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Fri Mar 21 17:14:05 2014 UTClccn-nb20040066500.00Superspace or 1001 lessons in supersymmetry0.581.00Closed string fields via IOSp(1,1/2) /68444539Warren_Siegelnb20040066506241789Siegel, W.lccn-no96033116Dupliĭ, Stepanedtlccn-n82159608Bagger, Jonathan1955-edtnc-state university of new york at stony brook$department of physics and astronomy$c n yang institute for theoretical physicsState University of New York at Stony BrookDepartment of Physics and AstronomyC.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physicsviaf-37509301Lechtenfeld, Olaflccn-no99080690NetLibrary, Inclccn-n81099811Rocek, Martinviaf-40098404Gates, S. James Jrlccn-n2003019580Zwiebach, Bartonnc-massachusetts institute of technology$center for theoretical physicsMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCenter for Theoretical Physicsnp-grisaru, marc tGrisaru, Marc T.Siegel, WarrenEncyclopediasSupersymmetryQuantum field theoryString modelsSupergravityQuantum gravityChemical engineeringField theory (Physics)Quantum theoryChild supportCaliforniaDomestic relationsSuperstring theoriesSupport (Domestic relations)1900198319871988199719992002200320042005200710181242539.725QC174.17.S9ocn803617995ocn803791318ocn799388688ocn47092381760510ocn056808177file20040.50Concise encyclopedia of supersymmetry and noncommutative structures in mathematics and physicsEncyclopediasThe Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry presents outstanding achievements and ideas, both well-established and more recent, in quantum field theory, supersymmetry, supergravity, M-theory, black holes and quantum gravity, noncommutative geometry, representation theory, categories and quantum groups, which pushes the reader at the forefront of the latest their developments+-+138865759632439116ocn019296364book19880.70Siegel, WarrenIntroduction to string field theoryThis volume covers the most up-to-date findings on string field theory. It is presented in a new approach as a result of insights gained from the theory. This includes the use of a universal method for treating free field theories, which allows the derivation of a single, simple, free, local, Poincare-invariant, gauge-invariant action that can be applied directly to any fields+-+068250624474ocn702181486book20030.47Concise encyclopedia of supersymmetry : and noncummatative structures in mathematics and physicsEncyclopediasThe book is the first full-size Encyclopedia which simultaneously covers such well-established and modern subjects as quantum field theory, supersymmetry, supergravity, M-theory, black holes and quantum gravity, noncommutative geometry, representation theory, categories and quantum groups, and their generalizations.--Publisher description+-+138865759632452ocn043856753book19990.92Siegel, WarrenFieldsIncludes practical techniques, such as the 1/N expansion (color ordering) and spacecone (spinor helicity), and diverse topics, such as supersymmetry and general relativity, as well as introductions to supergravity and strings22ocn836569237com20020.47Lechtenfeld, OlafLight-cone gauge for N=2 strings22ocn246030117com19970.47Lechtenfeld, OlafN=2 worldsheet instantons yield cubic self-dual Yang-Mills11ocn859668809book19830.81Gates, S. JamesSuperspace, or One thousand and one lessons in supersymmetry11ocn079457535file2004Siegel, WarrenHow to modify a support order in California : a complete kit for petitioners and respondents11ocn029994717book19871.00Siegel, WarrenClosed string fields via IOSp(1,1/2)11ocn029572277book19871.00Siegel, WarrenInteracting BRST from the light cone11ocn803791318book19350.96Siegel, WDie Verfahren der anorganisch-chemischen Industrie : Jahresberichte ub̈er die Patente und die technische Literatur der Industrielan̈der11ocn488796403book1983Gates, S. James JrSuperspace or 1001 lessons in supersymmetry+-+0682506244+-+0682506244Fri Mar 21 15:35:09 EDT 2014batch7512