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Fri Mar 21 17:15:15 2014 UTClccn-nb20070279260.00Autograph letter signed from Edward Smith Stanley, Earl of Derby, to [Edmund Kean]0.861.00Letters from Knowsley Hall, Lancashire /74635173Edward_Smith-Stanley,_13th_Earl_of_Derbynb20070279267603194Stanley, Edward Smith, Earl of Derby, 1775-1851lccn-n79100235Bacon, Francis1561-1626lccn-n87896612Derby, Edward George Geoffrey Smith StanleyEarl of1799-1869lccn-n87837867Spedding, James1808-1881lccn-n84184560Rawley, William1588?-1667np-fisher, clemency thorneFisher, Clemency Thornelccn-n88049144National Museums and Galleries on Merseysidelccn-n85293670Liverpool Museum (Liverpool, England)np-proudfootProudfootviaf-268455730Wats, Gilbertd. 1657viaf-22490798Stevens, J. C.Derby, Edward Smith StanleyEarl of1775-1851Records and correspondencePictorial worksControversial literatureCatalogs and collectionsIllustrationsHistoryNatural historyChurch of EnglandScienceScience--MethodologyMythology, GreekMythology, ClassicalNatural history--ExperimentsScience--ExperimentsLongevityMetalsBishops--Temporal powerLiturgicsInduction (Logic)Great BritainPhilosophersUtopiasLogicPhilosophy and scienceEnglandDerby, Edward Smith Stanley,--Earl of,NaturalistsZoologyLiverpool Museum (Liverpool, England)Life (Biology)Death (Biology)Bacon, Francis,MenageriesMineralogyEngland--KnowsleyAviariesRuminantsWindsUngulatesDeathDerby, Edward Henry Stanley,--Earl of,LifeAnimalsBirdsGould, John,Latham, John,WisdomHooker, William,MineralsEthicsPolitical scienceNatural history--Societies, etcPeterloo Massacre (Manchester, England : 1819)England--ManchesterHorrocks, SamuelZoology--Societies, etc177518511807181918421846185018511982743292.211PR1121ocn080221442416ocn670291297file16270.88Bacon, FrancisSylva sylvarum, or, A naturall history in ten centuries : whereunto is newly added the History naturall and experimentall of life and death, or of the prolongation of lifeHistory"The natural histories in this book are full of descriptions and pictures. Their purpose if to build a true philosophy for the illumination of the understanding; the extracting of axioms, and the producing of many noble works and effects. It is hoped that this will be an advancement of learning and sciences." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)153ocn740897081com18510.84Stevens, J. CA catalogue of the Menagerie and Aviary at Knowsley formed by the late Earl of Derby ... which will be sold by auctionCatalogs and collections133ocn667610317com16400.93Bacon, FrancisOf the advancement and proficience of learning, or, The partitions of sciences, IX bookes132ocn667610319com16740.90Bacon, FrancisOf the advancement and proficiencie of learning, or, The partitions of sciences : nine books102ocn697841858com16190.79Bacon, FrancisThe wisedome of the ancients102ocn670413357com16290.92Bacon, FrancisThe two bookes of Sr. Francis Bacon : of the proficience and aduancement of learning, divine and hvmane102ocn697782488com16220.84Bacon, FrancisHistoria natvralis et experimentalis ad condendam philosophiam sive, Phaenomena vniversi, quae est Instaurationis magnae pars tertia102ocn711598214com16190.79Bacon, FrancisSaggi morali Opera nuoua corretta, e data in luce dal sig. cavalier Andrea Cioli ... Et vn Trattato della sapienza degl'antichi91ocn669773560com16480.90Bacon, FrancisThe remaines of the Right Honorable Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount of St. Albanes, sometimes Lord Chancellour of England being essayes and severall letters to severall great personages, and other pieces of various and high concernment not heretofore published : a table whereof for the readers more ease is adjoynedRecords and correspondence31ocn831474798book18460.47Gray, John EdwardGleanings From The Menagerie And Aviary At Knowsley Hall32ocn224506510book16170.90Bacon, FrancisDe sapientia veterum, liber21ocn560196249book18500.96Gray, John EdwardGleanings from the menagerie and aviary at Knowsley HallIllustrationsPictorial works21ocn838441148book18500.47Hoofed Quadrupeds11ocn757732944book1.00Gould, JohnLetters from Knowsley Hall, LancashireRecords and correspondence11ocn858717486com16040.79Bacon, FrancisCertaine considerations touching the better pacification, and edification of the Church of England dedicated to His most excellent MaiestieHistoryControversial literature11ocn080221442book18421.00Miller, Gerard FridrikhConquest of Siberia and the history of the transactions, wars, commece, &c. & &c. : carried on between Russia and China, from the earliest period11ocn852539774mix1.00Shee, Eliza ArcherMartin Archer Shee autograph albumRecords and correspondenceAlbum of autograph letters, letter fragments, and cut away signatures, many of which are addressed to the English portrait painter and writer Martin Archer Shee. Apparantly partially compiled by Shee's daughter, Eliza Jane, the album represents the hands of hundreds of nineteenth-century British artists, writers, politicians, and royalty, as well as a number of notable continental Europeans of the period. The bulk of the manuscripts date from the first half of the nineteenth century. The earliest manuscript is a 1531 document on vellum signed by Francis I of France; the latest is a 1903 letter from British Army Genreal Archibald Hunter, to Shee's great-grandson, also named Martin Archer Shee (1873-1935)11ocn728372524book1.00The second chapter of the book of elections : beginning at the 4th verse11ocn054294731book18191.00Birmingham Association for the Refutation and Suppression of Blasphemy and SeditionExtracts from the speeches of Lord Stanley, Mr. Plunkett, and other opposition members of the House of commons, November 1819, relating principally to the Manchester meeting of August 1611ocn145786343mix1842Derby, Edward Smith StanleyNote, dated Knowsley, England, admitting "Mr. Hart" to the Aviary, signed Derby401ocn050230237book20020.95A passion for natural history : the life and legacy of the 13th Earl of DerbyBiographyExhibition catalogs+-+996552754632431ocn050697116book1.00Gould, JohnLetters from Knowsley Hall, LancashireRecords and correspondence21ocn060715260book18460.10Reeve, LovellLetter to the right honorable the Earl of Derby, K.G., D.C.L., on the management, character and progress of the Zoological Society of London11ocn281558261book1819Derby, Edward Smith StanleyAutograph letter signed from Edward Smith Stanley, Earl of Derby, to [Edmund Kean]ManuscriptsConcerns the Drury Lane Theatrical Fund11ocn858976335bookLindheimer, FerdinandCorrespondence : Lindheimer (Ferdinand) and Engelmann (George)Catalogs and collectionsRecords and correspondenceFolder contains original letters11ocn028392876book18071.00A Complete collection of addresses, squibs, songs, and other papers published at the time of the late contested election for the borough of Preston (which commenced Wednesday, May 6th, 1807, and ended the 19th following) : with a state of the poll for each day : the candidates were Lord Stanley, S. Horrocks, Esq., J. Hanson, Esq+-+9965527546324Fri Mar 21 16:11:04 EDT 2014batch14058