivalent of his poetic and imagistic lyrics, surreal and reminiscent of the collages of artists ranging from Jack Kirby to Winston Smith."--Publisher's website+-+5974245106792ocn317919850book20090.66Williams, Robert LConceptual realism : in the service of the hypotheticalExhibition catalogs+-+1447441516791ocn050742085book20020.18Crumb, RThe complete Crumb. more years of valiant strugglePresents the works of legendary cartoonist R. Crumb during the years 1985-87, including cover art, selections from Raw and Wierdo magazines, and previously unpublished pieces+-+0519245106772ocn061690562book20070.21MomeGraphic novelsAn anthology of short fiction created by up-and-coming alternative cartoonists. Includes an interview with cartoonist Eleanor Davis+-+8293245106753ocn045124574book20000.20Crumb, RThe complete Crumb+-+6918245106712ocn061822425book0.25Crumb, RThe complete CrumbComic books, strips, etcUnderground comic books, strips, etcA collection of comic strips and illustrations by legendary comic artist R. Crumb spanning 1975-78. Contains adult content+-+4180245106691ocn227016583book20080.17Segar, E. CE.C. Segar's PopeyeComic books, strips, etcAnother helping of vintage strips from Popeye's creator, E.C. Segar. These 1932-1933 strips include serial stories, Sunday strips, and an introductory essay+-+8714245106631ocn051627326book20020.35Williams, Robert LHysteria in remission : the comix and drawings of Robt. WilliamsGraphic novels+-+1019245106411ocn829989068book20130.15Gfrörer, JuliaBlack is the colorComic books, strips, etcBlack is the Color begins with a 17th-century sailor abandoned at sea by his shipmates, and as it progresses he endures, and eventually succumbs to, both his lingering death sentence and the advances of a cruel and amorous mermaid. The narrative also explores the experiences of the loved ones he leaves behind, on his ship and at home on land, as well as of the mermaids who jadedly witness his destruction. At the heart of the story lie the dubious value of maintaining dignity to the detriment of intimacy, and the erotic potential of the worst-case scenario. Julia Gfrörer's delicate drawing style perfectly complements the period era of Black is the Color, bringing the lyricism and romanticism of Gfrörer's prose to the fore. Black is the Color is a book as seductive as the sirens it depicts. Black & white381ocn060668273book20050.18Mome 2An anthology of short fiction created by alternative cartoonists. Includes an interview with cartoonist Gabrielle Bell+-+0931245106341ocn062478786book20060.18Mome 3+-+2241245106321ocn071808568book20070.18MOME 6+-+2632245106311ocn219997039book20080.21MOMEGraphic novelsA collection of short graphic novels from the literary anthology "MOME," featuring the work of twelve artists, including Josh Simmons, Pic, T. Ott, Laura Park, and others. Contains adult content+-+0584245106311ocn076852441book20070.17MOME 7+-+6983245106301ocn068772100book20060.21MOME 5+-+1482245106291ocn062796619book20060.19MOME 4An anthology of short fiction created by alternative cartoonists. Includes an interview with cartoonist Jonathan Bennett+-+9172245106221ocn058830405book20050.16Mome 1+-+5501245106221ocn154707353book20080.19MomeCollects works by comics artists such as Sophie Crumb, Kurt Wolfgang, Jeremy Eaton, and Dash Shaw, and includes an interview with Tom Kaczynski+-+7823245106211ocn520757445book20100.21MomeGraphic novels+-+1498441516+-+3416441516+-+3416441516Fri Mar 21 16:12:02 EDT 2014batch11826